Masterchef Australia Season 5: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Season 5 of ‘MasterChef Australia’ premiered in June 2013, on Network Ten. Since their time on the show, the contestants from this season have ventured into various paths, both within and outside the culinary world. While some have continued to pursue careers as chefs, others have explored opportunities in food-related ventures, education, or diverse industries. While we may not have comprehensive information on every contestant, let’s delve into the noteworthy journeys of those we have discovered and explore their diverse achievements.

Emma Dean Ventured Into the World of Judging

Emma Dean, the triumphant winner of ‘MasterChef Australia’ Season 3, has left an indelible mark on the culinary scene, making subsequent appearances in season 6 and season 10. Her victory in season 3 garnered her an impressive prize package, including $100,000, work experience in top kitchens, and an Alfa Romeo car. As a further accolade, Emma secured a coveted book publishing deal with New Holland Publishers. The culmination of her culinary journey led to the release of her cookbook, ‘A Homegrown Table,’ showcasing her expertise and passion for home-cooked meals.

Emma has seamlessly transitioned into a culinary influencer, regularly contributing to Eat Well magazine, where she shares her recipes and hosts ‘Christmas Specials With Emma’ on Channel 9. This show took the award at the 43rd Annual Telly Awards. Beyond her culinary accomplishments, she ventured into the world of judging, bringing her culinary prowess to the inaugural Bakery Competition at the Bendigo Show in 2023. Her diverse skill set extends to hosting masterclasses at various events, where she imparts her culinary wisdom and engages with audiences eager to learn from her experience.

Her influence isn’t confined to the kitchen; she has embraced fitness and athleticism, participating in marathons that underscore her commitment to a holistic and active lifestyle. Her versatility shines through as she takes on different roles, showcasing her multifaceted talents and interests. In 2023, Emma attended the prestigious Australian Grand Champion Dairy Awards, a testament to her continued involvement and recognition in the culinary world. Her ability to seamlessly blend her love for cooking with participation in diverse events highlights her dynamic presence in the industry.

Lynton Tapp is an Entrepreneur Today

Lynton Tapp returned to the culinary spotlight in season 12, further solidifying his position as a notable figure in the culinary and creative industries. Currently, he is serving as the Senior Producer at R/GA Australia, a renowned creative innovation studio. He has also demonstrated his versatility and passion for both food and media. In 2018, he assumed the role of Senior Producer at Cultivate Productions, showcasing his expertise in the dynamic field of creative content production. However, his contributions extend beyond the professional realm as he became Foodbank Victoria’s first ambassador.

Lynton actively participated in delivering food to areas in Victoria affected by bushfires, showcasing his commitment to community service and support. He has diversified his career by working with various organizations, including the Department Of The Future, ASPIRE PL, and The LT Company. Drawing from his culinary skills, he spent time in the kitchen of Pei Modern, a fine-dining restaurant in Melbourne, and acted as an ambassador for Tourism NT, promoting the unique offerings of the Northern Territory. In 2016, he released his first cookbook, ‘Outback Pantry,’ sharing his culinary expertise and celebrating the flavors of the Australian Outback.

Expanding his presence in the media, Lynton hosted TV shows such as ‘A Taste of Travel’ and ‘My Market Kitchen’ on Network 10, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences through food exploration. His entrepreneurial spirit manifested in the opening of the restaurant Westwood in West Melbourne, a venture undertaken with his brother-in-law. His experience also includes a stint as the digital producer at Coles, adding a corporate dimension to his diverse career. Beyond his culinary and creative pursuits, he has played a significant role in promoting Australia on the global stage.

As part of Tourism Australia’s initiative, Restaurant Australia, he had the honor of cooking for the Duchess of Cornwall in London on Australia Day in 2015. Additionally, Lynton became the face of Earth Hour Australia, hosting the documentary ‘Appetite for Change,’ shedding light on the challenges farmers face due to climate change. In his personal life, he is happily married and a proud father of two boys, Tex and Atticus. His multifaceted career, commitment to community service, and engagement with global initiatives underscore his enduring influence in the culinary and creative spheres.

Samira El Khafir is The Ambassador for The Post and Antenatal Depression Association

Samira El Khafir, a self-proclaimed foodie, has evolved into a prominent figure in the culinary landscape. As the author of ‘Eat with Love,’ she stands as a testament to her commitment to creating and sharing delicious recipes. She directs Modern Middle Eastern catering, offering a unique culinary experience rooted in the rich flavors of the Middle East. Her workshops for the Food Know How program serve as a platform to share her expertise with aspiring food enthusiasts. Beyond her culinary ventures, Samira is the owner of Melbourne’s Modern Middle Eastern Cafe, a hub where food lovers can immerse themselves in the authentic tastes she brings to the table.

However, Samira’s influence extends beyond the kitchen, as she embraces her role as an ambassador for the Post and Antenatal Depression Association Inc (PANDA). Through her advocacy, she sheds light on mental health issues during and after pregnancy, leveraging her personal experience to make a positive impact. Her online presence is marked by cooking demonstrations, where she shares her culinary expertise with a global audience. Under the brand Eat with Love, she has introduced a range of meal products, starting with the innovative 1-gram carb flatbread. With her journey rooted in family and motherhood as the proud mother of four children, her approach to food radiates warmth, love, and authenticity.

Rishi Desai is Now Chief Data Strategist

Rishi Desai’s culinary journey post-‘MasterChef’ has been equally impressive and multifaceted. In 2014, he released the book ‘Modern Indian,’ a testament to his commitment to modernizing and reinventing traditional Indian cuisine. He extended his reach by hosting his cooking show, ‘Stay Home Chef,’ on India’s TLC channel, providing a platform for culinary enthusiasts to learn and enjoy the art of cooking. Known for his creativity and innovation, he organized cooking events, allowing people to book seats and engage firsthand in his culinary expertise. The truffle festival he organized in Canberra in 2014 showcased his dedication to unique and enriching gastronomic experiences.

In 2015, Rishi embarked on a food tour of India, immersing himself in the diverse regional cuisines of his homeland. In 2018, he collaborated with renowned chef Ranveer Brar for a food venture, amplifying his influence in the culinary world. However, his interests extend beyond the kitchen; he is also a fitness enthusiast. Demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning, he pursued a Master of Applied Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, and Humanity from The Australian National University in 2020. Till 2021, he contributed his expertise to IP Australia before assuming the role of Chief Data Strategist at the Australian Energy Regulator in October 2021. His professional trajectory reflects a balance between culinary innovation and a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies.

Christina Batista Recently Moved in With His Boyfriend

Christina Batista made his return in season 14. Since her first appearance in 2013, she has undergone a transformative journey. Following work experience at the prestigious Quay restaurant, she embarked on entrepreneurship, establishing a market stall at farmers’ markets and running a catering business. Her diverse skills include food writing, recipe development, catering, restaurant criticism, and celebrity chef work. Christina also ventured into the world of media, serving as a reporter for Hora dos Portugueses at RTP since 2016. In 2024, she moved in with her boyfriend Chris and cherishes her role as a mother to son Damian and a beloved daughter.

Lucy Wallrock Published Her Own Cookery Book in 2014

Lucy Wallrock returned to her role at Mercer Bell after the show, earning a promotion to Experience Design Director in 2018. Currently working as a freelance CX Strategist, she is also a published cookbook author with ‘Simply Sweet.’ She shares her life with her loving husband Sam and is a proud mother of two children. Together, they renovated their house, reflecting Lucy’s commitment to both her professional and personal life.

Daniel Kelty is a Technician Today

Image Credit: Training Services NSW/Youtube

After reaching the finals of ‘MasterChef,’ Daniel Kelty embarked on a career with Telstra. Within two years, he successfully obtained Certificates III and IV in Telecommunications–Network Engineering, earning the title of NSW Trainee of the Year in 2016. Currently serving as a Senior Field Technician at Telstra since 2019, Daniel’s journey underscores his dedication to professional growth within the telecommunications industry.

Daniel Churchill is a Podcaster Today

Daniel Churchill, a spokesperson for Athletic Greens, co-presenter of ‘Surfing the Menu: The Next Generation,’ and owner of The Osprey in New York City, has made significant strides since the show. Recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Food list in 2019, Daniel is also the Performance Chef & Athlete at Ten Thousand, Inc. He collaborated with Chris Hemsworth on the fitness app, Centr, and continues to make waves in the culinary world. Her personal life includes a loving partner, Milena.

Noelene Marchwiki Takes Cooking Classes 

Presently conducting cooking classes at Churchill Neighborhood Center, Noelene Marchwiki is actively engaged in sharing her culinary expertise. Her involvement in community radio, where she presented ‘Garden Path, Kitchen Door’ on Gippsland FM 104.7, and her blog ‘Dial an Occasion’ showcase her passion for culinary arts and hospitality.

Vern Fitzgerald is Now a State Sales Manager

Becoming the Brand Ambassador of The Wine Society in 2013, Vern Fitzgerald continued his journey in the wine industry. Currently serving as the State Sales Manager at Saint Wine, Vern also runs a merchandising venture, Plight Crew Productions, and showcases his diverse interests. Living a fulfilling life with his wife Victoria, she remains dedicated to the wine industry.

Neha Sen Launched Her Own Set of Ice Creams in 2016

Neha Sen ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Neha’s Indian Inspired in 2014 until 2018. Later, she assumed the role of Group Executive Director – Marketing, Experience & Innovation at Acumentis Group in May 2020. She launched her first dairy-free ice cream, Coconut & Pineapple, in 2016. She also keeps a low profile on the internet, focusing on her professional endeavors.

Jules Allen is a Mother to 32 Children

Beyond her ‘MasterChef’ journey, Jules Allen has emerged as a prominent figure in advocating for adoption and foster care reform in Australia. A playwright and speaker at TEDx Melbourne, Jules cares for 32 foster children and is a proud mother of four adult children. In 2021, she launched her Waccii Nurturing Tea company, supporting Women’s and Children’s Care Initiative Incorporated. She also contributes as a parenting expert for The Carousel.

Liliana Battle Completed Her Bachelors in 2022

Liliana Battle, the author of four cookbooks and ambassador for Taste of Harmony, has built a successful career in the culinary world. Running a catering business, Liliana’s Kitchen, and a food product range, she has expanded her influence. In 2022, she completed her Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University, showcasing her commitment to education. Living in Port Hedland, Western Australia, with her husband and two sons, she continues to inspire through her culinary ventures.

Pip Sumbak Has Her Own Restaurant 

Following her ‘MasterChef’ experience in 2013, Pip Sumbak embarked on a journey around the world, working as a chef in various countries. Returning to Australia, she owned Byron Bay under her venture, Pip’s Plate. She also appeared in ‘The Living Room’ in 2018. Engaging in community service, Pip helped flood victims in New South Wales by cooking curry in the small kitchen of Byron Bay.

Totem Douangmala is a Building Surveyor Today

Totem Douangmala, the Level 2 Accredited Building Surveyor and ambassador of A Taste of Harmony, has carved a successful path in the construction industry. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and Economics, he boasts over seven years of experience and currently works with BCA Concepts. While maintaining privacy in his professional life, Totem’s commitment to industry excellence remains evident.

Faiza Rehman Works at Mercer Australia

Faiza Rehman, now a Council Member of the Australian Multicultural Council and Senior Manager of Regulatory Engagement at Mercer Australia, has undergone a transformative journey since her ‘MasterChef’ days. She, a qualified lawyer with a Bachelor of Laws from La Trobe University, has expanded her expertise by obtaining a Diploma in Financial Planning and RG146 from Monarch Institute. Her commitment to fitness, evidenced by a weight loss of 20 kgs, complements her thriving career. Her involvement as a Youth Advisory Council Member at the U.S. Embassy in Australia since October 2022 showcases her dedication to community engagement.

Nicky Agahari is an Innovator

Nicky Agahari, having completed an MBA from Macquarie Business School in 2017, has emerged as a prominent figure in the MedTech industry. As the founder of Australis Scientific, Nicky leads a groundbreaking medtech-as-a-service platform, utilizing the innovative In-Confidence Smart Patch technology to expedite care for individuals with urinary symptoms. Alongside his professional success, Nicky celebrates family milestones, welcoming two children, Harrison (Hazza) Pratama Agahari in December 2021 and Luna Matilda Agahari in 2023, with his partner Chen.

Andrew Prior is a Podcaster Today

Andrew Prior, the entrepreneur behind Queenie’s Food Tours, transitioned from the culinary world to the picturesque landscapes of France. Completing a Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie course and delving into regional French food tours, Andrew established himself as an authority on French cuisine. His YouTube channel, ‘Travelling Fabulously,’ and the podcast ‘Fabulously Delicious: The French Food Podcast’ highlight his passion for sharing the culinary delights of Paris and other European cities.

Clarissa Dodawec Continued to be a Singer

Clarissa Dodawec, the opera singer, found a meaningful way to contribute to society by volunteering. In 2022, she began teaching English to newly arrived Ukrainian refugees through online Zoom classes, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the world of music.

Xavier Doran is The Director of a Construction Company Today

Xavier Doran, now the Director at Next Level Building and Construction, has embraced both professional and personal growth. Married to Hannah Doran, he is the proud father of two children, reflecting a balanced and fulfilling life.

Michael Todd Owns a Theater Company 

Michael Todd, the owner of The Regal Theater, faced personal challenges with the tragic incident involving volunteer Bob Cornish. Battling post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression, Michael underwent therapy before re-entering the working world as a baker at Burnside’s Village Bakery. Taking charge of Republic Theater, he acquired the Chelsea Cinema (now the Regal Theater in Kensington) and CMax Cinemas in the Northern Territory in 2013. His recent achievement of the American cinema pioneer certification in 2022 underscores his resilience and dedication to the cinema industry. With three children, his journey reflects triumph over adversity.

Dan Tuddenham Lives Away From Any Limelight

Dan Tuddenham was enrolled in Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching when he appeared on the show. The judges appreciated him and he made the top 22. But since his time on the show, he hasn’t come into the limelight. He lives a very private life. Fans can only hope that whatever he is doing, he gets success in it.

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