Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 11 Recap: Mash Burndead and the Survival of the Fittest

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 11 titled ‘Mash Burndead and the Survival of the Fittest,’ Mash and Abel finally confront each other once again and get to learn about each other’s mindset. Abel wants to create a world where the weak are not only segregated but killed. Naturally, this is unacceptable for Mash, who recalls how he was raised by his loving father. The two then fight with all their strength pushing each other to their limit.

Abel’s Genocidal Ideas

When Mash finally faces Abel, the two get to talk about each other’s worldview. Abel is quite confident of his ideology and tells Mash that he feels that people who are weak should not only be segregated, but all must be killed as segregation will be too kind to them. Mash listens to his cruel ideas and thinks about his father, who has not only accepted him as he is but has also allowed him to develop his strengths.

Naturally, Abel’s philosophy goes against everything Mash stands for, so he knows that there is no other way to resolve the issue other than fighting. Abel’s doll magic is obviously quite dangerous, and he tries to use some of his puppets to overwhelm Mash. But he soon realizes that his opponent is no ordinary student as he easily manages to destroy every puppet used against him.

Abel is forced to use the secondth form of his powers, and he feels that it would definitely guarantee victory as he can turn anyone in a few-kilometer radius into a doll as soon as his strings touch that person. Love Cute has been watching the fight from the door, and she feels sorry for herself as she knows that she will also be turned into one of Abel’s puppets soon.

However, Mash aligns his body in a manner that Abel’s strings touch one side of his body first, and he quickly snaps the strings with a swift hand movement. That basically also ends the battle, and even though Abel still tries to win, nothing really goes his way. Mash simply lifts him high in the air and slams him into the ground as fast as possible to register his victory over him.

What Influenced Abel’s Evil Philosophy? Does Mash Save Lemon?

After losing his fight with Mash, Abel finally opens up about his past and the motivations for his desire to purge the weak from society. He recalls his mother and mentions that she was a kind woman who was empathetic to the struggles of the downtrodden. She was born into nobility yet remained a very down-to-earth person and treated commoners equally. She was quite intelligent and acknowledged the fact that she was rich merely by chance and did not take her privilege for granted.

She used to make sure that the needy were well-fed in her region and would often distribute rations for the same reason. Unfortunately, one day, an ungrateful man not only hoarded all the food for himself but also stabbed her in the process. He even went as far as telling her that her getting stabbed was, in a way, a comeuppance for always having it so lucky. The wounds that she sustained that day led to her death. That event ended up Abel’s present-day worldview.

Abel went on to gather like-minded individuals who were also disillusioned with the present world order and wanted a change. Naturally, he aspires to become a Divine Visionary with their help so that they can influence policy decisions that would eventually create the perfect world he wants in which the weak people are purged. Mash listens to his argument and mentions that there are evil-doers in all sections of society, so his philosophy makes no sense.

But Mash also praises the fact that Abel actually did everything for his mother, and he feels that something respectable. He thinks that Abel is not entirely evil because of that reason. But not that he has won; he asks him to finally free Lemon. Since Abel had agreed to the conditions of the fight, he allowed Lemon to go. Although Mash and his friends start celebrating their victory after that, they are completely clueless about the fact that a serious challenge now approaches them.

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