12 Best Magic Anime of All Time

Magic is one of the most popular genres in fiction. Every year thousands of television series, movies and books are released all over the world from different cultures and languages. Anime also treats this genre with utter respect and has created hundreds of anime in that genre. Here’s the list of top magic anime ever that have entertained viewers over the years. You can watch some of these magic anime on Netflix, YouTube, CrunchyRoll.

12. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (2014)

‘Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei’ is an anime about magic. This a nice little entertaining series. The show follows the same style as most of the fantasy/magic genre anime. An underdog, someone who is thought to be unskilled or average, turns out to be someone special and redeems themselves. In the world of ‘Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei’ magic and wizardry have made a comeback. Though it was thought as something imaginative from folklore and fairy tales magic is now a common thing and is used as a technology. Amidst this lies an academy known as the First High School. It is basically Hogwarts where young magicians are trained at the art of magic. The students are separated into two groups on the basis of the entrance examinations. The Blooms are the skilled students who will be following the first course while the Weeds are the average ones who follow the second course.

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11. Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (2014)

If you like some great action in your magic anime then this series might interest you. ‘Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis’ tells the story of a land known as Mistarcia, a place where Gods and Demons coexist along with humans. This place suffered the havoc wreaked by a dragon known as Bahamut, a fire-breathing dragon of humongous proportions. The Gods and Demons worked together and used all their strength to seal the heinous creature and divide the key between both the groups. This would be useful in maintaining peace and not let the monster escape. Fast forward several years, Favaro Leone is a bounty hunter. He has a carefree and laid-back attitude. But that’s all about to change. His life takes a turn when he meets a girl named Amira who holds half the Key which can wreak havoc, again.

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9. Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

‘Tokyo Mew Mew’ is a silly little magic genre anime geared towards younger viewers. The show can be entertaining at times and is great fun for kids. Come on it’s not like this site is just for adults and teenagers. Even kids use the internet these days. The main protagonist of the show is Momomiya Ichigo who has a huge crush on a boy named Aoyama Masaya. She is happy to go on a date with him but sadly she ends up falling asleep after having a vision that a cat has entered her body. Next day she feels different and is everything is very feline like. She later learns that she can transform into a cat-like magic girl. Ichigo meets few scientists who say that they are the one who has experimented on her to give her magical powers to save the world from aliens.

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8. Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ (2009)

‘Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~’ is a nice anime movie that focuses on the magic genre. The story is set in the era of knights. The anime sees the aftermath of the Great War where mankind fought against the demonic beasts. They were able to win and now there is peace and prosperity. But the continuity of this favorable conditions depends on the massive use of aer, a magical substance. Imperial Knights are the ones responsible for keeping the land safe. Being a member of the group is quite prestigious. Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo are two men who enroll to become knights. They are sent to a region where suspicious are activity has taken place and mutated beasts have appeared. Yuri and Flynn end up right into the middle of the crisis.

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7. Slayers (1995)

If you like adventure anime and want some magic theme to go with it then this anime can be a good watch. ‘Slayers’ is an anime that focuses on a sorceress named Lina Inverse. She is a selfish and greedy person who loves money and wealth. SHe keeps preying on bandits who she encounters during her travels. A group of bandits decide to take revenge on her but fail. As she starts attacking them a skilled swordsman Gourry Gabriev notices her and thinks that she is being troubled by the thieves. He defeats the thieves and offers to take her to the Atlantic City. Unknown to them Lina has actually come upon a powerful magical relic. This has made mysterious men start following them and the safety of the world is at stake.

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6. Little Witch Academia (2013)

This is a fun little anime movie. It has been some time since I saw it. If you want to take a break from your regular anime series and want to watch an entertaining movie, go for ‘Little Witch Academia’. The movie follows the character of Atsuko Kagari who wants to be a witch like her idol Shiny Chariot. Though Shiny Chariot used to be a revered personality who was celebrated by every little witch now the case is not so. Atsuko finds that now if anyone even mentions Shiny Chariot’s name they are treated and mocked as kids. Atsuko enters the Luna Nova Magical Academy to become a witch but there is one problem, she cannot do magic. But she keeps on trying and waits for the right chance to prove her worth. After the chance arrived it became much tougher for Atsuko as now she has to defeat a dragon rampaging her academy.

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5. Overlord (2015)

‘Overlord’ is one of the best game anime series that I have encountered in recent times. The plot of the show deals with a DMMORPG (for the uninitiated, it is an abbreviation for Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)game named Yggdrasil. The game had seen its fair share of success and had been a popular game. But currently, it has become obsolete with mere few players still interested. It is then announced that the servers of the game will be shut down at midnight. Unable to let go of the game a player with the character of Momonga decides to stay in the game till it is shut down. But something strange happens. Even after midnight, the game exists. It seems to have created its own reality and even the NPC’s have gotten their own personality. Momonga decides to investigate this strange phenomenon.

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4. Juuni Kokki (2002)

‘Juuni Kokki’ is a magic/fantasy genre anime series which deals with a red-haired girl name Youko Nakajima. Youko wants to lead a normal life. She tries hard to maintain a good personality in her school. She studies hard and gets good grades. Not only that but Youko is quite a helpful person. She tries to help her classmates whenever she can. But her inability to deny others any help makes her an easy target to take advantage of. There is another problem though, her red hair doesn’t seem to let her fit in. But all changes when a man walks into her class and salutes her. Turns out Youko is a princess and heir to the Kingdom of Kei. Thus, begin her adventure.

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3. Nanatsu no Taizai (2014)

Set during the era when knights were chivalrous and were quite staple to the security of a kingdom ‘Nanatsu no Taizai’ is an anime from the magic/action genre. The show is great. We are told of Holy Knights who protect the kingdom using powerful magic. But not everybody likes them. Turns out there is a group of knights who don’t like them and decide to arrange a coup. They are defeated by the Holy Knights but rumors persist that they are alive. These knights were the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and when the kingdom falls at the hands of the tyrannical Holy Knights, the princess decides to seek the sins in order to regain her kingdom.

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2. Fairy Tail (2009)

‘Fairy Tail’ is one of the currently popular anime. It is a great adventure, magic, action genre anime. The plot is great and so are the characters. The show focuses on a world where magic exists and is used to solve problems. Like-minded wizards and mage form a guild and accept job request. Fairy Tail is one such guild and is very popular at that We see Lucy Heartfilia a young mage deciding to become a professional and joining the famous guild. One of her interests is in finding the celestial gate keys. She is tricked by a man who tries to abduct her. Lucy is then saved by a boy named Natsu who also happens to be a member of the Fairy Tail guild and invites Lucy to become a member. Thus, the adventure begins.

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1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Let me just say this outright, I love ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’. It was freaking (I can’t use swear word, but you know what I mean) amazing. I am quite sure that those who have watched the series agree. The plot follows the life of two brothers Edward and Alphonse who try to use alchemy for transmutation. But this ends up in disaster with Alphonse losing his body and Edward losing one of his legs and his right hand. This makes them seek the philosopher’s stone which can possibly give them their physical self back. But as they delve deeper into their adventure they realize that this stone is much sinister than they thought.

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