Where Are Maggie Nichols Parents Now?

Image Credit: Nina Moini / MPR News

Netflix’s ‘Athlete A’ is an astounding documentary that brings forth the truth of USA Gymnastics and how it has treated its athletes over the last few decades. A big part of it is revealing the truth of former USAG national team doctor, Larry Nassar – who behind his quirky attitude and fun nature, molested teenagers.

One of the very first athletes who accused him was Maggie Nichols, and she, along with her parents are featured prominently in the documentary. It’s actually named ‘Athlete A’ because that is the alias that was used to protect Maggie’s identity in court documents. As the story progressed and everything unfolded, we saw Maggie’s parents get visibly frustrated and angry by how the people who were supposed to be responsible were dealing with the accusations. Their strength and resilience made us wonder more about them, so, if you’re here for the same thing, then read on!

Who Are Maggie Nichols’ Parents?

Maggie is the daughter of John and Gina Nichols, who are both medical professionals. Raised in Little Canada, Minnesota, Maggie was put into gymnastics classes as a preschooler, as soon as she could enter them because her mother – who herself played the sport and was a fan of it – after having three boys, just couldn’t wait to have someone like her as well. And, she got lucky, because not only did Maggie turn out to be talented, she also fell in love with the sport.

Image Credit: Gina Nichols @gymnastmom61 / Twitter

However, after Maggie was molested by Larry Nassar at Karolyi’s Olympic training ranch in 2015, everything changed for them. The family could deal with her exhaustion and the harsh training and the separation (not that the physical and mental abuse was right), but this was something they couldn’t ignore. They still stayed hush about it, though, at least in public, because they believed that an investigation was going on and because they just wanted their daughter to fulfill her dream of going to the Olympics.

When even that didn’t happen. When at the 2016 Olympic Trials they could sense that something was wrong, they were crushed and heartbroken for their daughter. They even implied that Maggie’s accusation of sexual abuse was the reason why she wasn’t picked in the team, even as an alternative. They stuck by her though, they supported her in her retirement and in her career as an NCAA gymnast for the University of Oklahoma.

And when Maggie couldn’t be at Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing because of her classes, Gina gave the testimony on her behalf, telling the whole world that her daughter is ‘Athlete A’ and that she is stronger than the man who was sitting in front of her.

Where Are Maggie Nichols’ Parents Now?

John and Gina Nichols currently reside in St. Paul, Minnesota, where John works as a family doctor, a physician, and Gina works as a nurse. Even though they are away from their daughter, physically, they still make sure to let her know that she has a home with them, along with their undying love and care. It’s evident in everything that they do. Their dedication to getting her the justice she deserved and still speaking about it publicly is just one thing that validates it. (Featured Image Credit: Nina Moini / MPR News)

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