Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 7 Recap: The Puppet Master

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 7 titled ‘Mash Burnedead and the Puppet Master,’ Mash accidentally ends up having a face-off with Magia Lupus leader, Abel. Interestingly, he not only manages to trick him but also takes Silva to the infirmary after learning that he is injured. Later that day, Mash and his friends learn from Lemon that the Lang dorm has several gold coins already and if they are not stopped then a student from their group will end up becoming the Divine Visionary.

Mash Helps Silva

After Mash accidentally ends up in Magia Lupus’s hideout, he apologizes for his genuine mistake. Abel then asks him about his motivation for joining the Easton Magic Academy. When he learns that Mash aspires to become the Divine Visionary for the greater good, he talks about his philosophy and explains how compassion is a weakness. Abel truly believes in the survival of the fittest and upholds the exclusionary principles that Magia Lupus stands for.

When he tries to crush Mash to get his gold coin, Burnedead manages to evade all the attacks and even tricks the Magia Lupus leader. He leaves the hideout with Silva who is quite injured. After leaving him in the infirmary, he reunites with his friends. That’s when Lemon reveals that the Lang dorm now has about 15 gold coins already that they have procured from students from other dorms. Adler and Orca both have one gold coin each now.

Since the Orcas focus primarily on research, they do not pose much of a challenge to Langs, so it is Adler’s responsibility to stop students of the Lang dorm become the Divine Visionary. Because if they do succeed, they are going to uphold the exclusionary principles that they stand for and make life for innocent people far more complicated than it already is. Later that day, Mash goes to the owl huts as he has been reprimanded to clean it. Interestingly, Lance joins him as he is concerned about the chances that Lang students may attack him to get his gold coin.

Do Mash and Lance Defeat Magia Lupus’s Andrew and Shinri?

When Mash and Lance are about to start cleaning the owl huts, they are suddenly confronted by two students who belong to the Lang House. One of them uses a magic spell to convert the floor under Mash’s feet into water and he slowly submerges into it. Then the duo introduces themselves as Andrew and Shinri, members of Magia Lupus who want to collect the only gold coin that belongs to the Adler dorm. While Andrew turns into a shark and jumps into the water to fight Mash, Shinri prepares to confront Lance.

Although Lance’s gravity manipulation magic is quite a potent tool in one-on-one battles, he realizes that he cannot use it freely as there are owls around him and he does not wish to hurt them. Sadly, this leaves him open to attacks from Shinri. The Magia Lupus member uses his magic to launch rotating blades toward his enemy that could inflate to the size of a human. Since Lance can’t use his magic, he gets hit a few times and starts bleeding.

Lance ingeniously uses his magic to steer the owls in the room to one corner without drawing Shinri’s attention. As soon as the path is clear, he uses the Graviole spell to break his blades and injure him. The battle ends right there and Shinri realizes that Lance is far more powerful than he has previously imagined. Meanwhile, Andrew is looking for Mash inside the water. All of a sudden something moves past him at such a high speed that he could barely see it. He starts getting worried as most humans can only swim at a very low speed.

It turns out that Mash has learned to swim after letting himself adjust to the water and using his muscles he is able to overwhelm Andrew, who could barely see his enemy. Cornered by Mash, Andrew decides to transform into the SeaShark evolution form but that does not help much. Mash beats him up and takes him out of the water. Lance proceeds to gather the coin from the Magia Lupus members.

Lance and Mash feel that Magia Lupus members are not as powerful as they had previously imagined and they start to feel that they can easily take them on. But that changes when another member named Razer makes an appearance. Lance tries to stop him but he realizes that his magic has stopped working. Furthermore, Razer moves so fast that they can barely see him. Interestingly, he is there just to take two members of Magia Lupus back to the boss and chooses not to engage in a fight for now.

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