Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 6 Recap: The Magic of Iron

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 6 titled ‘Mash Burnedead and the Magic of Iron,’ Dot decides to take ten brutal hits of Iron Magic to save Lauren after he confronts Silva. Unfortuantely, Lauren eventually turns against him and mocks Barrett’s sacrifices. Mash is naturally angered when he sees all this drama unfold right in front of his eyes and proceeds to brutally beat up Silva for his insufferable attitude.

Dot Confronts Silva

After Dot takes a stand for Lauren, Silva comes up with a sinister deal for him. He tells Barrett that he will leave her alone provided that he and Mash take five hits of Iron Magic each. Since Dot is the one who got himself in the situation, he tells Silva that he will take all ten blows and asks him to leave Mash alone.

When the sinister game finally begins, it soon becomes obvious that the Iron Magic is no joke and gives serious injuries to Dot. However, Barrett shows incredible resilience in the face of adversity and somehow manages to successfully take all the blows. Although he seems fine at first, he then collapses after approaching Silva. Unfortunately for him, all his efforts are meaningless as Lauren takes Silva’s side and mocks Dot’s attempt to protect her.

Mash has been watching everything unfold until this point and finally decides to teach the two of them a lesson. He brutally beats up Silva and then proceeds to suplex Lauren as well arguing that he treats everyone equally. Since Silva had promised to give him a silver coin if he loses the bet, Mash gets another coin and soon reunites with Finn, Lance, and Lemon.

What is Magia Lupus? What Are Their Goals?

After Mash reunites with his friends, Lance explains that he was probably singled out and targeted by the Lang dorm members. It has always been their strategy to sabotage the academics of ordinary students who do not come from influential families. Therefore, it’s natural that they targeted someone like Dot and Mash. Interestingly, the Land dorm actually has a group of seven secret leaders called the Magia Lupus.

All of these students come from noble families and their primary goal is to ensure that the commoners never join the Magic Bureau or become a Divine Visionary. This is exactly why they target students specifically from the Adler dorm to steal their coins which in turn directly influences future career opportunities. It turns out that Mash not only defeated Silva but also a coin from him. Adding it to the others that he already had in his possession, Burnedead finally gets a gold coin. Lance warns him that this will only make Mash even more of a target for the Langs as they would try to take the gold coin from him.

Lance advises Burnedead to never wander alone and always have someone around him. Later, Silva is summoned by Abel, leader of Magia Lupus. He has no patience for any excuses and proceeds to use his terrifying powers to turn Silva into a doll. Strangely, he also has a doll in his hand and refers to her as his mother. Exactly at this point, Mash has somehow lost his way and accidentally barges into the secret Magia Lupus meeting room while Abel is addressing his lackeys after turning Silva into a doll.

Burnedead has broken down the door as he was unsure whether he was supposed to push or pull it. He apologizes for barging in uninvited and even mentions that it is quite strange that Abel is actually talking to a doll. The next episode is expected to reveal what happens when Mash meets the man who wants people like him to never join the Magic Bureau or become a Divine Visionary.

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