Martha and Michael: Have the MAFS Australia Stars Split?

Australian television series, ‘Married at First Sight’ is a reality show with a twist. The Nine Network show follows experts as they pair single strangers together, hoping compatibility will find a way into their hearts. Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli signed up for the social experiment in the show’s sixth season, which was held in 2019. Sparks flew the moment they laid eyes on each other.

The couple seemed adorable and inseparable from the get-go, with a charming Michael and a bubbly Martha making viewers believe in the concept of ‘opposites attract.’ However, it has been quite some time since the season aired, and ardent viewers of the show can’t help but wonder – was Martha and Michael’s relationship, which seemed perfect, able to stand the test of time?

Martha and Michael Were Completely Smitten With Each Other

Michael, 27 years old at the time and a primary school teacher from Melbourne, Victoria, was a true believer in the sanctity of marriage. Belonging to a large traditional Italian family, he signed up for the show hoping that his bride-to-be would echo his sentiments and familial values. Martha, then 30 years old and a makeup artist from Sydney from an equally large and wholesome Greek family, was ready to give into her family’s demands of settling down with her perfect someone. The moment the pair was introduced to each other at the altar, there was an instant connection, and Michael had gladly remarked he’d “struck gold.”

A continuation of their rosy times was seen on their honeymoon too, where seeing Martha in a bikini, left Michael mesmerised. Being a makeup artist, looks and appearances meant the world to Martha, and she wanted someone who would happily surrender to her skin regimen and match her fashion statement. So, she decided to give Michael a transformation. He, on his part, gladly allowed her to experiment, often making light of her makeup obsession. She also had him get a fake tan and provided suggestions on his wild locks, leading to a new look and nickname; ‘Fabio.’

However, Michael wasn’t the only one who put in all the effort. Martha, too on her part, put in her bits. She had a tattoo of a former boyfriend’s name removed to show him how serious she was about them. Despite things going well, cracks began to form as the experiment came close to its conclusion. While Michael was intent on living in Melbourne, Martha, who had shifted base to Bondi, wanted to continue to stay there.

The issue was so serious it led the couple’s fairy tale romance into unwarranted drama on their final date. However, despite the severity of the issue, the couple was too in love to let it meddle with their feelings and commitment to each other. Michael, who had already confessed his love for Martha, assured her that he was willing to move cities to be with her, eventually sealing the deal in their Final Vows.

Martha and Michael Are Still Together and Also Have a Kid

After the success of their experiment, Martha and Michael, as a pair, have been going strong to this day. Michael, who is now a personal trainer and runs ‘Tru Fit By Michael’ shared with Stellar Magazine, “Martha is my best friend. She’s the person I go to whenever there’s a problem. I can trust her opinion with every decision I make. Things couldn’t be better.” In June 2019, in a thoughtful gesture, Michael cut his gorgeous hair for charity to help raise money for the kids at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital. Both Martha and Michael have had their share of massive makeovers after the show wrapped up. The pair are fitness enthusiasts and have been traveling the world together and often post workout videos and funny reels with each other on social media.

Martha and Michael, who currently reside in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, where they shifted together in 2020, got engaged in December 2021 and shared the happy news with their fans on social media. Martha, who has a growing career as a beauty and lifestyle influencer, gave birth to the couple’s son, Lucius Brunelli, on February 27, 2023. In an Instagram post, she’d shared about suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and a difficult pregnancy, leading to her absence from social media for a couple of months.

In April 2022, the couple announced their decision to move to Europe for an extended period of time to travel and pursue other career opportunities. As fans, it makes us thrilled to see the much-in-love couple, who have been together for five years now, continue to remain each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support systems. In 2019, Martha, in conversation with Mamamia, reiterating the same, had said, “We really compliment each other. We are opposites, but the perfect opposites. We really balance each other out. Where I’m weak, he’s strong, where he’s weak, I’m strong.”

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