Mana Darville Tribute in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Who Was He? How Did He Die?

Wes Ball’s action-adventure film ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ ends with a tribute to the loving memory of Mana Darville. Mana was the son of Eka Darville, who plays Sylva, the gorilla commander of Proximus Caesar, in the movie. Although Mana was not a direct part of the film, his death due to an illness left a mark on the life of not only his father but also the latter’s colleagues and fellow artists. In a moment of poignant reflection, the movie’s tribute pays homage to the beloved boy’s life while also reminding those affected that his memory is forever preserved.

Mana Darville’s Life

Mana Darville was born on September 15, 2013, to Eka and Lila Darville. He was a free-spirited boy who loved to travel and enjoyed outings with his parents. They deeply cherished his buoyant and vibrant attitude and his playfulness. Despite being young, Mana took part in activities like surfing, sailing, playing music, and taking care of stray animals. He was often seen smiling in the family pictures posted on social media, sharing his love for community and togetherness. In a birthday wish posted by his father, Mana was described as a “Star-Being” and someone who came into the life of the family and changed it forever.

The family went on several trips together, joyously exploring the wonders of the world. Mana was an integral part of those trips as he brought his high spirits whenever they traveled. Talking about his experiences as a father and what Mana had given to him in return, Eka shared, “Being a Dad is the hardest thing I have ever loved & has taught me more about myself than anything else. Thank you, Mana, for choosing me as your Papa.” The bond between the family was tightly knit, as Mana’s mother, father, and younger brother all shared their love for each other admirably.

Mana Darville’s Illness and Death

On July 17, 2022, Mana suffered a seizure, only for the right side of his body to be paralyzed. According to Lila, he was initially misdiagnosed with a brain abnormality that he had been born with. However, his seizures continued with no sign of recovery. On January 18, 2023, after five months, doctors discovered that Mana was suffering from a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, which was diagnosed as primary intracranial sarcoma. He had multiple tumors on the surface of his brain, spreading over time. Surgery was undertaken to remove the malignant masses, but only 60% of the tumors could be removed.

Eka and Lila addressed the public on March 13, 2023, through a social media post explaining their son’s illness and the efforts they had taken to ensure his best possible treatment. “The boy who made me a Father, the baby who showed me what unconditional love is, my greatest teacher, my Son MANA, is fighting brain cancer,” the father wrote. “His diagnosis is extremely rare, very aggressive, and already metastasized, but Mana literally means ‘supernatural power’ & he IS going to overcome this. But he can’t do it alone,” he added. Mana’s rare form of brain cancer made it a challenging ordeal, but neither he nor his parents were ready to give up the fight.

To support Mana’s cutting-edge treatment costs, Eka and Lila set up a fundraiser page for Mana. This initiative was a worthwhile exercise as it meant that the boy could get the best possible solutions. Lila wrote, “Mana is literally my heart outside of my body. If you are seeing this, we REALLY need your help! Mana has an extremely rare, very aggressive brain cancer. To get him the help he needs, we need to do something radical, but we can’t do it alone. Help us move mountains to keep this magical little boy with us.”

Sadly, despite Eka and Lila’s efforts, Mana passed away in November 2023. His family was grief-stricken, but they assured their donors that the money had been spent on their son’s medical treatments. “Last month, our magical son and center of our universe, Mana Trinity Darville, took his last breath,” they shared. “We are shattered & will spend the rest of our lives longing to have just one more moment in the sunshine of his light,” they added.

People close to Mana shared their experiences with him following his demise. “Last month, I lost my little friend, and the world lost one of its brightest lights. His miracle wasn’t a miracle cure but the miraculous impact of his life,” said Channing Tatum. “In 10 short years, he touched more people, more deeply than most ever will. He reminded us of the power of community and the wisdom of fun. To not take these finite breaths for granted,” he added. Everyone here at The Cinemaholic would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to Mana’s parents and family members.

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