Where is Maria Eisch Today?

Netflix’s ‘Father Soldier Son’ follows the story of Brian Eisch, a single father who has to raise his two sons while serving in the Army. The documentary shows us the mentally and physically trying situations in his life. In the middle of this struggle, he meets a woman named Maria who becomes his unwavering companion through the rest of the journey. She becomes an integral part of the Eisch household and soon enough becomes inseparable from them. Her presence acts as a support for Brian and his sons, and by the end of the documentary, we find her embarking on a new phase in her life. Where does it take her? Where is Maria Eisch now? Let’s find out.

Who is Maria Eisch?

Maria met Brian Eisch after he had retired from the Army. She describes their first meeting with the electricity of instant sparks that marked her relationship with him. Before we meet her in the documentary, she has a family of her own, with one of her children the same age as Brian’s son, Joey. She becomes an important part of the family, especially forging a strong bond with Joey. Throughout her relationship with Brian, we see her as a source of support for him, sharing in the good times while also bearing through his difficult ones.

The ups and downs in the relationship didn’t deter her or Brian. He eventually asked her to marry him, and they tied the knot in 2015. The couple had been enjoying the beginning of their new life together when a tragedy shook them to the core. Joey was hit with a truck while riding his bicycle. Due to the severe injuries sustained by him, he passed away on the same day. The loss was too much to bear for the family, but they survived through it together. Sometime later, she and Brian were blessed with a boy, whom they named Jaxon Joseph.

Where is Maria Eisch Now?

Moving on from the tumultuous time faced by her family, Maria is now focusing her energy on raising her son Jaxon with her husband, Brian. The couple currently lives in Luxemburg, Wisconsin. She and Brian have set up a memorial service in the remembrance of Joey. He had been keen on wrestling, trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. In the memory of his passion, the Joey Eisch Memorial Youth Wrestling Tournament is held in Sandy Creek High School, NY.

Maria works as a Customer Service Associate in the Bank of Luxemburg. She has previously worked at Ontario Health and Fitness Centre, and Otis Technology. She is also very involved in the life of her son, Jordan, who attends Luxemburg-Casco High, and her daughter Alanna, who is also a mother now. She loves to spend time with her family.

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