Masterchef Australia Season 2: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Network Ten’s ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 2 aired in 2010 and showcased a diverse group of talented home cooks competing for the prestigious title. Over the years, these contestants have pursued various paths, each carving out their unique journeys in the culinary world and beyond.

Adam Liaw is an Established Chef Today

Adam Liaw, the victor of season 2, embarked on a dynamic culinary journey post-winning. Collaborating with Tokyo-based chef Matthew Crabbe, he launched an izakaya restaurant. His culinary expertise returned him to ‘MasterChef’ as a guest judge for seasons 4 and 6. His literary contributions expanded with cookbooks such as ‘Asian After Work,’ ‘Adam’s Big Pot,’ ‘Asian Cookery School,’ and ‘The Zen Kitchen.’ his words found homes in publications like Good Food, Sunday Life magazine, and The Guardian. Formerly a contributor for The Wall Street Journal’s Scene Asia, he now hosts ‘The Cook Up with Adam Liaw.’

Beyond ‘MasterChef,’ Adam ventured into television hosting. His shows include the ‘Destination Flavour’ series (Scandinavia, Singapore, China), ‘Hidden Japan with Adam Liaw,’ and co-hosting ‘Adam and Poh’s Malaysia’ in Australia. He delved into podcasting with ‘How Taste Changed the World’ on Audible in May 2022. His contributions extend beyond the culinary realm. He serves as UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Nutrition and has been a Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine since 2016. His Board positions include the Australia-Japan Foundation, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, TAFE NSW, and The Museum of Chinese in Australia.

The Japanese government also recognized Adam’s culinary influence, appointing him as a Goodwill Ambassador. All Nippon Airways named him Culinary Ambassador for ANA Australia, creating seasonal menus for the airline. In 2023, the University of Adelaide honored him with a Distinguished Alumni Award. Managing i8 Studio, a Sydney-based TV and commercial content production company, he bought a new home in 2023. He resides in Sydney with his wife Asami and their three children, contributing significantly to the arts, education, and diplomacy fields.

Callum Hann Owns a Range of Places

Callum Hann immersed himself in Melbourne’s culinary scene post-show. Joining George Calombaris’ restaurants, he showcased his culinary prowess, a theme he revisited in season 12 and the charity-driven ‘MasterChef All-Stars’ in 2012. His culinary journey expanded as he secured a board position with Brand South Australia. Beyond the kitchen, Callum emerged as a celebrated author with cookbooks like ‘The Starter Kitchen,’ ‘I’d Eat That!,’ and co-authored ‘Quick. Easy. Health.’ His creativity graces the pages of SA Life magazine, ACH Group, where he contributes as a regular writer. Stepping beyond cookbooks, he shared his culinary expertise at renowned venues like The Press Club, Maha, Hellenic Republic, and PM24.

As an advocate for culinary education, Callum toured universities, instilling in students the art of cooking and the importance of a balanced diet. His entrepreneurial spirit thrived in South Australia with ventures like Sprout Cooking School, Sprout Health Studio, Sprout Training, and Dietary Hawk. Venturing into hospitality, he contributed to Lou’s Place in the Barossa Valley and Eleven Bar and Restaurant and Olive Restaurant in Adelaide. Adelaide remains his home, where he resides with his wife Crystal. Their journey of love saw them exchange vows in 2018, welcoming Elle Madeleine Hann in October 2019. Expanding their family further, the couple embraced the arrival of their baby boy, Henry Alexander Hann, in 2022.

Claire Winton Burn Continues to Practice Law

Image Credit: Claire Winton Burn/LinkedIn

Claire Winton Burn, a legal professional, navigated her career post-‘MasterChef’ with stints at various firms such as Nexus Energy Limited and Siemens Limited. In 2013, she ventured into Compliance and Transactions Consulting with ExxonMobil PNG Ltd, later becoming the legal counsel for Esso Australia Pty Ltd until 2021. Currently, she holds the position of Group Legal Counsel at MMG Limited. However, her personal life drew scrutiny when she revealed her involvement with a man who left his family for her. Despite this, she maintains a private life, steering clear of social media.

Jimmy Seervai Has Founded a Hair Wellness Company

Jimmy Seervai, founder of Essence Group Pty Ltd, continues to serve as its Director, specializing in Contract Food Manufacturing, particularly in Sports Nutrition & Supplements. His venture, Spice Kitchen, once active in various locations, seems to be inactive now.  According to reports, in 2022, Seervai faced legal issues when he was reportedly accused by Jessica Sepel of JS Health in a “vitamin war” case. His company was directed to cease aggressive marketing, settling the case in November.

In 2023, he launched Haircarebear, a hair wellness venture, diversifying his business portfolio. The same year, he sold his Mosman house for over $10 million and put his second house up for sale. Seervai, with a family of five children, is reported to prioritize staying close to them. His nutrition business is in the process of establishing a new factory in Nowra.

Courtney Roulston Runs Her Ever Growing Catering Business

Courtney Roulston, who again appeared in season 12, established a thriving catering business, Sydney Swans, in 2011. Beyond her culinary achievements, she has served as the head chef for the Sydney Swans Football Club and represented Coles as an ambassador. Courtney has diversified her career by appearing on cooking shows like ‘Farm to Fork’ and co-owning the Little River House. Engaged to Sophie King, she actively supports LGBTQ+ rights.

Alvin Quah is Now a Celebrity Chef

After ‘MasterChef,’ Alvin Quah not only returned to AstraZeneca Australia but also became an ambassador for Ayam, contributing to the promotion of Asian cuisine. His journey extended to television hosting with the series ‘Malaysia Kitchen’ in 2016. In 2022, Alvin returned for ‘MasterChef’ season 14. Currently, he serves as the Corporate and Internal Communications Manager at AbbVie and continues to navigate the culinary and medical worlds. He has found love in his life and is now engaged to his boyfriend, Marco.

Aaron Harvie is a Horror Writer Today

Aaron Harvie, known for his high-energy approach to cooking, has embraced a diverse career. His entrepreneurial ventures include Food That Rocks, where he serves as Director, and the successful YouTube project ‘Pimp My Noodles.’ Apart from being a horror writer with works like ‘The End of Everything We Know,’ he launched the Blood, Brains & Aliens store in 2023. Engaged in charity work, Aaron supported causes like Room to Read, Giveability, Brain Injury Awareness Week campaign Bangonabeanie, and Movember. He is married to Natalie Jane Harvie and has a daughter, Izzy.

Jonathan Daddia Works With Accenture

Jonathan Daddia, an entrepreneur, dived back into his business, Daddia & Co, after his ‘MasterChef’ stint. He later joined Booz & Company for a 7-year tenure until 2021, when he became the Director of Strategy within the PwC network. Since 2021, he has been serving as the Associate Director at Accenture. He made a personal investment in Randwick in 2021 and, during the show’s filming breaks, tied the knot with Mandy. Their family expanded with two daughters, Amelia and Ruby, and a son, Jamie. Unfortunately, in 2020, the family received the distressing news that Ruby was diagnosed with BPAN, an ultra-rare neurological disorder. Jonathan has now initiated a GoFundMe page to support Ruby’s journey while raising awareness about the condition.

Marion Grasby is a Successful Businesswoman Today

Marion Grasby, the founder of Marion’s Kitchen, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey after her time on the show. Her media brand, Marion’s Kitchen Media, includes a studio in Bangkok and another in Noosa, Australia. Marion’s Kitchen products are also available through a US direct-to-consumer subscription service. An accomplished author, her books include ‘Asia Express: 100 Fast & Easy Favourites’ and ‘Marion: Recipes and Stories from a Hungry Cook.’ In 2020, she appeared on ‘Wok vs Pot.’ She also participated in ‘Masterchef’ again in ‘All Stars’ season and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ season 2 in 2012. Marion, married to Tim Althaus, actively manages her YouTube channel, ‘Marion’s Kitchen,’ and raises two children.

Peter Kritikides is Now a Partner at Lander & Rogers

Peter Kritikides, initially, worked as a lawyer in Lander & Rogers’ Real Estate and Projects team during his ‘MasterChef’ appearance. Currently, he holds the position of partner and senior associate at the same company, earning recognition in Best Lawyers Australia. In 2023, Peter, alongside his wife Erica and their two children, opted for a home renovation, providing a fresh look.

Joanne Zalm Lives a Private Life

Joanne Zalm faced distressing online threats after her ‘MasterChef’ elimination, impacting her family reunion. She resides with her husband, Richard, and two daughters. Following this incident, Joanne withdrew from social media, choosing to live a private life.

Matthew Caldicott Works at Zapid Hire

Matthew Caldicott ventured into modeling after the show and later resumed his role in Financial Services Audit. In 2013, he earned a diploma in Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand. Since 2020, he has held the position of Director at Strategic Consulting. Currently, he also holds the position of Chief Finance and Operations Officer at Zapid Hire, showcasing his multi-dimensional career path.

Sharnee Rawson is The Head of Commercial Content at Guardian Australia Today

After her ‘MasterChef’ journey, Sharnee Rawson delved into the media landscape, initially joining News Corp Australia in 2010. Progressing in her career, she assumed the role of online news editor at Delicious magazine in 2016. Later, Rawson transitioned to Fairfax Media in a new capacity, becoming a food producer and writer, contributing to Australian culinary insights. In 2017, she took on the role of founding editor for The Upside. Currently, she is working at Guardian Australia as head of commercial content.

Skye Craig is Now a Clinical Neuroscientist

After the show, Skye Craig ventured into the realm of desserts, launching her line, Wild Sugar. In 2012, she authored a dessert book under the same name, showcasing her culinary prowess. Beyond creating delectable treats, she immersed herself in cooking retreats and, in 2015, was in the process of establishing Skye Whole Food kitchen near Byron Bay. Additionally, she found solace in yoga and recreational retreats, evolving into a Stress Whisperer and Clinical Neuroscientist.

Jake Bujayer Keeps His Life Under Wraps

Image Credit: Newcastle Herald

Jake Bujayer, following his ‘MasterChef’ stint, found a niche in one of the Hunter Valley’s esteemed restaurants. In 2010, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Jake’s Just Caught. A culinary adventurer, he participated in the LG Life Tastes Good Championship in Seoul, South Korea, showcasing his skills. Since then, he has chosen a more private life, stepping away from the limelight.

Fiona Inglis is a Kitchen Garden Teacher Today

After the show, Fiona Inglis embraced her role as a primary school teacher and Kitchen Specialist at the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. In 2013, she expanded her influence by releasing a book, ‘The Garden Cook, Grow, Cook & Eat with Kids.’ In 2022, she joyously welcomed a baby boy, Freddie, into her family with partner Andy Ray.

Carrie Johnston is Now a Senior Executive Recruiter

Image Credit: Carrie Johnston/LinkedIn

Carrie Johnston has transitioned into the corporate realm, now a senior executive recruiter specializing in Corporate Communications, Corporate Affairs, and Community & Stakeholder Relations at Salt and Shein. Her journey started by establishing a career in global corporate brands such as Capgemini Consulting, Deutsche Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland. With a penchant for privacy, Carrie, a proud mother of two children, Sammy and Audrey, doesn’t often share details about her personal life.

Philip Vakos Owns Bahari

Philip Vakos embarked on a culinary journey in Melbourne, realizing his dream with the opening of Bahari The Hellenic Palate. This venture expanded with an Upstairs bar & dining room. Beyond his restaurant, he graced various TV cooking shows, including Channel Ten’s ‘Everyday Gourmet’ and ‘Farm to Fork with Andy Allen.’ Actively involved in philanthropy, he revived Spitiko Greek Restaurant in South Melbourne, contributing to charities like Make a Wish Foundation and A Fighting Chance.

He continued to entertain audiences through cooking demonstrations at prestigious events and media appearances, establishing a successful YouTube channel, hosting masterclasses, and running The Gringlish Co., an event and catering company. Happily married to Helena Marie, he finds fulfillment in both his professional and personal life.

Daniel Aulsebrook is a Professional Photographer

Daniel Aulsebrook expressed dissatisfaction with the show’s dynamics, suggesting favoritism among judges. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Aulsebrook criticized the perceived influence of popularity over culinary prowess. Transitioning into photography, he has now adopted a more private professional life, veering away from the public eye.

Dominic Corrigan Works at Lenovo Today

Dominic Corrigan evolved his career post-‘MasterChef,’ assuming roles in prominent financial institutions like First Climate Funds Management, CSI Leasing, and FlexiGroup Limited. Currently, he serves as the Director – Worldwide head of Lenovo Financial Services and Device as a Service funding at Lenovo. Notably, Corrigan relocated to Hong Kong in 2020, marking a significant shift in his professional trajectory.

Adele Fragnito Co-Founded Many Open Doors Foundation

Adele Fragnito has demonstrated a passion for social inclusion. She founded the Many Open Doors Foundation, focusing on teaching the art of cooking to young people with disabilities. Inspired by her son Michael, who has an intellectual disability in the autism spectrum, Fragnito released a foundation cookbook featuring disability-friendly recipes. She also ran a blog, which is currently inactive. She is a mom to a son named Matthew. Maintaining privacy around her personal and professional life, she left an indelible mark in the realm of culinary philanthropy.

Kate Nugara Continues to be a Teacher

Kate Nugara transitioned to a teaching role at Salesian College Chadstone in 2024. Embracing family life, she is now married and a proud mother of a daughter.

Devon Headland is an Emergency Medical Technician

Devon Headland dedicated himself to emergency services, working as an emergency medical technician at Hato Hone St John, an emergency rescue service. Despite personal tragedy with the loss of his baby girl in 2015, Headland pressed forward, obtaining certification as a volunteer recruit firefighter in 2018.

Sarah Carmichael is an Inspector Today

Sarah Carmichael’s journey took a surprising turn as she decided to quit the ‘Masterchef’ to focus on her family upon discovering her pregnancy. Beyond the culinary realm, she explored acting with a short role in the movie ‘100 Girls.’ Joining the Victoria Police, Carmichael progressed through various roles, gaining insights into human character in challenging situations. Her commitment led to promotions, with her recent achievement being the role of inspector in 2022. As a mother of three boys and the wife of an ex-serving policeman, Nick, she navigates the complexities of her personal and professional life, adding another layer to her aspirations for a female French Bulldog.

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