Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 12, titled ‘Mash Burndead and the Magic Mirror,’ a dangerous magician named Cell War appears in the hall moments after Mash’s victory over Abel. He tries to kill the Magia Lupus leader, but Mash eventually returns to save him accidentally. When Cell War tries to kill Abel again, Abyss jumps into the fight and sustains a serious injury to his chest. It infuriates Mash, who becomes quite serious and starts fighting as hard as possible. But it is quite obvious that Cell War is far more powerful than him, and it won’t be easy to defeat him alone.

Cell War Attacks Abel

Shortly afterward, defeating Abel, Mash goes somewhere suddenly while his friends continue to celebrate. To their surprise, a very serious man named Cell War appears right in front of them, and before they can ask anything, he forces them out of his way. When he confronts Abel, he inquires about his loss and then uses his power to force the Magia Lupus leader to strangle himself. Moments later, Mash arrives in the hall with a plate full of cream puffs to celebrate the victory, unbeknownst to what has been going on there.

As Mash sneezes, the cream puffs fly across the hall and hit Cell War’s face. Luckily, this saves Abel from his dangerous strangulation and gives him a few moments of breath. Cell War is not done yet and tries to kill Abel using a very sharp rock formation, but Abyss appears out of nowhere to take the hit for his boss. Mash naturally worries about Abyss, whose wounds appear serious. He gives him a magical handkerchief so that his injuries can be treated.

Mash then turns his attention towards fighting Cell War, who uses his powerful spell to send a barrage of rocks in Mash’s direction. He fights hard, but it is obvious that Cell War is slowly overwhelming him. That’s why Abel also jumps in at the first opportunity to fight alongside Mash and saves him from getting hit. With his help, Mash manages to close the distance with Cell War and delivers a very hard punch to his face.

What is the Spellflection Mirror? Is Abyss Dead?

Just moments after Mash lands a blow to Cell War’s face, he expresses how impressed he is. But when he asks Mash about his magic powers, Mash obviously cannot give an answer and ends up saying power- which naturally does not make any sense. Cell War feels that Mash is trying to hide his magical powers from him, so he pulls out a mirror and challenges him to attack now. As soon as Dot sees the mirror, his expression changes, and he appears terrified.

It turns out Cell Work is using the Spellflection Mirror, a powerful magical item that reflects any and every spell that is cast in its direction. Furthermore, the mirror makes a spell far more fearsome than it was originally. Naturally, this is a dangerous magical item that almost every magician hates. But unfortunately for Cell Work, Mash is actually not a magic user, so he easily manages to kick through the mirror and smashes his face at the same time. When Dot, Lemon, and Finn realize what just happened, they recall all the previous incidents and come to the conclusion that their friend has not been using magic all this time.

Obviously, this is a hard fact to digest, and they seem extremely shocked. Meanwhile, Cell Work appears to realize that Mash is not using magic as well. He then makes the excuse that he has some important task to fulfill and leaves immediately, promising to see him in the future. Meanwhile, Abyss survives thanks to the magical handkerchief that Mash has given him. Abel reassures Mash that he will handle things from here on and leaves with Abyss after thanking Burnedead for everything he has done. So, in conclusion, no, Abyss does not die because of his injuries.

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