Where Are Married At First Sight Season 8 Couples Now?

Lifetime’sMarried At First Sight‘ is one of the most unique and entertaining reality shows on TV right now. As the name suggests, single individuals are paired together, and they meet for the first time on the day that they are about to get married. Not only is the show intense and awkward at times, but it is full of romance and drama as well.

Season 8 of this series premiered in early 2019 and introduced us to 8 such individuals, or four couples, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you’re wondering what happened to these couples after their stint on the show, then keep on reading!

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller

The 35-year-old financial consultant Stephanie Sersen was paired up with the 37-year-old President and CEO of a recruiting company AJ Vollmoeller, and from the very beginning, they seemed like a perfect match. But soon, when their personalities started clashing and AJ’s temper was revealed, things got a little out of hand. While Stephanie is a quiet and reserved person, AJ is more outspoken, so she wondered how they would make things work. Fortunately, they learned how to balance each other, and since their chemistry was out of this world, they decided that they want to stick together on Decision Day.


Since their time on the show has ended, it seems like Stephanie and AJ are making the most of life. They are traveling the world together and have visited places like Zimbabwe, Australia, and Belize, amongst others. In fact, they went to Australia to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Having written a self-help book by the name of How To NOT Get Hired, AJ is now an author and Stephanie; she’s getting ready to launch her travel blog. The couple even has a joint Instagram account, so be sure to check that out.


Jasmine McGriff and Will Guess

Jasmine McGriff and Will Guess were a couple that had their fair share of issues during their time on the show, but fans still believed that they could work things out. The 30-year-old assistant director and the 37-year-old financial analyst were both very independent people, so when it came to merging their lives together to start a new one, they both had trouble adjusting. When Decision Day arrived, after a bit of hesitancy, Jasmine said that she wanted to continue their relationship, but Will, surprisingly, said no, and the two ended their marriage on not the best terms.


According to their respective social media profiles, it looks like they have both moved on from their experience and are trying to live their best lives. In a post from September 2019, on what would’ve been their first anniversary, Jasmine uploaded a picture of herself looking fantastic, and in the caption, included, “I am saving myself and my heart for the right man. Patiently preparing myself for the day he enters my life.” which means that she is currently single. Will, too, appears to be single and seems to be focusing on his coaching career.


Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo

Kate and Luke’s relationship on ‘Married At First Sight’ is probably one of the most famous ones in the series and not for the right reasons. While things seemed to go well in the beginning, their relationship went south on their wedding night itself and could never recover. Luke refused to sleep in the same bed as his wife, and even though they were intimate, he pushed her to lie in front of the cameras and the experts. Luke also went as far as to lie to the production team about Kate having a drinking problem, so it was no surprise that when decision day arrived, both parties said no and decided to break up their marriage.


Both Kate and Luke have happily moved on with their lives. While Kate is busy running her own lingerie and sleepwear brand, Hidden Intimates, and traveling the world, Luke has his own podcast by the name of Cuccurullo Conversation to keep him on his feet. Although both of them are currently single, they have never seemed happier.


Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar

Kristine and Keith’s chemistry on the show had us hoping that they would go all the way. The then 29-year-olds seemed to be perfect for each other, but when Keith’s behavior and maturity level came to light, their relationship got a little complicated. The newlyweds lived with Keith’s family members throughout their time on the show, and Kristine told him that she expected him to do household work as well. She wanted to depend on him and do everything together. Even though their journey wasn’t smooth, Keith and Kristine both kept their patience and, in the end, decided that they wanted to try and make their marriage work.


Now, the couple appears to be happier and stronger than ever. Kristine and Keith not only learned how to trust each other and depend on each other, but they also started their married life in their own home after the cameras went away. They are both focusing on their relationship and their respective careers to ensure that they can live the best life possible.


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