Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 4 Recap: Mash Burnedead and the Challenging Magic User

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 4 titled ‘Mash Burnedead and the Challenging Magic User,’ Mash is motivated by Tom Noels to give his best in the Duelo game after he sustains a serious injury. Although his team is quite behind in the game, Mash’s record-breaking performance eventually wins his team the match and he becomes a celebrity at the school. When a student named Lance Crown learns about it, he decides to challenge him to a duel.

Mash Plays Duelo

During the Duelo game, Mash stands still on the ground while his teammates are giving their best. Since he cannot really use magic, he feels that it’s not possible to do anything useful in the Duelo game and wants to go back home. After the opponents have gained a healthy lead, Tom Noels approaches Mash on the ground and tries to motivate him. Moments later, a player from the opponent team tackles Tom directly following which he falls to the ground and ends up breaking his bone.

Before he is taken off the ground, Tom tells Mash that winning is not important but giving one’s best is. His words appear to motivate Mash who then leaps into the air using his incredible physical powers. As he reaches the level of other players, he climbs his broom and uses rapid movements of his legs to keep himself afloat. Once a teammate passes the balls to him, Mash looks at the goalpost. The opponent laughs at Mash as they feel that he is flying too far away from the goalpost to score any points.

But to their surprise, Mash throws the ball so hard that it goes through the goalpost and then boomerangs back into his hand. He continues to score one point after another until his team has 999 points- which marks the end of the game. Mash immediately becomes a celebrity at the school and is given a silver coin for his record-breaking efforts. When Lance Crown learns about it in a newspaper, he decides to target Mash. He confronts him the following day and uses a magical flask to trap Lemon, Finn, and Tom. Crown challenges Mash to a duel in the forest if he wants to free his friends.

Who Wins the Duel Between Lance And Mash? Who Are Double-Line Magic Users?

In the magic world, single-line magic users are those who are born with just one mark on their faces. The majority of people in the world are single-line users. However, there are also exceptions born with multiple marks. A double-line magic user exists at a rate of 1 in 100,000. Considered to be chosen by magic itself, these people are extremely powerful. Lance Crown falls in the latter group and is therefore a serious challenge for Mash who is not even a magic user.

Before their duel begins, Lance uses his powers to create a makeshift battleground. When the duel begins, Lance uses the Graviole just when Mash leaps forward to punch him. The magic puts an extreme gravitational push on an enemy which is so powerful that makes it almost impossible for a person to stand up on their feet. Mash realizes that he is in a tough spot and bores his hands into the ground to use the roots underneath to push Lance back and disable the effects of Graviole’s spell.

During their scuffle, Mash ends up finding a locket with Lance’s sister’s photo in it. It is then revealed that she is actually suffering from an incurable disease that is slowly wiping the magic-user mark from her face. Lance is obsessed with the desire to become a Divine Visionary so that he can change the broken system and does not have to give up on his sister. After he has explained his story, Lance lifts the magical flask over the cliff and tells Mash that he is planning to throw it down. He will then use the Graviole spell to accelerate the free-fall.

When Mash rushes to catch the flask, Lance plans to use his magic to attack him and win the duel. Although it’s an intricate plan, Lance does not take into account his opponent’s incredible talent. Mash pretends to use magic to enhance physical abilities and then manages to catch the magical flask and return to his previous spot before Lance can even blink. This is enough to showcase Mash’s incredible talent following which Lance accepts defeat and walks away after handing over his silver coin.

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