Mandy Stavik’s Family Cherish Her Memory Till Today

In November 1989, when Mandy Stavik vanished, her family couldn’t fathom what had happened to her. Their worst fears were realized when her body was discovered three days later, but they had no idea the ensuing battle would last so long. For Mary and Glenn Stavik, the loss of their beloved daughter was not just a profound pain on its own but also a reminder of the earlier loss of another child. For Mandy’s sister, Molly Brighton, and her stepsister, Bridget Whitson, it meant losing a sister with whom they had grown up and shared many dreams. ABC’s ’20/20′ episode titled ’30 Years Searching’ features some of her family members as they share the toll the years without answers and the eventual trial of Mandy’s killer, Timothy Bass, have taken on them.

Mandy Stavik’s Family Faced Many Losses

Mary and Glenn Stavik raised four children — Brent, Molly, Mandy, and Lee Stavik — whom they were incredibly proud of. The siblings grew up very close to each other. In 1974, Mary and Glenn separated for undisclosed reasons, but the children always knew both parents were there for them. In 1975, 17-year-old Brent, who was living in Palmer, Alaska, went on a bow-hunting trip to Anchorage and was shot. There were no clues suggesting he had been intentionally murdered, and the perpetrator was never identified. In the years that followed, the family tried to come to terms with the loss of a family member.

Molly Brighton

When Mandy was in 7th grade, Mary moved with Molly, Mandy, and their younger brother Lee to Whatcom County, Washington. Their father remarried and started a new family; the children also remained integral to his life. Mandy’s stepsister, Bridget Whitson, recalled how they had played together, taken horse riding lessons, and grown up as sisters. The family shared many happy memories.

Bridget Whitson

When Mandy went missing in November 1989, it felt like the family was being put through a familiar and devastating ordeal. Their grief was exacerbated by the recent loss of Mandy’s stepbrother, Spencer Stavik, who had passed away in a boating incident on the Kenai River in 1988. With no apprehension of Mandy’s killer, it seemed like the cycle of grief for the family was not going to end anytime soon.

Where is Mandy Stavik’s Family Now?

When the trial for Timothy Bass in 2019, Mandy Stavik’s killer, concluded, it brought immense relief to the Stavik family. At 82 years old, Mary Stavik attended the court proceedings to witness her daughter’s perpetrator being brought to justice. Mary also had the opportunity to meet and thank Kim Wagner, the woman who had volunteered to help obtain Tim’s DNA, providing much-needed closure to the family, especially Mary.

Mandy’s sister, Molly Brighton, and her husband also attended the trial. Mike read a victim impact statement on behalf of their family, expressing how the loss of Mandy had irreparably changed their lives. He stated that their family would never be the same and that they could never fully recover from Mandy’s loss. Molly testified against Tim during the trial, refuting his claim of a secret relationship with Mandy. She testified that she had never seen Mandy with Tim and found his claims highly unlikely.

Molly has put a stable career behind her and has retired in 2022. She lives with her husband, Mike, and their two children in Oak Harbor, Washington, along with her mother, Mary. Molly named her daughter after Mandy, who turned 26 in April 2024, which brought much joy to her mother, who remarked it was time for another Mandy in the family. Molly has a deep affection for animals, especially horses, and cherishes her horse, Fancy. After knee surgery in August 2023, she fully recovered and is enjoying her time with her family. Molly and her family have rebuilt their lives in Alaska, and even though they know they will never forget Mandy’s memory, they are trying their best to cherish her legacy and adding new memories that help them cherish Mandy’s legacy.

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