MAFS Australia Season 6: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Set against the backdrop of the Australian reality TV landscape, season 6 of ‘Married At First Sight’ continued to push the boundaries of conventional matchmaking. The trio of relationship experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Trisha Stratford meticulously paired a new group of singles who willingly entered the uncharted territory of marrying someone they had never met before.

As the participants exchanged vows and embarked on this unorthodox journey, viewers were treated to an intimate look at the complexities of forging connections and navigating the intricacies of matrimony. Premiered on Nine Network in 2019, the season made the couples face a myriad of relationship milestones, from the initial wedding ceremony to the daily nuances of married life.

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant are Still Together

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, the brightest couple of the show, have proven that their love is a beacon of strength beyond the confines of reality television. Celebrating their wedding with a grand party in Sydney, the couple showcased the authenticity of their connection. Their love story continued with a romantic trip to Europe, culminating in their wedding in November 2019. The couple welcomed their first bundle of joy, Oliver, in September 2020, marking the beginning of a new chapter as parents. Solidifying their commitment further, Jules and Cameron purchased a house together, establishing roots for their growing family.

Jules, a woman of many talents, founded the shapewear brand Figur in 2020. Additionally, she owns Status Co. Republic, a hair and makeup salon, and Moira Muse, a clothing brand. Jules has delved into the podcasting realm, co-hosting ‘The Juggling Act’ with Melissa Wilson. However, recent reports suggest that Jules has severed ties with the management company she and Cam shared for the past four years, indicating potential shifts in their professional pursuits. On the other hand, Cameron has embraced a role as a Mental Health and Wellness Presenter, highlighting the couple’s journeys beyond their joint ventures.

Where are Cyrell Paule and Nic Jovanović Now?

Cyrell Paule and Nic Jovanović’s tumultuous journey on ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ reached its culmination with a decision to part ways. After the show, Cyrell found love with ‘Love Island Australia’ alum Eden Dally, leading to the arrival of their son, Boston, on February 9, 2020. Cyrell’s life has also taken a turn toward influencing and brand promotions, showcasing her vibrant and candid personality on social media.

Nic Jovanović, on the other hand, has transitioned into the realm of social media influencing, leveraging his growing social media following. His personal life saw shifts, including a reported relationship with Bridgette Lee. More recently, he has found love in Alex, with whom he shares delightful moments.

Where are Tamara Joy and Mick Gould Now?

Tamara Joy’s journey on ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ took a surprising twist as her marriage with Dan Webb unraveled during the show. Post-‘MAFS,’ Tamara has embraced influencer status and brand promotions, ultimately announcing a permanent move to the UK. She has also hinted at a secret new romance, alluding to past challenges with Dan Webb.

Mick Gould, paired with Jessica during the show, navigated life after the show, with a brief relationship with Kayla Gray. However, his heart has found solace with Crystal. The couple has embarked on a new chapter in Noosa, where they have purchased and are currently renovating a new house.

Where are Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Harris Now?

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Harris decided to part ways before the final decision on the show, leading them on separate journeys since their season ended. Reportedly, Dino, after a brief romance with Renae Cukrov, relocated to Hong Kong, where he now works as a mediation coach and is associated with Modern Yogi, a Health & wellness website. Dino’s life also took a turn toward public speaking, with appearances as a TEDx Speaker. He has found lasting love with Laurena, whom he married in 2021, a love story that blossomed from their meeting at an astrology class.

Since her time on the show, her public statements shed light on the producers’ intentions for mismatches on reality TV, hinting at the complexities of her ‘MAFS’ experience. Reports of a short-lived romance with ‘MAFS’ alumnus Jake Edwards and a public falling out with former friend Jules added layers to Melissa’s journey. Now, Melissa Lucarelli has transitioned into the world of fashion and beauty influencing.

Heidi Latcham and Mike Gunner Have Separated

Heidi Latcham and Mike Gunner, who decided to part ways shortly after filming, have embarked on separate journeys since their time on ‘Married at First Sight Australia.’ Mike, once part of a newfound relationship with Sonja, met on the dating app Bumble, faced a split in 2022. Now seemingly single, Mike has shifted his focus toward his filmmaking career while cherishing the companionship of his two dogs. Expressing regrets over the breakup with Heidi, Mike navigates the intricacies of life after ‘MAFS.’

Heidi, on the other hand, has found her trajectory. Now associated with BFT Maroochydore, she worked at 91.9 SEA FM until 2021. Her professional endeavors align with her personal growth and reflect a woman who embraces change and resilience beyond the reality of the show.

Where are Ning Surasiang and Mark Scrivens Now?

Ning Surasiang and Mark Scrivens, who experienced the ups and downs of their relationship on the show, have moved forward on separate paths. Ning, a mother of three, has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and love. She dated her boyfriend Kane Micallef in August 2020. Although the current relationship status of the couple remains a mystery, her career has expanded as she embraced hairstyling culminating in the opening of Kobela Boutique in September 2023. She has also written a cookbook, I’m Just Here For The Food. Ning, now a grandmother, showcases the multi-faceted aspects of her life beyond the ‘MAFS’ spotlight.

Mark Scrivens, too, found love anew. Dating girlfriend Bianca Chatfield, the couple became parents to a little girl in 2022. Beyond matters of the heart, Mark transitioned into entrepreneurship, running his café, Freelancer Café, in St Kilda. Their journey underscores the fluidity of life and the varied chapters that unfold.

Where are Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball Now?

Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball’s ‘MAFS’ journey didn’t culminate in lasting love, but their lives took different turns. Elizabeth returned for season 7, where she found a connection with Seb Guilhaus. Despite staying together after the show, the former couple eventually parted ways in January 2021. Elizabeth also underwent surgery to address underlying health issues, correcting a misdiagnosis spanning over a decade. In January 2023, she married Alex Vega, welcoming their first child, a daughter, in November 2023.

Sam Ball took a different path, graduating from the Kapooka Army Recruit Training program and settling in Canberra. In a new relationship with Kylie Caires, Sam has found a different kind of companionship. Their contrasting stories showcase the diverse trajectories life can take post-reality TV.

Where are Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett Now?

Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett, the first former couple to leave the show experiment, forged separate paths after revealing they could no longer continue their relationship. Lauren, a makeup artist, had been rumored to be in a relationship with Ria Gan and fellow ‘MAFS’ star Mick Gould, though neither had confirmed these speculations. Lauren, an advocate of skin positivity, self-love, and mental health, has now found love anew with Wade Burns. The couple got engaged in June 2023.

Matthew Bennett, too, found love in his girlfriend Bela Jameson, and the couple got engaged in November 2021. Embracing roles as ambassadors and content creators, both Lauren and Matthew showcase resilience, growth, and the ability to find love once more.

Where are Ines Bašić and Bronson Norrish Now?

Ines and Bronson, who parted ways on the show, have taken divergent routes in the chapters of their lives. Ines, preferring a quieter existence, has maintained a relatively low profile. She launched a YouTube channel where she shares skincare videos, revealing a side less explored during her time on the reality TV stage. Additionally, she has joined the adult social media site OnlyFans, showcasing a multifaceted approach to her post-show endeavors. While her romantic pursuits remain undisclosed, Ines appears to be carving her path beyond the tumultuous drama of reality TV.

Bronson Norrish, on the other hand, continues to run his party boat business, showcasing an entrepreneurial spirit beyond the confinements of the show. His passion for rehoming homeless dogs in Bali highlights a compassionate side to his character. Currently, in a relationship with Hayley Wallis, Bronson exemplifies a life that transcends the drama of reality television, embracing business ventures and a commitment to social causes.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli are Still Together

Martha and Michael, a couple who defied the odds, have continued their journey together after the show. The pair decided to take the next step, moving into an apartment in Sydney in early 2020. Their commitment solidified with an engagement in December 2021. The couple celebrated an even more significant milestone with the birth of their first child, Lucius Brunelli, in February 2023. Michael has transitioned from his role as a primary school teacher to becoming a Fitness Trainer, operating online under Tru Fit by Michael. Meanwhile, Martha successfully runs her clothing brand, LEM, showcasing the amalgamation of love, business, and personal success.

Where are Susie Bradley and Billy Vincent Now?

Susie and Billy’s on-screen breakup set the stage for individual journeys beyond the realms of ‘Married at First Sight Australia.’ Susie found love anew with former professional rugby league player Todd Carney, leading to their engagement and the purchase of a home together. Their family expanded with the arrival of their first child, Lion Daryl, in March 2021. However, recent reports suggest a parting of ways in 2022, emphasizing the private nature of their lives. Billy Vincent, on the other hand, seems to be navigating the single life. Focusing on his training endeavors, he remains private about his romantic pursuits. The duo’s separate paths showcase the unpredictability of life and the varied trajectories individuals take in the pursuit of love and personal growth.

Jessika Power and Dan Webb Have Parted Ways

Jessika Power and Dan Webb’s tumultuous love story grabbed headlines during the show, marked by infidelity and a subsequent breakup. After the show, reportedly, Jessika embarked on a journey of dating that included relationships with James Brown, Nick Furphy, Kyron Dryden, and Filip Poznanovic. Her appearances on ‘Celebs Go Dating’ and ‘Big Brother VIP’ added another layer to her reality TV journey. Her most recent relationship with podcaster Connor Thompson allegedly ended, leaving her seemingly single.

On the other side, Dan Webb faced legal troubles related to an alleged involvement in a boiler room scam, showcasing a darker side to his life after the show. Despite the challenges, he assumed the role of an ambassador for Cupid’s Undie Run Australia, advocating for Neurofibromatosis awareness. These contrasting paths underline the complexities of life after reality TV, where relationships are tested, legal battles emerge, and individuals carve unique stories beyond the show-drama.

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