Where is Marriage or Mortgage Filmed?


Netflix’s ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ tries to find answers to a dilemma that many young, and some not so young, people find themselves in nowadays. The show is a face-off between real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller as they try to convince couples to choose between paying the down payment on the house of their dreams and spending the money on having the wedding that they always wanted. It follows several couples from Nashville, as they are shown just what their money will get them. The couples then have to make the difficult choice between the two – dream wedding or house.

From downtown artisanal cake shops to quiet suburban neighborhoods, the show is a blur through Nashville, Tennessee, as both the wedding planner and real estate agent scramble to fulfill every dream and accommodate every quirk that the couples have for their dream wedding and their dream home. Want to know where exactly the show is filmed? We’ve got you covered!

Marriage or Mortgage Filming Locations

‘Marriage or Mortgage’ is filmed in and around Nashville, Tennessee. The Marriage or Mortgage Office, a house-sized multi-room office with a kitchen and meeting area, serves as the combined offices of Nichole and Sarah and is where each episode is set up and concluded.

During the rest of the episode, the couples along with one of the hosts visit various locations in and around Nashville, depending on whether they’re with the wedding planner or the real estate agent. Let’s take a closer look at these locations.

Nashville, Tennessee

Apart from the office, the hosts and couples visit potential wedding locations, shops, designers, and caterers around town to try out wedding trappings, etc. They also hit various neighborhoods to examine potential houses for sale. Because the quirks and demands of the couples are so varied, there is an incredible variety of locations around Nashville that we get to see on the screen.

Both the hosts, Nichole and Sarah, insist that the show is completely unscripted and the couples featured are actual clients who they are working with. This means that all the houses featured in the show are private properties whose exact locations are not shared. We, however, get to see various suburban and downtown neighborhoods like West Nashville briefly as the particular couple who want their dream home to be in West Nashville drive to it with Nichole.

The Fat Bottom Brewery Co., located on 800 44th Avenue N, Nashville, is one of the few locations named in the show. It is a potential wedding location where a couple considers very strongly to have their wedding if, in fact, they do choose their wedding over a dream house. Nashville, Tennessee, provides a worthy backdrop for a show such as ‘Marriage or Mortgage.’ The diverse population of the city ensures that the couples featured on the show are varied.

The city also provides a generous mix of locations where the couples are eventually able to find the space of their dreams, be it a wedding venue or a house. The high rental prices in Nashville work in the show’s favor as it pushes couples to not see renting as an option, making them more open to buying a house. The city is also not new to hosting shows and has seen many fictional and reality shows based and filmed on location here, ‘Chasing Nashville’ and ‘Nashville’ being just two examples, among many others.

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