MAFS Australia Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Season 4 of ‘Married at First Sight’ premiered on January 30, 2017, captivating audiences with its unconventional approach to matchmaking. Airing on the Nine Network, the Australian reality television series continued its exploration of arranged marriages, where individuals commit to tying the knot with a complete stranger selected by a team of experts. In this season, viewers were introduced to a diverse group of singles brave enough to trust the expertise of relationship professionals in their quest for love. As the participants navigated the complexities of married life from day one, the show delved into the highs and lows of these unions. From the initial wedding ceremonies to the challenges of cohabitation, the season unfolded with a mix of surprises, emotional moments, and unforeseen connections.

Where are Susan Rawlings and Sean Hollands Now?

Susan Rawlings and Sean Hollands, once a couple forged in the flames of reality TV romance, found themselves on divergent paths after the show’s conclusion. While talking to, Rawlings claimed that the love depicted on screen was a façade and Hollands was a different person off-camera. Rawlings disclosed, “I wanted to leave halfway through… His kids were crying to him on Skype: ‘Please come home daddy, we don’t really know why you’re away for so long.’ And I said, ‘No, you need to go, we’re just friends, you need to go’.” Hollands, however, countered these allegations, insisting that financial motives and a desire for his first overseas trip to New Zealand were the driving forces.

Since the tumultuous end of their on-screen union, Rawlings has moved forward, embracing the joys of motherhood. She gave birth to her son Ashton on March 24th, 2018, although she is no longer romantically involved with Ashton’s father. The pair, however, maintains an amicable co-parenting relationship. Rawlings also made a significant decision for her health, having her breast implants removed due to distressing health symptoms. On the flip side, Hollands has found his own fairytale ending. Engaged to his girlfriend Roslyn Buerckner since November 2019, Hollands has ventured into different pursuits. He has taken on the role of a trainer and owner at River High Ranch, and he also delved into the world of acting, featuring in the short film ‘Narcosia: 1935.’

Where are Cheryl Maitland and Andrew Jones Now?

Cheryl Maitland’s journey on the show took a detour when her initial match, Jonathan Troughton, didn’t pan out. She then sought love with Andrew Jones, but alas, that too was not meant to be. Post-show, Cheryl Maitland found love outside the realm of reality TV with Dean Gibbs. They took their relationship to the next level when Gibbs proposed in March 2022. However, recent speculations about Gibbs engaging in flirtatious text messages with another woman, Maria Pepi, have cast a shadow on their seemingly blissful union. Cheryl is also the founder of Blo Brush now.

Meanwhile, Andrew Jones faced his own challenges on the show. Initially paired with Lauren, who left him on their wedding night, he later attempted a relationship with Cheryl, which also met its demise. Rumors about a connection with Scarlett Cooper surfaced but eventually fizzled out. Jones has since chosen a path of privacy, dealing with personal struggles, including PTSD resulting from his reality TV experience. He has deliberately stepped away from the spotlight, leaving fans curious about the details of his life.

Where are Lauren Bran and Jonathan Troughton Now?

Lauren Bran, previously paired with Andrew Jones on the show, encountered a breakup during the course of the reality TV experiment. However, her life took a positive turn as she ascended in her professional career, becoming the MC Group State Manager in N.S.W. In the realm of love, Lauren met Jake Barnett, and reportedly, their journey reportedly included the challenges of a miscarriage in 2017. The current status of their relationship remains a mystery, leaving fans wondering about the intricacies of their love story.

Jonathan Troughton, on the other hand, initially matched with Cheryl Maitland, found himself steering away from the limelight after the show. Currently serving as the CEO and Co-Founder of Frameplay, Troughton has kept his personal life guarded, choosing not to disclose details about his romantic endeavors. Previously, he worked as Victorian Account Manager at Dimension Data too.

Where are Scarlett Cooper and Michael Tomic Now?

Scarlett Cooper’s journey on the show did not go well, as her connection with Michael Tomic hit a roadblock, leading to an early departure from the competition. Allegations of a texting scandal further complicated their relationship, resulting in a breakup before a final decision could be made. Since then, Scarlett has diversified her career, working as an actress, Brand Ambassador at XPo, Padlock Peeps, and DMC Talent. She also holds the role of Ticket Agent at Fuzzy Events and works as a Promotional Model and Brand Ambassador at AMS Promotions. Michael Tomic, however, has maintained a stoic silence regarding his post-show experiences, choosing not to discuss ‘MAFS’ in interviews or public appearances.

Nadia Stamp and Anthony Manton Have Parted Ways Now

Nadia Stamp and Anthony Manton, initially determined to make their on-screen marriage work, faced an unexpected twist when Nadia revealed at the Reunion Dinner Party that Anthony had ended their relationship. The abrupt breakup left fans in shock, but Nadia’s journey didn’t end there. Since the show, Nadia has found solace and happiness in the arms of Glen. Confirming their relationship in May 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Giselle, in 2021. The pair took their commitment to the next level by getting engaged in 2023.

Beyond her personal life, Nadia has ventured into entrepreneurship, now owning Dip D Nails and The Daily Brush. On the flip side, Anthony Manton has navigated the waves of life as a Racing Broadcaster at Sky Racing Australia and the Director of Patriot Blood Stock. Despite the challenges of love on the show, Anthony has seemingly found love again, showcasing that life after reality TV can hold surprising joys.

Alene Khatcherian and Simon McQuillan Have Called It Quit

The love story of Alene Khatcherian and Simon McQuillan unfolded with promise on-screen, but as the cameras stopped rolling, the challenges of distance and divergent life goals took their toll. Alene, in her own words, described the decision to part ways as not easy, citing disparities in lifestyle and future aspirations.

Though they split after the show, fans speculated a potential reunion when Alene and Simon met at a small event. However, their paths ultimately diverged. Alene has since opted for a low-profile life, while Simon has ventured into breeding and running beef cattle, embraced a passion for worldwide snowboarding, and established himself as the owner of Atlas Balance Company.

Vanessa Belvedere and Andy Hills are Not Together Anymore

Vanessa Belvedere and Andy Hills faced their fair share of challenges on the show, particularly clashing over communication issues and Andy’s reluctance to open up. Despite their final decision to stay together, the former couple separated after the show. Post-breakup, Vanessa pursued personal and professional growth, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Human Nutrition in 2018. She is currently working with Polestar Pilates Studio, Reformer and Mat Instructor, and a receptionist at Sports & Spinal Physio.

Vanessa is also a pilates instructor at Forge West End. Vanessa has also found a new, happy, and healthy relationship. Andy, on the other hand, has chosen a more private life, sharing moments with his faithful companion, a dog named Squid. Beyond being an Uber driver, Andy embarked on a journey to the Himalayas in 2017, capturing stunning moments from Kathmandu, Nepal. His life remains shielded from the public eye, emphasizing the importance of privacy in the post-reality TV realm.

Where are Deborah Brosnan and John Robertson Now?

Image Credit: Deborah Brosnan/Facebook

The saga of Deborah Brosnan and John Robertson took a surprising turn when Deborah decided to end their on-screen marriage because she desired to marry a Polynesian man. Since then, both have carved unique paths in their post-reality TV lives. Deborah Brosnan has transformed into a published author now. She has released her first book, ‘Fairyland… It’s Not What You Think! High Above the Clouds,’ in 2020. Alongside her literary pursuits, she is an active member of Word’s Out Rainbow Beach, showcasing a commitment to community engagement and advocacy.

On the flip side, John Robertson returned to the ‘MAFS’ scene the following year, finding love with journalist Melissa Walsh. Their love story reached the culmination of the experiment, but practical challenges led to a split. John has now ventured into a new relationship, dating Kenicha Hatten.

Where are Michelle Marsh and Jesse Konstantinoff Now?

Despite the national television breakup, Michelle Marsh and Jesse Konstantinoff have managed to maintain a friendly relationship post-show. The former couple even traveled interstate to visit each other, showcasing a unique bond that transcends the romantic ties of the past. Reportedly, Michelle Marsh found love again with Adam Medwich, although their romance eventually came to an end. Undeterred, Michelle and her twin sister, Sharon, embarked on a new venture, launching their own wine range.

Michelle then explored a short-lived romance with season two’s Jono Pitman before finding happiness in her current relationship with Dan Jones. Her life now includes two fur babies, Billy and Buddy. Jesse Konstantinoff, on the other hand, seems to be currently single. He has also ventured into the world of sports, participating in the Team Ellis Boxing Event. In the professional realm, construction has become his focus.

Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy Have Separated

Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy were the pair that defied the odds, enduring beyond the final episode. However, despite matching tattoos and discussions of marriage and babies, their fairy tale romance concluded after the show. Sharon, now a mother to Jordan born in 2023, has maintained her commercial cleaning business, Marsh Contractors Pty Ltd. In 2017, she embarked on a new romantic journey with Perth business owner Julian Rosevear. Apart from her business and personal pursuits, Sharon, alongside her twin sister Michelle, launched her own wine range.

Nick Furphy, on the other side of the story, ventured into a brief romance with former ‘MAFS’ Australia bride Jessika Power in 2019. Unfortunately, the strain of distance led to their parting ways. Nick’s life has taken a quieter turn since then, with even his Instagram account falling victim to hacking. In response, he initiated a GoFundMe campaign to reclaim control.

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