MasterChef Season 4: Where Are The Contestants Now?

MasterChef‘ is a world-renowned cooking reality show that puts amateur cooks through grueling and demanding challenges in an effort to discover the best of the best. Mentored, coached, and judged by the who’s who of the food industry, the show demands its contestants to be perfect in their approach, leaving no room for mistakes. Besides, with a massive cash prize on the line, the contestants give it their all as they battle for the coveted title of ‘MasterChef.’ With the show offering a massive platform in order to kickstart a career in the food industry, let’s find out where the ‘MasterChef’ season 1 cast is today, shall we?

Jessie Lysiak is Now a Proud Mother of Two

A Yacht Stewardess from Social Circle, Georgia, Jesse Lysiak proved to be a promising contestant and initially managed to wow the judges with her dishes. However, she failed to make the top two and had to depart in third place when her Kobe Beef left the judges unimpressed in episode 24. Sources claim that Jessie went back to her profession as a Yacht Stewardess post-filming but then decided to switch gears and took up employment as a private chef.

In August 2014, Jessie exchanged marriage vows with professional ice hockey and former NHL player Justin Braun in a beautiful ceremony that was featured in various publications. The two have since managed to build a loving relationship and are pretty open about expressing their love on social media. Based in Germany, the reality TV star even returned for the reunion episode in ‘MasterChef’ season 10 and is now a proud mother to two wonderful children.

Natasha Crnjac is a Private Chef Today

Natasha was already a stay-at-home mother when she appeared on the show and proved that she was a force to be reckoned with. She kept creating perfect dishes throughout the competition and was at the top of her game, even in the season finale. However, the judges, forced to make a close call, decided to award Luca Manfè with the title, leaving Natasha as the runner-up.

Her deep familial bond with her loved ones was quite evident from her interactions with her family while on the show. Hence, fans weren’t surprised when Natasha decided to go back to being a stay-at-home mother post-filming. Still unwilling to let her skills go to waste, she offers private chef and catering services through her California-based company, Meal Prep Boutique. However, it is unclear if Meal Prep Boutique is still active as Natasha currently seems to be enjoying life in Bali alongside her children, Diego and Mila. The television personality has embarked on a renewed career path. She is now the Catering Manager for ASU Suites and Athletics for Sodexo in Arizona.

Luca Manfè Owns a Catering Service

Luca Manfè managed to win the hearts of judges and fans alike through his cheerful disposition, charming personality, and unorthodox Italian dishes. A former Restaurant Manager from Astoria, New York, Luca comfortably breezed through the competition, aided by his skill and dedication to cooking. Although the finale was quite close, Luca earned the edge over Natasha Crnjac and was ultimately crowned the winner.

Following his success, Luca published his own cookbook titled ‘My Italian Kitchen: Favorite Family Recipes,’ and even began a food truck service named The Lucky Fig. Unfortunately, the food truck business, although booming, ran into a few unknown issues and had to be discontinued. Currently, Luca offers live interactive cooking lessons for individual groups, as well as company events.

Luca even owns and operates his catering service, Dinner with Luca, through which he claims to bring the class of fine dining to the comfort of one’s home. Moreover, Luca is now a content creator for Giallozafferano and has even begun offering public courses on the Amphy platform. Besides, fans would be glad to know that Luca is still happily married to Cate, and the two are proud parents to their children, Luca and Valentino.

Krissi Biaseiello is Focusing on Her Health Now

Throughout the season, Krissi displayed a personality that thrived under pressure. However, a chocolate dessert during a pressure test ultimately took away her spot from the finals. Since her appearance on the show, Krissi has dabbled in multiple projects. The chef has since worked on her private chef and catering services. She even posts the latest recipes and newest creations on her blog.

In 2013, the television personality was involved in controversy after she posted a tweet mentioning a racist word. While she has since apologized publicly, she has also faced personal battles. After revealing her breast cancer diagnosis in 2021, Krissi has received treatment. The breast cancer survivor also commands a significant following on Instagram, where she shares her latest recipes. On the personal front, she also enjoys domestic bliss with her husband and family.

James Nelson Has His Own Hot-Sauce Business Today

After working in retails as a sale manager, James managed to showcase his work as a culinary trailblazer on ‘MasterChef.’ Having missed the top spot so closely, James has continued to accelerate his career in the culinary industry. He has since opened his own award-winning hot sauce business. The television personality is the co-founder and co-owner of Bravado Spice. Besides this, the food enthusiast regularly tries new restaurants and enjoys life with friends and family.

Bri Kozior is a Business Sales Executive at Google

Despite being a vegetarian, Bri highlighted her acumen by skillfully impressing the judges with a myriad of dishes. Since appearing on the show, Bri overlooked her private chef service and catering company, Hashtag Kitchen. Besides this, the gym enthusiast also worked as a gym instructor briefly. Bri has now moved to Ireland. She is currently working as a Business Sales Executive at the Google office in Dublin. She continues to post photos of her latest adventures with friends and family but likes to keep her relationship status under wraps.

Jordan Roots is Focusing on Spending Time With Family

Having showcased a keen eye for detail in the kitchen, Jordan had continued to steadily rise in the competition. However, a quail dish ultimately became his undoing. After getting booted from the competition, the television personality hoped to establish his food cart. Ultimately, he established his catering services after failing to raise enough funds through his Kickstarter campaign.

Simultaneously, he worked as a delivery driver. He established Salted Roots Catering and helmed the operations as chef and owner. Not just this, he has also worked as a Head Chef at Wooden Hill. Jordan is married to Thenedra, and the couple share four children together. Not just this, the television personality is also an artist and even works on commission. Fans and readers can find the creative’s work through his Instagram account – JROOTSArt.

Eddie Jackson Hosts Multiple Food Shows Now

After displaying his skills on the field as an NFL player, Eddie decided to diversify his abilities and audition for ‘MasterChef.’ After the show, the athlete went on to win Food Network’s ‘Star Season.’ He is currently the owner and operator of Rosehill Beer Garden. Besides this, he also owns a private chef and works as a personal trainer.

The television personality has also hosted Food Network’s ‘Eddie Jackson’s Game Day Playbook’ and ‘Eddie Jackson’s Fitness Playbook.’ When he’s not fulfilling his work duties, the star likes to spend time with his friends and family. The athlete suffered a great tragedy when his daughter passed away unexpectedly. Nevertheless, he continues to make great strides as a professional.

Bethy Rossos is Spending Time With Family

Despite failing to take the top spot in the competition, Bethy has managed to scale as a professional. She has since offered cookery classes and even helmed her private catering services. The television personality briefly opened her waffle food truck in Oregon and competed in the local Great American Seacook Cook-Off. Besides this, she currently overlooks the operations of Cooking Rustic, where clients can avail of products recommended by the chef through her Instagram. Bethy has also hosted ‘Adrenaline Hunter’ and continues to enjoy life with her family, siblings, nieces and nephews.

Savannah Sturges is a School Prinicpal

The educator displayed her passion for cooking throughout her time on the season. Having received a boot from the show, Savannah went on to explore other avenues of success. She established her private catering service and even opened a blog to share the latest recipes and contact new clients. Besides this, she continued her association in the educational sector. Since then, she has worked as a Program manager and even Director of Special Education. She is currently the Principal at Chula Vista Elementary School District and specializes in K-12 Education and Special Education. On the personal front, she also enjoys domestic bliss with her husband and twins.

Lynn Chyi is Working as an Engineering Manager

The former Systems Administrator was eliminated from the cooking competition after his eggs failed to win over the judges. Since his time on the show, Lynn has returned to his career in corporate. He was formerly a Photographer and a UX Designer at Illumin. Currently, the seasoned engineer with an in-depth knowledge of systems and markets is working as an Engineering Manager for the Web Platform at Robinhood. The California-based individual was also a Design System Engineering Manager at Workday.

Jonny Blanchard is Living a Private Life Now

Wielding power tools and kitchen knives, Jonny became known for his unique skills in the kitchen. Since hsi appearance on the show, the carpenter has continued to keep his life under wraps. Besides becoming a father and getting married, he has stayed in his career trajectory. Despite not pursuing a career in the restaurant industry, he still finds new milestones in his personal and professional life.

How did Beth Kirby Die?

The former writer and photographer from Tennessee went on to solidify her footprints in the creative and food industry. The television personality was known as a brilliant food photographer with great credentials. Despite this, Beth faced several medical issues. After contracting cancer, the photographer fought a long battle with the disease. Alas, in 2022, her husband, Matthew Ludwikowski, revealed that Beth passed away at the age of 38 on March 30 after a long battle with cancer. Nevertheless, she has left behind a trousseau of memories and warmth.

Bime Cruz is a YouTube Creator Now

While his lemon meringue pie failed to keep him in the competition, the chef has since climbed new ladders of success. Besides working at Stoneforge Tavern, The Foundry and American Table and Bar, Blime is also the Head Chef at Cibo Matto Cafe. Currently, he hosts the ‘Blind Kitchen Boston.’ Since diverting from the field of medicine, chef Bime continues to share snippets of his work for fans to view. The YouTube and TikTok creator is also happy in his personal life and shares happiness with his daughter, Amaya. Fans can also find his specially chosen products on his profile.

Howard Simpson is an Instagram Creator Now

The military veteran who left the service in 2011 competed as an emerging home cook in ‘MasterChef.’ Since his appearance, Howard has excelled at great lengths. He briefly managed a bar before taking the Chef position at Hillstone Restaurants. He also worked at R + D Kitchen Newport before kickstarting his auto detailing business. He currently oversees Simpson Grunt Works’s operations and owns and operates Pushing Daisies, a cocktail lounge. Besides work, Howard is an Instagram creator and regularly posts snippets of his life with friends and family.

Kathy Prieto Runs Her Own Catering Companies Now

The Puerto Rican was working as an office assistant when she decided to channel her knowledge of spices and passion for food into her cooking. Despite getting an early boot from the competition, the mother has continued to scale her abilities. After training at Gordon’s London restaurant, she kickstarted her catering companies, Fire’s Flaming Kitchen and Raad Kitchen. She has also appeared in ‘El Ultimo Aliento.’ The food enthusiast continues to post her latest creations in the kitchen on social media.

Malcolm Green Has His Own Catering Service Now

The Massachusetts-based individual eventually got eliminated after his cupcakes failed to win the judge’s hearts. After the show, Malcolm went on to open his catering service entitled Malia’s Catering. He has also appeared on the ‘Old Soul Young World’ podcast and worked at several pop events. Besides this, he also creates and sells custom cakes online. He has since participated in several local challenges and continues to display healthy cooking tips. On the personal front, he enjoys life with his wife and children.

Adriana Guillen is a TikTok Creator Now

Leaving behind her career as an admission officer, Adriana has since worked to enhance her skills in the kitchen. The chef now owns her private practice entitled Authentically Mexican Deliciously Vegetarian. The YouTube creator specializes in rustic Mexican cuisine and even provides cooking classes. Besides helping people imbibe plant-based cooking, she also has an online store where fans can buy an assortment of items. Besides this, the Instagram and TikTok creator regularly posts snippets of her vlogs and cooking videos online.

Sasha Foxx is Focusing on Her Music Career

From a burgeoning career as a gifted musician to finding her penchant for cooking, Sasha has consistently explored the boundaries of her creativity. Despite getting an early boot from the show, the television personality went on to appear in ‘America’s Got Talent’ and focus on her singing career. She has since appeared in various singing segments and worked on several shows such as Cannes, Ebony Cabaret and ABC. Besides displaying her talent in pop-up diners, Sasha also explores different aspects of success with her friends and family.

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