Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago Murders: How Did They Die? Who Killed Them?

A loving couple who made the small town of Mammoth, Arizona, their home was found murdered outside their residence in January 2017. However, any hopes for a quick inquiry were quashed when the authorities couldn’t find a lot of evidence at the scene. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still A Mystery: Guns and Secrets’ focuses on the deaths of Mary Reynoso and Maria Desantiago as one of the two cases highlighted in the episode. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago Die?

Mark Reynoso was a 34-year-old engaged to be married to Maria Desantiago, a 27-year-old. While Mark worked at the family restaurant with his father, Maria also helped out more often than not. The couple lived on a property in Mammoth at the time. They had five children, with Mark’s two boys and Maria’s three sons from previous relationships. Loved ones described Maria as a great mother who worked hard and loved dancing.

At around 11 AM on January 31, 2017, a 911 caller reported hearing six gunshots and a woman screaming in the area. But when the police drove by to check it out, they didn’t see anything unusual; there was a shooting range nearby. But that changed sometime close to noon. Mark’s father, Joe, came by to borrow some tools only to find Mark and Maria’s dead bodies outside the house under a tree. His wife called 911 later, initially saying they killed themselves. However, it was later ruled a murder. Mark and Maria were shot multiple times with the same firearm.

Who Killed Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago?

After examining the crime scene, the authorities ruled robbery out as a motive. The bodies were found outside, and the scene suggested that the killer or killers didn’t enter the house. So, the police thought it was more than likely personal. However, they immediately hit the wall because there wasn’t a lot of evidence at the house. While some leads popped up, none panned out. The police did believe that whoever killed the couple drove to the residence in a midsize sedan or pickup.

Image Credit: Find a Grave/OK Obits

About two years before the murders, Mark was involved in a fatal road accident that ended with three people dead. The authorities believed that Mark was responsible, charging him with manslaughter caused by reckless driving. He was awaiting trial when the murders happened. Since the accident, the father of one of the victims had been vocal on social media about hoping for a quick conviction and claimed Mark was high on meth when the accident happened.

The authorities said they looked into the accident being connected to the murders and added nothing was ruled out as a potential motive. Over the years, though, the case has remained unsolved, and a lack of leads has hampered progress. A detective working on the homicides said, “It’s my gut feeling that it’s somebody known to the family. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve gotten to know both sides of the family very well. I don’t like having an unsolved case on the books; I certainly don’t like not being able to fight for them.”

The family has been hopeful regarding the couple’s murder being solved but has talked about how difficult it has been to lead their lives since then. Joe said, “Every single day, I drive by that place where it happened. I draw myself the sign of the cross twice over (on his forehead). It’s tough, it’s tough. I’m very hopeful for an arrest. I feel the same as I did last time. We’re not going to give up. We don’t give up.” As per a report from 2018, a reward was announced for any information leading to a conviction.

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