Manifest: Are Fiona Clarke and Captain Daly Dead?

Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ follows the story of the passengers on Flight 828 who disappear for five and a half years. When they return, the world has changed, and they must adjust to the new reality. They also have to figure out what happened to them when they went missing. They discover that everything is connected as they uncover the secrets about the Callings and their origins. This theme becomes more relevant in the fourth season when every loose thread from the previous seasons is addressed.

Captain Daly and Fiona Clarke disappeared in the first season when the Caption flew the plane again into black lightning. The following seasons barely address what happened to them, but the final seasons resolve their story. If you want to know what happened to them and how it affects the fate of the rest of the passengers, we’ve got you covered.

The Fate of Clarke and Daly Revealed

Fiona Clarke was a neuroscientist who studied the connection between people’s brains. She theorized that humans had a shared consciousness on a higher plane. Due to the pseudo nature of her research, she was blackballed in the scientific community. That is until she boarded Flight 828, and it went missing. All the passengers experienced Callings when they reappeared, which proved Clarke’s theory.

Meanwhile, Captain Daly received hatred from passengers and other people for flying the plane under the circumstances that led to their disappearance. Of all the 828ers, Daly was harassed the most for ruining everyone’s life. Daly, however, claimed that he did what he thought was best under the circumstances. Eventually, he found a way to prove to everyone that he was not responsible for what happened to the plane. In Season 1, he took the plane, with Fiona Clarke by his side, and flew it into black lightning, which had also appeared when the plane went missing the first time.

Clarke thought it was suicidal of him, but Daly wanted to prove that the mysterious lightning and the white glow did the trick. He believed that flying again would take him to the future. The first time, they flew five and a half years ahead. He thought the same thing would happen, and they would land in 2024. But they were never seen again. Daly next appeared in Season 3 when the plane was found and experimented on. He appeared for a few seconds and then disappeared again with the plane.

Clarke and Daly return to ‘Manifest’ in the second half of the second season. It turns out that Daly had been right. When Daly appeared in the third season, he wasn’t wearing the same clothes he did when he left with Clarke. While following Bethany’s Calling, Ben and Michaela go to a barn near an apple orchard, where they find the crash site without a plane. They guess the crash must have happened relatively recently, meaning it must be the plane that Daly took. They both survived the crash. Clarke ran away and hid inside the barn, while Daly was captured by the government and sent to the detention center to be experimented upon.

Deception and Murder: Angelina’s Strategy

On their return to 2024, Clarke and Daly remain unresponsive, as if they are caught in an endless cycle of Callings. While Daly is experimented upon in the detention center, Cal finds Clarke in the barn. He takes her home, and he and Olive care for her. However, they are unaware of Angelina’s secret visits to Eden. Angelina uses the Omega Sapphire to project herself as Olive to Eden. This is how she finds out about Clarke and realizes that she and Daly are the witnesses sent by God to bring forth the end of times.

Because Angelina wants the world to end, she decides that Clarke and Daly must be killed. When Cal and Olive find Clarke, she is on the brink of death. Her lung has collapsed, but with Saanvi’s help, Cal operates on Clarke and saves her life. He leaves the straw near her ribcage to help her breathe. Later, Angelina projects herself as Olive to Eden and makes the little girl remove the straw, worsening Clarke’s situation. The scientist chokes to death.

To kill Daly, Angelina uses the sapphire to infiltrate the facility through other people. She uses projects herself as a guard to Saanvi and eavesdrops on the conversations taking place there. She finds out about Daly’s son and their fractured relationship. Once she knows how to make Daly tick, Angelina projects herself as his son to Daly. She says very hurtful things to Daly, making him feel guilty about the lousy father he had been all this while. She pushes him so much that Daly purposefully lets the soldiers shoot him. With Clarke and Daly dead, Angelina completes the first step of her nefarious plan.

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