MasterChef Canada Season 4: Where Are the Contestants Now?

Since CTV’s ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 4 premiered on March 3, 2017, the contestants have been up to all sorts of exciting things. Some opened their restaurants and some are cooking up a storm. A few turned into social media food stars, sharing their tasty creations online. Each one took a different path, adding their flavor to the culinary world. It’s like they graduated from the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen to create their unique recipes for success.

Trevor Connie is a Food Blogger Today

Trevor Connie, the season’s triumphant winner, proved that his culinary prowess extended far beyond the confines of the competition kitchen. His journey led him to embrace the world of cold cooking briefly at Corso 32. However, his culinary adventures didn’t stop there. A significant twist in his story unfolded when he was named the bubble’s first celebrity chef-in-residence. In a remarkable display of resilience during the challenging times of the 2020 pandemic, Trevor was invited by the National Hockey League (NHL) to feed the bubble, an experience that marked a convergence of his passions for food and sports. Edmonton became a significant chapter in his culinary course, where he established roots as a private chef for several Edmonton Oilers.

Additionally, he took on the role of head chef at Polar Park Brewing Company, solidifying his presence in the vibrant culinary scene of the city. Currently, he finds himself happily back in Vancouver, where he continues to tantalize taste buds as a private chef and a food blogger. True to his love for exploration, he remains an avid traveler, documenting his culinary adventures on social media. A doting uncle, Trevor often features his infant nephew in his cooking videos, creating delightful moments for his followers. Looking towards the future, he harbors dreams of opening his restaurant, a testament to his unwavering passion for the culinary arts. In the meantime, he remains an active participant in culinary events, bringing his unique flair to the gastronomic landscape.

Dorothea “Thea” VanHerwaarden is a Senior Vice President at Axis

Dorothea “Thea” VanHerwaarden’s culinary voyage didn’t end with ‘MasterChef Canada’; instead, it blossomed into a multifaceted career. Notably, she returned to the ‘MasterChef’ stage in season 7, showcasing her culinary prowess once again and earning the runner-up title. Post-‘MasterChef,’ She delved into entrepreneurship, establishing her own company, Theasty. Specializing in recipe development, food photography, private dinners, and culinary classes, she crafted a brand that resonated with food enthusiasts nationwide. Thea has also emerged as a sought-after food and lifestyle expert, gracing the screens of several Canadian networks. Amidst her bustling career, she found time to share her culinary expertise on platforms like ‘Bachelor On a Budget’ and ‘CTV Morning Live,’ showcasing her famous steak tacos.

Simultaneously, she showcased her managerial acumen as the Manager of a Private Client Group in Producer Services at Shaw Sabey & Associates until 2020. A significant career move in the same year saw her joining Axis Insurance, where she currently serves as an Insurance Expert and Senior Vice President. In 2023, she added another feather to her cap by joining Wharton Executive Education CAPI. She also co-chairs the Arthritis Society Canada. Her achievements haven’t gone unnoticed in the insurance industry, with Thea receiving the prestigious PL Broker of the Year award in 2018 from IBABC. In 2021, she was recognized as a Young Achiever of the Year Finalist by Insurance Business Magazine. She found marital bliss in her life and tied the knot with John Colin Dowling in 2019.

Barrie McConachie is a Human Resources Investigator

Since the show aired, Barrie McConachie has embarked on a remarkable journey, founding his culinary companies, The Bear Cooks, and Date Plates. he serves as a private chef, lending his culinary expertise to dinner parties, menu planning, corporate events, and team-building experiences. Until 2019, he contributed to Global Employment Compliance at Hootsuite Media Inc., showcasing his adaptability. In 2019, a significant career move saw him join the BC Liquor Distribution Branch as an Employee Relations Specialist.

Since 2021, Barrie has held the position of Human Resources Investigator at the Interior Health Authority. Known for his bold and unfiltered opinions, he is an active presence on Twitter and engaging in discussions that reflect his passion for various subjects. He is happily married to Jennifer Rikely, and their shared love extends to their cherished dog, Harvey, who occupies a special place in their lives.

Mai Nguyen Teaches the Art of Making Dumplings

Mai Nguyen has etched her mark on the culinary scene with her dumpling expertise. She also showcased her skills on the first season of ‘The Traitors Canada’ in 2023. Her culinary adventure began in Edmonton, where she worked in line at two prominent restaurants: Prairie Noodle Shop and Biera. Now, as the chef and owner of Gourmai, she specializes in crafting a variety of dumplings, offering packs and bulk orders, as well as catering private dinners and events. Her culinary passion extends to teaching, and she joined Get Cooking’s culinary team in 2019. Mai also hosts dumpling pop-up shops. While her blog may no longer be active, her impact on the culinary scene is ever-expanding.

Miranda Wasstrom Keeps Her Life Under The Wraps

Miranda Wasstrom earned accolades as the dinner chef at The Drag Show Holiday Edition in 2018. While she keeps her life relatively private, Miranda has a beautiful family that includes a daughter. Describing herself as a foodie, she remains connected to her culinary passions. In 2022, Miranda, alongside fellow Edmonton contestants Mai and Trevor, made an appearance on ‘CTV Edmonton Morning Live.’ Tragically, Miranda faced a personal loss in 2022 when her mother passed away. Despite the challenges, Miranda continues to navigate her family life with resilience and determination.

Aaron Polsky is a Food Blogger Today

Aaron Polsky embarked on a captivating path after receiving an unexpected job offer from Judge Michael Bonacini at Oliver & Bonacini when he faced elimination. This twist of fate propelled him into a world of culinary exploration and entrepreneurship. Currently, he is the proud owner of Current Seafoods, a venture through which he introduces connoisseurs in Quebec to the exquisite Kaluga Queen Caviar. Beyond the business realm, he has continued to immerse himself in the culinary arts, showcasing his creations on social media and delving into the world of food blogging. His cooking skills are well-documented on his blog, Foodie Date Night.’

Aaron’s culinary expertise extends beyond his ventures. He has collaborated with esteemed establishments like Joe Beef and Liverpool House, contributing his skills as a private chef. Notably, he co-founded Cordova Bar and Restaurant. However, in 2019, he decided to part ways with the team to explore new horizons. Family plays a central role in his life, as he happily resides with Carolynne and their son Asher, born in 2020.  On the screen, he made a brief appearance in ‘Angel Shot: Origins, the Omega Endgame,’ showcasing his versatility by participating in utility stunts for the TV short.

Alice Luo Works With a Healthcare Venture Capital

Alice Luo transitioned seamlessly to a career in scientific and technical diligence within the investment sector. Joining Lumira Ventures as a full-time member in January 2022, Alice’s journey began with her selection in 2021 as part of the inaugural class of the Lumira Venture Innovation Program. She is armed with a Ph.D. in pulmonary regenerative medicine from the University of Toronto, along with an M.Sc. and B.Sc. in immunology and medical sciences from the same institution.

Her professional course includes a fellowship with HaloHealth, a Canadian physician angel group, until 2021. Her previous roles at Bloom Burton & Co. and the University Consulting Group underscore her diverse experiences in the healthcare and consulting realms. Beyond her professional pursuits, Alice wears multiple hats as a travel and food blogger, offering insights into her adventures and culinary explorations.

Justine Joyal is a Senior Account Director

Justine Joyal embarked on a path that seamlessly blended her academic achievements with a thriving professional career. In 2017, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from HEC Montreal, setting the stage for her future endeavors. Following her educational milestone, she pursued certification in Communication and Spoken Journalism in 2018. However, it was in 2023 that she earned a diploma in nutrition from Laval University.

Professionally, Justine started as an Advisory Services Coordinator in 2018, setting the foundation for her subsequent roles. For five years, until 2023, she contributed her skills and expertise to The Toronto-Dominion Bank. Since 2023, she has been a Senior Account Director at Investissement Québec. Despite her professional achievements, she maintains a private stance on her personal life.

Matthew “Matt” VanderHelm is The Owner of a Catering Company

Matthew “Matt” VanderHelm navigated a dynamic career, showcasing his culinary prowess and strategic acumen. Following the show, he co-owned Alchemy Restaurant & Bar Ltd. before embarking on a fresh path with Mars. Over three years, Matt evolved from a Category Strategy Manager to a Category Development Leader, spearheading Walmart’s category growth. In 2017, he founded Vander Kitchen, a small catering company that also serves as a platform for his culinary teachings.

Currently, as the Category Solutions Manager (Walmart Vendor Advisor) at Johnson & Johnson, Matt manages two pivotal consumer categories—Pain Care and Smoking Cessation. His role involves implementing best-in-class strategies for Walmart, contributing to the company’s overarching growth.

Alisha Sood is a Culinary Instructor

After the elimination, Alisha Sood enrolled herself in George Brown College in Chefs Training and earned a Culinary Arts and Food Styling Certificate in 2019. Her gastronomic journey extended to hosting cooking classes at The Food District at Square One and working at esteemed establishments like 416 Snack Bar, Mercatto Hospitality, and La Banane.

Since 2017, Alisha has held the position of Culinary Instructor at President’s Choice, leveraging her expertise to educate aspiring chefs. She has established herself as a Food Stylist & Recipe Developer, showcasing her skills on platforms like ‘The Marilyn Dennis Show’ in 2020. Her creative endeavors continue with her food blog, The Flavor Files, where she documents her recipes and culinary adventures. Married to Fernando since 2020, the couple now resides in Toronto, Canada.

Jordan Levin is a Sales Representative Today

Jordan Levin dedicated himself to honing his culinary skills after his elimination. With an initial stint at Joey Restaurant Group until 2017, he delved into planning pop-ups and events to showcase his talent. This led him to Medicure, where he served as a Senior Pharmaceutical Account Executive until 2021. He is now a Sales Representative (Respiratory) at GSK and has relocated to Australia.

Kimberly Duffus Lives a Private Life

Kimberly Duffus, since her ‘MasterChef’ appearance, took a bold step by leaving her sales job to pursue her culinary dreams full-time. In an interview with The Toronto Sun, she revealed that she aimed to establish a family business that could be passed down through generations. She now keeps her life very private.

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