8 Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time

Anime as a medium of entertainment has taken over the world in the last few decades, and whilst it still has a long way to go, the future appears very bright for the unconventional art form. One critical reason for its monumental rise in the entertainment industry is arguably its diverse genre and subgenres that not only cater to different gender/tastes but also to separate age groups. If you are someone who is interested in anime in which characters overwhelmingly rely on magic for everyday affairs, then you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of ten such magical girl anime that you may find on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Amazon Prime.

8. Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ or ‘Majo no Takkyuubin’ is a story of self-discovery that centers upon a young witch-in-training named Kiki. In the last phase of the preparation to become a full-fledged witch, she must venture into the outside world on her own and survive for one year. It is during this period that she settles down in a coastal town and learns the true meaning of freedom and responsibility. The heartwarming story of the search for meaning is magical, both figuratively and literally.

7. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012 – )

The fantasy adventure series centers upon Aladdin, a young magician who embraces the uncertainty of life and ventures into the outside world accompanied by his mentor, Ugo. Along the way, he meets and befriends Alibaba Saluja. When the duo finds themselves in an urgent need of money, they together embark on a quest to explore Dungeons which are labyrinths hiding incredible treasures created by rare magicians known as Magi. However, they are clueless at the time that one of these structures will not only shape their destiny but also of the world they inhabit.

6. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (2010)

‘The Legend of the Legendary Heroes’ or ‘Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu’ is a magic fantasy anime that is inspired by Takaya Kagami’s light novel of the same name. It recounts the story of Ryner Lute, a mage who is also the bearer of the cursed eyes known as “Alpha Stigma” that can analyze all sorts of magic. After completing his training at Roland Empire’s Magician Academy, Ryner decides to make his nation a more peaceful place even though his cursed eyes are said to bring death and destruction wherever they go.

5. Demon King Daimao (2010)

With harem and ecchi elements as a crucial part of its overall premise, ‘Demon King Daimao’ centers upon Akuto Sai’s struggle against a sinister prophecy and its inherent contradiction with his desire to work for the greater good. Anime fans who love shows with a lot of mystery, romance, and a bit of comedy here and there will probably enjoy the fantasy show as well as it does not restrict itself to the magic anime genre like most shows.

4. Kaze no Stigma (2007)

The supernatural magic anime recounts the story of Kazuma Yagami, a member of the noble Kannagi household. When the unfortunate protagonist loses a fight against his cousin Ayano Kannagi, he is banished from the house and only returns four years later when he has earned the ability to control wind called Fuujutsu. Unfortunately, his family suspects him because some of their loved ones are killed using the same power that Kazuma now masters. This series, in particular, is different from all others on the list because its premise keeps the viewers guessing until the very end, which is rare for a magic anime.

3. Fairy Tail (2009 – 2019)

A list of anime with magic will be incomplete without Hiro Mashima’s manga-inspired series ‘Fairy Tail.’ Magic is an indispensable part of the mystical world that Lucy Heartfilia inhabits. People hire magic guilds for accomplishing the seemingly impossible missions, and Lucy wishes to join only the eponymous group that is widely recognized as one of the best. A lucky encounter with the member of Fairy Tail helps her join the famous guild, and it marks the beginning of Heartfilia’s adventures with the rest of the guild members as they take one job request after another.

2. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Set in a fictional world where magic and technology both co-exist alongside one another, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ follows Sophie, a small-town girl who gets transformed into an old woman by the Witch of the Waste. Determined to break the curse, she joins hands with the mysterious wizard named Howl to embark on a perilous journey while her kingdom is torn apart by war. With a strong anti-war theme and feminist elements, the movie sends a strong message of compassion, which is rare in magic anime films/shows.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014 – 2021)

Based on Nakaba Suzuki’s manga series of the same name, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins‘ centers upon Britannia, which is ruled by the Holy Knights. The powerful warriors use magic to protect the kingdom and keep it under their tyrannical rule with no accountability. Princess Elizabeth, who wishes to free the kingdom from their despotic rule, finds warriors that can go up against the leaders of the tyrannical state in order to free it from their rule once and for all. The epic story of the struggle of good against bad is a must-watch for everyone who likes anime with magic.

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