MAFS Australia Season 7: Which Couples Are Still Together?

As season 7 of ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ unfolded, viewers were once again drawn into the captivating world of unconventional matrimony. Premiering on the Nine Network, this Australian reality television series continued its exploration of arranged marriages, introducing a fresh cohort of singles eager to embark on a journey towards love and commitment.

Season 7, which commenced on 3 February 2020, featured a diverse group of participants, each bringing their unique personalities and life experiences to the experiment. Ultimately, the season continued the tradition of blending entertainment with genuine insights into the challenges of modern relationships, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the outcomes of each couple’s journey.

Where are Poppy Jennings and Luke Eglin Now?

Poppy Jennings, the mother of adorable twin babies, Jett and Isaiah, has ventured into a new chapter of her life since her tumultuous breakup with Luke Eglin on the show. Despite the contractual constraints preventing her from unveiling the identity of her mysterious new man, Poppy, a professional photographer, has reportedly taken legal action against Nine Network and Endemol Shine for disregarding her discomfort during her on-screen marriage to Luke. Currently, she remains associated with Animal Asia and Animal Care Collection Illawarra, passionately contributing to non-governmental organizations. Poppy, a woman of resilience, is steadfast in her commitment to both her professional pursuits and motherhood, navigating life’s challenges with a determined spirit.

As for Luke Eglin, the once TV-husband of Poppy, he’s undergone a transformation in his career, now holding the position of Site Alliance Manager at Veolia. His professional journey has seen him transition from a role at Shell to his current managerial position. In matters of the heart, Luke had a brief romantic entanglement with Fiona Claassen, post his split with Poppy. Luke’s trajectory showcases a man who not only manages sites but navigates the complex landscapes of relationships and personal growth.

Where are Cathy Evans and Josh Pihlak Now?

Cathy Evans and Josh Pihlak went their separate ways during the show. Cathy, is not only a digital creator and makeup artist but also the owner of Verb Eyewear now. She has truly embarked on a profound personal journey post the show. Despite the tragic loss of her older brother, Ben, she continues to persevere. Recently unveiling her new romance with Richard, Cathy has found solace and love while managing her business endeavors.

Meanwhile, Josh Pihlak has weathered the storms of the pandemic, facing the loss of his truck driving job. Undeterred, he found love in Maddy, his girlfriend, and initiated a noble act by auctioning off his ‘MAFS’ wedding ring, with proceeds dedicated to motor neurone disease. Josh has shifted gears to brand promotions, showcasing resilience in the face of adversity.

Where are Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz Now?

Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz also parted ways after their stint on the show. Reportedly, Amanda faced public scrutiny for seeking financial support to fund her relocation from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, aiming for a fresh start. Despite the criticisms, she now coaches at Divine Physiques Coaching and aspires to make a mark in acting, running her podcast, ‘The Empowered Woman’s Podcast.’

On the flip side, Tash Herz has embarked on a journey of true love, tying the knot with her partner, Stephanie Fabrizi. The couple has settled in Canada, with Tash immersing herself in digital creation and aligning with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Her experiences are now shared on her YouTube channel, offering insights into her personal and professional growth.

Where are Natasha Spencer and Mikey Pembroke Now?

Natasha Spencer and Mikey Pembroke is another unlucky ‘MAFS’ pair that went their separate ways during the show. Natasha has found love again. She got engaged to Garry in May 2021 and officially tied the knot in April 2022. Focused on health and beauty, Natasha’s life has taken a delightful turn.

In contrast, Mikey Pembroke, currently serving as the Operations Manager in the family nursing home business, disclosed the financial struggles faced by contestants on the show. His personal life took a tumultuous turn after a brutal MMA fight debut, revealing a disfigured and pus-filled face. Despite the physical setbacks, Mikey has found solace in a new romance with Kirstie Morrison, navigating the complexities of life beyond the reality show spotlight.

Where are Hayley Vernon and David Cannon Now?

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon, a former couple who parted ways on the show, have taken divergent paths in life since then. David, who reportedly described the show’s conditions as ‘toxic,’ faced mental challenges during filming. However, he found love and stability, marrying Sarah Kate in March 2023. They now share the joy of parenthood with their daughter, Mackenzie Karen Michelle, born in December 2023, and live a fulfilling life on a farm.

In contrast, Hayley Vernon has embraced a new chapter in her life as an adult video creator. She allegedly encountered legal turmoil in Aug 2023, after filming a compromising scene on the streets during the day. Her romantic life took twists and turns, including a reported split with a boyfriend whose identity she always kept hidden. Notably, she met and interviewed adult film star Johnny Sins, and her name now surfaces in the private escort directory Scarlet Blue, adding layers of intrigue to her journey.

Where are Vanessa Romito and Chris Nicholls Now?

Vanessa Romito and Chris Nicholls, another former duo, experienced a dramatic breakup on the show. Chris, now a life coach, transitioned careers after the stress of the series. He even engaged in a celebrity boxing match to divert his focus from mental health struggles.

Vanessa, known for abruptly leaving Chris, found solace in her career, associating with Shein and embracing roles in fashion, fitness, and modeling. Reports suggest she found love with an Italian man named Leo in 2020, although their current relationship status remains uncertain.

Where are Connie Crayden and Jonethen Musulin Now?

Moving on to Connie Crayden and Jonethen Musulin, the former couple also went their separate ways after the show. Jonethen has found love in life again. He is currently in a relationship with Lili Newman, the Director and founder of Ludo Home. Their relationship progressed swiftly, culminating in an engagement in August 2023 and marriage in October 2023.

Meanwhile, Connie briefly dated Daniel Caswell but ended their relationship in August 2022. The makeup artist continues her business endeavors and seems to be taking a break from the dating scene.

Where are Aleksandra Marković and Ivan Sarakula Now?

Aleksandra Marković and Ivan Sarakula faced a tumultuous journey on ‘MAFS.’ Although they initially spent time apart post-show, realizing they couldn’t envision a future together, both have since moved on. Aleksandra got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Nik Stojan, in October 2023, embracing a new phase of life.

Ivan, undergoing a significant transformation in terms of his looks, has kept his dating profile private, leaving fans curious about his romantic endeavors, since his time on the show. The dynamics of their individual lives continue to unfold, with each navigating the aftermath of their reality TV experience in their unique ways.

Where are Mishel Meshes and Steve Burley Now?

Mishel Meshes and Steve Burley, once a couple, have taken separate paths after their on-screen breakup. They are reportedly no longer on speaking terms. Mishel has embraced the role of a naturopath and life journey coach, keeping her life largely private. Her focus has shifted towards her children and grandchildren, allowing her to navigate life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Image Credit: Steve Burley/ Facebook

Meanwhile, Steve left his job as a real estate agent and made a bold shift in his professional life. He now owns Balacalva Barbers, a barber shop. He keeps his personal life very private away from the prying eyes of social media.


Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan are Not Together Anymore

Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan, who committed to each other on the show, faced explosive cheating rumors that ultimately led to their breakup. Stacey, now focusing on her two baby boys, Kosta and Kruz. She also experienced the tragic loss of her ex-partner, Shane Smith, in a motorbike crash in Adelaide in 2023. She is currently pursuing a nursing career, set to become a registered nurse in November 2024.

Meanwhile, Michael’s romantic journey after the show, has been reportedly marked by relationships with Sylvia Geersen and Katie Nicole John. His current relationship status remains unclear, but he is associated with the Bowden Gym community and has appeared on ‘Ex on the Beach.’

Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sebastian Guilhaus Have Parted Ways

Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sebastian Guilhaus were committed throughout the show. But they parted ways in 2021 after 14 months of dating. Since then, Sebastian is working in the fitness industry and dated Ania in 2022, followed by a brief relationship with ‘MAFS’ alum Olivia Frazer. In August 2023, he faced legal troubles, being arrested for allegedly trafficking nearly a kilo of methamphetamine.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth has also moved on with her life. She underwent a surgery to address long-standing health issues, correcting a misdiagnosis. She got married to Alex Vega in January 2023. The couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful daughter, in November 2023.

KC Osborne and Drew Brauer Have Separated

KC Osborne and Drew Brauer, who separated just weeks after filming their final vows on ‘MAFS,’ have moved on with their lives. KC reportedly dated Michael Goonan for a while and appeared on ‘Ex on the Beach.’ She is currently engaged to Blake Spriggs. The couple welcomed their first child, Brooklyn in October 2022. She has now opened a dental boutique by the name of The Dental Boutique.

Drew, on the other hand, has found happiness in a relationship with singer Samantha Clark, popularly known as Kaweyova. Additionally, he is the founder of Kick On Charity, co-founder of Allgood Nutrition, and co-owner of the Survivor Golf, showcasing his diverse ventures in charity, nutrition, and sports events. Both KC and Drew have carved out unique paths post-show, embracing new beginnings and thriving in their respective endeavors.

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