Mark Kilroy Murder: Is Adolfo Constanzo Dead or Alive?

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In March 1989, Mark Kilroy traveled to Matamoros, a town in Mexico, like many other excited students from Texas did during spring break. But sadly, Mark’s trip ended in immense tragedy when he was killed as part of a bizarre sacrificial ritual of a cult. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil: The Devil’s Ranch’ chronicles the work that went into finding out what happened to Mark and who was responsible for his death. So, if you’re wondering the same, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Mark Kilroy Die?

Mark James Kilroy was born in Illinois in March 1968, but the family soon moved to Texas. Growing up, he took an active part in sports and was a part of the basketball and golf teams in school. After graduating from Santa Fe High School in 1986, Mark attended a university on a basketball scholarship before transferring to the University of Texas at Austin to take on premed courses. Leading up to spring break in 1986, Mark and his friends looked forward to their trip to Mexico and discussed it often.

Image Credit: Find a Grave/Dave

The first few days of the trip in March 1989 went as planned, but things took a dark turn at around 2 am on March 14. While two of Mark’s friends walked ahead, Mark waited for his other friend, Bill, to relieve himself. But when Bill returned, Mark was nowhere to be seen. A rigorous search turned up nothing, and the friends reported him missing. It wasn’t until April 11, 1989, that additional information led to Mark’s remains being discovered.

Mark’s decomposing body was found at Rancho Santa Elena in Mexico. The condition of his body made it clear that he had been tortured and killed. Mark’s legs had been cut off, and a wire was attached to his spinal column. The top of his head was removed, and some of his organs were missing. The authorities found his brain in a cauldron on the property, marking the beginning of a strange and unsettling homicide investigation.

Who Killed Mark Kilroy?

The inquiry began to take shape in April 1989 when Serafin Hernandez Garcia, the nephew of Elio Hernandez Rivera, a gangster, ran through a routine road check for drugs. The police followed Serafin to Rancho Santa Elena, where they found a lot of marijuana. But they also found something else that explained what happened to Mark. In a shed, there were candles, cigar butts, and empty bottles of alcohol, among other things. The shed had blood stains on the walls, and it seemed like a ritual sacrifice took place over there.

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The authorities rounded up Serafin, Elio, and a couple of other gang members. The ranch caretaker recognized Mark from the photo and remembered seeing him cuffed in the back of a car. Then, the four of them told the police that they had kidnapped Mark under the orders of their religious leader, Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a Cuban-American raised in Florida.

Adolfo’s mother practiced Santeria, generally a benign religion. However, neighbors suspected her of leaving headless animals outside their houses as a way to deal with grudges. After Adolfo grew up in such an environment, his mother reportedly sent him to study Palo Mayombe, an Afro-Caribbean religion where practitioners used human parts for rituals. Adolfo then delved deep into alternate religious practices and looked into voodoo, Satanism, and human sacrifice.

At the time of the incident, Adolfo was a marijuana smuggler in his mid-20s working out of Mexico. He led a set of followers in his cult, including Elio and the others. According to them, Adolfo had asked to “pick up an Anglo spring-breaker.” They approached Mark in a car and offered him a ride before grabbing and putting him in the back. While Mark broke free and made a run for it, he was recaptured and carried to the ranch.

There, Mark was first given some food and kept safely, but things didn’t stay that way for long. He was tortured for the next few hours before being murdered as part of a ritual sacrifice. About twelve hours after the kidnapping, the group put duct tape over Mark’s eyes and mouth and led him to the shed while his hands were still cuffed. The authorities later learned that Adolfo did not let the others participate in the killing but chose Elio as his second-in-command.

The investigation revealed that the top of Mark’s head was removed using a machete. As part of this ritual, the victims (there were many) were sometimes killed first before mutilation. Then, organs like their brain, hearts, lungs, and testicles were boiled. The concoction would be passed around, with the cult members drinking it. Adolfo told them that the human sacrifice would help make all of them invincible.

How Did Adolfo Constanzo Die?

Image Credit: Serial Killers Documentaries/YouTube

At the time, the authorities learned that Adolfo was on the run with Sara Maria Villarreal Aldrete, a young woman who called herself a witch, someone named El Duby, and a few others. In May 1989, the group was traced to an apartment building in Mexico City, Mexico. After the police surrounded the building, Adolfo began firing a machine gun and tossing money out of the window.

Then, Adolfo transferred El Duby the power to carry out human sacrifices. Then Adolfo asked El Duby to kill him and his lover, Martin Quintana Rodriquez. As Adolfo sat on a stool in the closet and had Martin with him, El Duby unleashed the machine gun on them, killing them. So, Adolfo died at the age of 26 on May 6, 1989, with Martin. The others surrendered. The authorities found 13 bodies buried at the ranch and two more on a nearby farm. They believed most of them were drug dealers, but some were tortured and sacrificed.

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