Where Are Denise and Nicholas From Marriage or Mortgage Now?

Netflix’s ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ is a series that follows Nichole Holmes, a real estate agent, and Sarah Miller, a wedding planner, as they try to win the hearts and savings of ten couples in Nashville, Tennessee, who must decide between a fairytale wedding or their dream home. As only one of these things can happen, the dilemma gets more complicated with each passing day. However, because of the love existing between the couples, we see them rise through it all. In case you’re curious to know more about one such pair, Denise and Nicholas, from episode two, we’ve got you covered.

Denise and Nicholas: Marriage or Mortgage Journey

Denise Lambert and Nicholas Boehmke have been together for over five years now, having met in 2008 but not getting into a relationship until 2015. Denise knew from their very first date that Nicholas would be “the one” for her, so she tried to slow things down by telling him not to call her the next day. But he did, and she picked up. Moreover, despite the fact that Nicholas has been married once before and has a daughter from that relationship, Denise made a challenging time smooth sailing by stepping into a step-parent’s role quite early on. Therefore, it came as no surprise when Nicholas got down on one knee and proposed.

With family being the most important thing to both individuals because of their past, a home where they could feel safe and comfortable and start the adoption process to have more children was essential for them. However, as Nicholas had eloped for his first wedding and knew that not many people get a chance to do-over, he also wanted a proper yet non-traditional ceremony the second time around. Throughout the whole house-hunting and wedding planning process, though, the couple realized that establishing their roots to expand their family was more valuable to them, so they picked their dream home over a wedding.

Where Are Denise and Nicholas Now?

Towards the end of their episode, Denise and Nicholas Boehmke revealed that not only did they buy their forever home on Oglethorpe Drive, Franklin, Tennessee, but they also got their dream wedding. On a rainy day, they eloped and said their vows in front of those who matter the most. As a firefighter and former personal trainer, along with a former pro cheerleader turned recruiter, Nicholas and Denise, the owners and curators of Here’s the Keys, have managed to make a good life for themselves.

Currently, having made no compromises anywhere, the loving pair resides close to Nicholas’ daughter’s school and Denise’s mom, all the while having enough space for entertaining and welcoming new members into their family. Moreover, thanks to the hard work put in by Nichole Holmes and the generosity of the housebuilders, the couple also got their ideal open-space kitchen – a place where Denise can reminisce about her late father and Nicholas can leave cute notes for his wife, even from work.

Denise and Nicholas Boehmke share their social media profiles, having a single Facebook and Instagram page to post their life updates. In other words, from what we can see, they’re still together and happier than ever. Like with everyone else, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a crazy spin on their lives as well, causing problems with how much time they can spend with Nicholas’ daughter and their work. But they’re marching through it as they’ve always done – by being side by side. It seems like the married couple is perfectly content with where they are right now.

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