Mask Girl: Who is Mi-mo’s Father?

Netflix’s South Korean thriller drama series ‘Mask Girl’ follows Kim Mo-mi, who grew up with the aspirations of becoming a celebrity. As she is not conventionally beautiful, that dream doesn’t entirely materialize, prompting her to become an office worker by day. However, by night, she puts on a mask and her best clothes to perform for her audience on New Media as the Mask Girl. As the series progresses, the authorities conclude that she is a serial killer connected to several murders. Mo-mi gives birth to a daughter, Mi-mo, whom she hands over to her own mother before she is sent to prison. If you are wondering who is Mi-mo’s father in ‘Mask Girl,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Mi-mo’s Father?

The dual life that Mo-mi often gets her into trouble even at the beginning of the series, but that is limited to sleep deprivation and arriving at work late. However, as her day life becomes tumultuous, it impacts her night-time activities. She initially has feelings for her handsome and married boss Mr. Park, who she discovers is having an affair with one of her conventionally beautiful colleagues. Becoming jealous, she spreads rumors about the affair in the office. She later finds Mr. Park outside the office, completely drunk and takes him back to her home. They sleep together in the same bed but don’t have sex as Mr. Park falls asleep shortly after. So, he can’t be Mi-mo’s father. The following day, Mr. Park sends her a message apologizing for what happened. A part of him likely believes that they had sex. Amidst the escalating circumstances, he quits the job and isn’t seen in the show ever again.

As Mo-mi deals with her heartbreak, she goes out with one of her fans, Handsome Monk, who compliments her, telling her she is pretty for a regular girl and convincing her to leave the bar with him. Alarm bells start to go off in Mo-mi’s head when she discovers he has brought her to a love hotel. Although he claims they are just there to drink, Mo-mi sees through his lies. When he finally makes his advances, she refuses, and the monster within Handsome Monk swiftly comes out. He tries to sexually assault Mo-mi but gets knocked out.

Image Credit: Jun Hea-sun/Netflix

Not knowing what to do, Mo-mi contacts another fan, Once Upon A Prince, whose real name is Ju Oh-nam. A social recluse with a steady job, Oh-nam watches anime porn and has a sex doll. He also works at the same office as Mo-mi and figures out that she is the Mask Girl after spotting the exact pair of moles in the hands of his colleague and the woman of his dream. He continues to leave positive messages for her, telling her that it’s better to be ugly than beautiful as he claims that ordinary-looking people have to cross more hurdles than people who are conventionally beautiful.

After realizing that Mo-mi is attracted to Mr. Park, he sends her an anonymous email letting her know he is aware of her secret life. After Handsome Monk is knocked out, Mo-mi contacts Oh-nam for help. He arrives, sends her away, and gets to work on Handsome Monk. However, the latter isn’t dead, and when he regains consciousness, a panicking Oh-nam kills him.

Oh-nam later rushes to Mo-mi’s apartment to prevent her from performing. He then rapes her and becomes stunned after realizing she has undergone plastic surgery. Mo-mi flips them over and stabs him to death. Later in the series, a conversation between Mo-mi and Chun-ae confirms that Oh-nam is Mi-mo’s father. Ironically, in her desire for revenge against Mo-mi, Oh-nam’s mother, Kyung-ja, targets Mi-mo, not knowing that the young girl is her granddaughter.

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