12 Marvel Movie Mysteries That We Need Answers to

With almost a dozen movies on their belt, Marvel Cinematic Universe invariably has left many questions unanswered through the years. Some unintelligibly and some intentionally to exploit in the future. Marvel fan following comes out with different fan theories every day. But the questions remain; scratching over the audience’s heads and making them wait for the next movie in hopes that the next one will quench their thirst for answers. Today we bring to you 12 of these unanswered Marvel movie questions and mysteries to fill your head with. Here’s some food for thought for the die-hard Marvel movie fans.

12. When & How Will the Guardians Merge With Avengers?

Till now in Marvel Movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers have been running parallel to each other without any special crossover happening between the two. Now that it has been confirmed that Peter Quill and the whole Guardians team will be joining the Avengers against Thanos in the upcoming Infinity Wars the question that arises is how that will happen. I personally would like some bonding time between the two teams before they start fighting back to back against the most formidable enemy they have seen yet.

11. How did Wakanda get so much Vibranium?

The large reservoir of Vibranium – the metal which was used to make Captain America’s shield – in Wakanda has been a source of debate for years. The Marvel movies have not always followed the same plotline as the comics. So how this question will be tackled – if it will be tackled – in the Cinematic universe is something the audience needs to keep an eye on. Surely in the upcoming Black Panther movie, the Wakandan empire would be given an origin story which makes it quite probable that the source of the abundant indestructible metal would be brought into question.

10. What Price Will Thor Have to Pay?

In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Thor used the ‘Water of Sight’ or something called the Mimir’s Well when he tried getting back to the visions he saw during the tussle with the twins. What was never answered and hopefully will be revealed before Infinity Wars is that what price would he have to pay to see the future? Mimir’s Well as many mythology enthusiasts and comic lovers would know provides any and every knowledge an individual desires but in return for a hefty price. Infact it’s the same well to which Odin sacrificed his left eye to gain knowledge about the endless secrets of the universe. What Thor would have to give remains to be seen.

9. Which Infinity Gauntlet is Real?

Well for those not in the loop, two Infinity gauntlets have made their appearances in the Marvel movies till now. One of them was in the first Thor movie; resting peacefully in Odin’s vault. The other one was shown at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron in the hands of the Mad Titan Thanos. Now if I remember correctly there is only one Infinity gauntlet in the comics. Even so, making two doomsday devices seems too farfetched, even to me. Kevin Feige reportedly said that one of them is a replica. Now which one of them is a replica and which one of them is real; that’s something which will be answered in the upcoming Marvel movies. Till then we just have to keep guessing.

8. Where Was Hulk?

At the end of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, we see Black Widow trying to convince Hulk to turn the plane around and come back to her. But he doesn’t and flies off into the sunset. Abandonment is becoming a constant theme with Hulk now. What happened after that, however, is anybody’s guess. It hasn’t been explained yet where Hulk went and why? Of course, the ‘why’ part might have an easier answer but ‘where’ is the one we need to focus on. More important question: How did he end up on the planet of Sakaar where he will meet Thor and hopefully fight him to death in upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?

7. What is Black Widow’s Past?

A short glimpse to Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff’s bloody past was given in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Black Widow as we know is an expert assassin and spy, trained in many forms of combat. Her abilities are substantiated by the fact that she holds her own alongside enhanced individuals like Thor and Hulk despite having no special powers. Now, we know how Black Widow came to be what she is today from the comics. How her prior training at the famed Red Room Academy, her stint with the KGB, and her ‘red in the ledger’ will be set out in the Marvel Movies is something we are eager to find out.

6. Is Red Skull Alive?

If you remember from the ending of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger,’ Red Skull the antagonist of the movie instead of dying gets transported to an unknown place in the cosmos. This happens ironically due to the Tesseract, which he so coveted. The self-proclaimed god was bent on killing Captain until the latter stopped him and made him pay for the lives of thousands of soldiers. The interesting thing is the open loop we witness in Red Skull’s supposed demise. Is he actually dead or alive somewhere in the vast universe? If he’s alive might he be making a comeback in the upcoming Infinity Wars? If yes, is this a subtle shoutout to the character of Cosmic Skull?

5. Where is Odin?

Odin by far is one of the most powerful and pivotal characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe especially with an impending Inter-Galactic war coming. Last we saw Odin, by the way, was in ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ He was fighting side by side with Thor and the Asgardian army to defend his kingdom against Malekith and his goons. At the end of the movie, however, we see Loki impersonating as Odin and succeeding in sending off Thor away from the throne of Asgard. So where exactly is Odin? We never found out how did Loki subdue him to take his place. And where he went after Loki replaced him. With upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ we can be sure that this question will be answered, especially when defeating a ruler of the realm like Hela, would require someone like Odin on the team.

4. Will Captain Marvel Be In Infinity Wars?

The 2019 solo release has been announced by Marvel Studios, in which Brie Larson will play the role of Captain Marvel. For those who don’t know, Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers is a very powerful member of the Avengers when it comes to the comics. She no doubt is being included in the Cinematic Universe as a much needed reply to DC’s Wonder Woman. The main question is whether she will be in the ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’. The power and expertise of Captain Marvel as a character would surely make the Avengers’ side strong in the War against Thanos. Kevin Feige has unequivocally denied her presence in the movie. However, the studios have been known to lie before. It would not be a long shot to say that she may be a part of an end-credit scene in ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ paving path for her solo movie. Rest is conjecture.

3. Who Will Become the New Captain America?

There have long been rumors regarding Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel Entertainment, which ends with ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’. Adding on to this is the rumor that there will at least be one major character death at the hands of Thanos in Infinity Wars. All fan theories, of course, are of the opinion that this death will be of our own Steve Rogers aka Captain America. How he will die is a plot technicality but the question is who will become Captain after he dies. The mantle of Captain America is something which is central to the Avengers team as well as the Marvel movies. The makers would need an equally central character to replace Chris Evans. Highest probability is of Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes to take up the shield till now. After all he was the one that did it in the comics. We also have an Easter-egg from ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ to substantiate it. But the question lingers on. If Captain America dies in ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ who will replace him?

2. Where Is the Soul Stone?

Starting in the ‘Avengers’ all the way to ‘Dr. Strange’ we have gotten full information about the powers as well as whereabouts of five of the six Infinity Stones. All of them have unique capabilities which gives the wielder dominion over one of the primordial energies of the universe. The only Infinity Stone left at this point is the Soul Stone. Our question: Where is it? There’s a strong possibility that it might show up in the upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. As we all know these stones can only be wielded and controlled by entities of great power. So the probable candidate for possessing the Soul Stone is Hela, the Queen of Hell. Other than that I’m afraid we’re short on clues when it comes to the Marvel movies. We are sure though that Soul Stone would show up soon given the vicinity of Infinity Wars. Which gets us to…

1. What Does Thanos Want?

We can safely say that until now it has become pretty clear through many post and pre-credit scenes that Thanos, the Mad Titan intends to gather the six Infinity Stones. He has made many tries to get his hands on them without any success. Apparently, he now wants to take matters into his own hands. But why? Why does he want the Infinity Stones? In the comics, Thanos’ motive is to gather the Stones and use their power to impress his long-time lover Death. What he wants in the movies remains to be seen; a persistent question that has been with us since the start of the second phase.

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