Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 10 Recap: Mash Burndead and the Divine Visionary

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 10 titled ‘Mash Burndead and the Divine Visionary,’ the Fourth Fang lets Love Cute fight Dot and Finn alone as he wants to go after Mash who has just defeated Innocent Zero. Although the Fifth Fang easily overwhelms the two, Dot eventually manifests the Ira Kreuz and wins the battle. But when Milo Genius returns to attack Dot, he is surprised to find an unexpected opponent waiting for him.

The Fourth Fang Goes After Mash

Although Lance and Mash have already fought and won their battles, Dot and Finn are yet to start their fight with the Fourth and Fifth Fang of Magia Lupus. Interestingly, moments before they start to attack each other, the Fourth Fang walks away leaving everything up to Love Cute. It turns out that Milo Genius wants to stop Mash as he appears to be heading straight for Abel.

Dot and Finn are still a bit skeptical as they are not truly aware of how powerful the Fifth Fang herself is. When she confronts them, she asks strange questions about their love interest and their perception of her. When Dot tells her that he is into Lemon, her appearance changes all of a sudden and she tells him that her father has given her permission to kill everyone who does not like her.

When Love Cute starts to attack, Dot and Finn are easily overwhelmed initially. But when Dot realizes that Mash is in danger he suddenly manifests the Ira Kreuz, a warding cross on the forehead that allows people born with it to unleash extraordinary magical powers when their backs are against the wall. He then uses his explosive magic powers to easily overwhelm Love Cute and knocks her out.

Interstingly, as the battle comes to an end, the Fourth Fang suddenly returns and attacks Dot. In an interesting turn of events, the Divine Visionary Rayne Ames comes to his rescue and beats up Milo without putting much effort. Meanwhile, Love Cute runs away fearing that she may get caught up in the battle. After doing his job, Rayne decides to continue hunting the Magia Lupus members.

What is Rayne’s Advise to Mash?

While walking through the school hallway, Rayne comes across Mash. Unfortunately for Mash, Rayne is able to figure out that he is probably the Adler student that is going to fight Abel. He pulls out an Aranchnabus and tells Mash that it will measure his true magic powers. Rayne then uses his magic trick but Mash easily manages to stop the sword launched towards his face with his bare hands. He is quite intrigued that Mash’s magical powers do not get registered by the Arachnabus.

In order to test him further, Rayne uses the Three Percent Partisan spell but his opponent easily manages to outmaneuver everything and makes a throne with all the swords launched in his direction. He then goes a step further and uses the Ten Percent Partisan spell. Even the Aranchnabus feels that it would be enough to take out Mash since Rayne rarely uses it on students. But to its surprise, Mash simply uses one of the swords as a baseball bat and smashes all the swords that are hurled at him.

That’s when Rayne suddenly recalls Headmaster Wahlberg Baigan’s words, the last they met. He had talked about a new student facing a unique situation but has a large heart. Wahlberg had personally asked Rayne to look after him. When he confirms that he has been fighting Burnedead and not one of Innocent Zero’s lackeys, he apologizes immediately. Rayne hands Mash a magical handkerchief that will heal all his wounds.

Rayne then tells Burnedead that Abel is one of the most promising Divine Visionary candidates this year. Since he also holds most of the coins in the school, Mash confronting him is obviously not a bad idea considering he wants to become a Divine Visionary as well. But Abel’s doll magic must not be underestimated as he is probably the best magician in the school. Rayne tells Mash to beat him since it will bring him very close to his goal of becoming the Divine Visionary.

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