Where Are Markesha and Brandon From The Wedding Coach Now?

‘The Wedding Coach’ is one of Netflix’s many binge-worthy wedding reality series. This time around, comedian, writer, and actress Jamie Lee takes on the role of the troubleshooter and jack of all trades, helping couples smoothen out the inevitable bumps on the last few days leading up to their weddings. Jamie is joined by a variety of different comedians who pitch in to save the soon-to-be weds’ special day and provide some good-natured laughs along the way.

Episode 4 features Markesha and Brandon, who seem to have found the love of their life in each other and want to celebrate with a royal-themed wedding. With Jamie’s help, the event is a success, but what has the couple been up to since then? If you’re curious for a peek into Markesha and Brandon’s lives after watching them on ‘The Wedding Coach,’ we’ve got you covered!

Markesha and Brandon: The Wedding Coach Journey

Markesha and Brandon dated for four and a half years before finally deciding to tie the knot. The couple from Atlanta, Georgia, insisted that they had found their rightful “King” and “Queen” in each other and hence wanted to have a royal-themed wedding to celebrate their love. However, between the multiple last-minute cancellations (including the wedding singer’s), a troublesome photographer, and unenthusiastic bridesmaids, the couple had their plates spilling over with worries. Markesha was also wrestling with the prospect of having to choose between her stepfather and biological father for her first dance at the wedding.

Enter Jamie and her friend, comedian, and actress, Alesha Renee. The two got to work straight away, taking stock of the situation and advising Markesha on wedding poses that would make her look her best. Jamie’s experience as a former bride came in handy as she tactfully dealt with Markesha’s dilemma about which of her fathers to dance with, and both she and Alesha were able to get the bridesmaids more involved with the wedding, eventually making the day a joyful success.

Where Are Markesha and Brandon Now?

Markesha and Brandon got married on August 17, 2019, at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, Georgia. Brandon, who is originally from Columbia, South Carolina, works in the automotive industry and was employed by Audi before he switched over to Jaguar Land Rover. He graduated from DeVry University, where he studied Game Simulation and Programming.

Image Credit: Brandon Murray/Facebook

Markesha presently works as a Customer Service Representative with IT firm First Advantage and is also an artist and influencer. She studied Graphic Design at North Hennepin Community College and is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. From what we can tell, the couple continues to live together in Atlanta and hasn’t had any children so far. The “King and Queen” seem more in love than ever and are happy to be finally married to each other, with a little help from Jamie and Netflix.

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