Malory Towers Renewed For Season 6 at Family Channel and CBBC

The heartwarming tales set in Malory Towers will continue to move us! Family Channel and CBBC have renewed ‘Malory Towers’ for its sixth season, The Cinemaholic can confirm. The upcoming installment’s shooting will begin on May 29 in Toronto, Ontario, and Cornwall, England, and conclude on September 27, 2024. Rachel Flowerday and Sasha Hails created this children’s historical drama show based on Enid Blyton’s eponymous book series.

The sixth season is greenlit ahead of the premiere of the fifth installment. In season 4, Darrell grapples with leadership responsibilities as head of the lower school, especially when her younger sister, Felicity, finds herself in trouble. Alongside the first-year students, Darrell faces her first real test of authority. However, disappointment arises as preparations for the inter-tower lacrosse match lead to setbacks, and Clarissa’s reluctance to participate puzzles the team. Meanwhile, Ruth’s decision to let Connie take credit for her essay and the treasure hunt, aided by Irene’s mischief, adds to the drama.

As the installment progresses, Darrell writes a speech for Open Day and organizes a replacement team for the lacrosse match. Tensions escalate when itching powder causes havoc in the classroom, and Connie becomes the target of mean tricks. Despite the challenges, Clarissa displays courage when she defies rules to rescue her pony, and Irene works to repair her relationship with Mademoiselle Rougier. As Gwen stays behind to assist a teacher’s pregnant wife, Darrell and June embark on a risky quest to explore a hidden room, facing danger along the way. The season concludes with the entire school preparing for a wedding while Irene receives a significant task from her father.

As we await the fifth season premiere, which is scheduled to be released on May 7, details about the sixth installment’s plot remain under wraps. The official synopses of the first two episodes of season 5 provide a glimpse into the ongoing challenges at Malory Towers. Felicity grapples with carving her own path while getting overshadowed by Darrell. Newcomer Jo finds herself at odds with the school rules, causing complications for Felicity. Meanwhile, Mary Lou navigates the responsibilities of her new role as head of the lower school. In another thread, June leads a protest among the second-form girls to support Clarissa against Gwen’s demands, leading to significant changes. Additionally, a burst pipe triggers memories and fosters new friendships.

The cast of the sixth installment hinges on the narrative developments in season 5. Key cast members, including Ella Bright as Darrell Rivers, Danya Griver as Gwendoline Mary Lacey, Zoey Siewert as Alicia Johns, Sienna Arif-Knights as Sally Hope, Natasha Raphael as Irene Edwards, Imogen Lamb as Mary-Lou Linnet, and Beth Bradfield as Jean Dunlop, will feature in the fifth season. The returnees may also include Ashley McGuire as Matron.

Both Toronto and Cornwall have served as filming locations for the show’s previous seasons. ‘House of the Dragon‘ also utilized Cornwall, while Toronto recently hosted the production of ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

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