Masterchef Australia Season 6: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Launching onto screens with sizzling anticipation, season 6 of ‘MasterChef Australia’ hit the airwaves in May 2014, courtesy of Network Ten. As the culinary battlefield unfolded, various contestants showcased their gastronomic prowess. Fast forward to today, and these kitchen warriors have embarked on captivating culinary adventures. Some have become culinary maestros, wowing food enthusiasts with their innovative creations. Others have taken unexpected turns, using the skills honed in the kitchen to spice up different aspects of their lives.

Brent Owens Has Taken a Break From Cooking

Image Credit: Dstv/Youtube

Brent Owens, the triumphant winner of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 6, has seamlessly integrated his culinary prowess into various ventures since his victory. Notably, he made a memorable return to the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen in season 7, serving as a guest judge. Continuing his involvement with the show, he played a supportive role in season 10, offering guidance to the Top 50 contestants. Beyond the ‘MasterChef’ realm, he ventured into culinary authorship, penning the cookbook ‘Dig In!.’ In 2015, he founded Madens Food Group, marking his entrepreneurial foray into the food industry.

He expanded his global culinary experiences, embarking on a tour of Italy with Zonin1821, where he documented and shared insights about the company, its wines, and the hospitality experiences provided at their vineyards. Brent’s television career extended to Star World TV, India, where he served as a presenter in 2017, engaging in a full promotional tour throughout Mumbai and Delhi. He further showcased his versatility as a presenter and co-producer in the TV series ‘Brent Owens Unwrapped,’ exploring the undiscovered landscapes of South Africa. While his culinary journey remains a focal point, he diversified his career path.

After working as a cook, he pursued studies in life sciences at Harvard University and co-founded Vitrafy Life Sciences in 2017, a biotech company. Demonstrating his commitment to the field, Brent is set to attend the Asia Bio Partnering Forum in 2024. He maintains privacy when it comes to his personal and family life. He now resides in Melton, Melbourne, with his partner Madison Ancrum.

Laura Sharrad Co-Owns Two Restaurants With Her Chef Husband

Laura Sharrad, formerly known as Laura Cassai, again captivated audiences in ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 12, where she showcased unwavering resilience and secured the runner-up position for the second time. Undeterred by the outcome, her culinary journey continued into season 13, where she assumed a different role—appearing as a guest for a masterclass. This highlighted her growth and expertise in the culinary world, reinforcing her enduring presence on the ‘MasterChef’ stage. Post-‘MasterChef,’ she achieved a significant milestone by securing a coveted position as a Junior Chef at Jock Zonfrillo’s renowned Restaurant Orana in Adelaide. This opportunity allowed her to further hone her skills under the mentorship of a culinary luminary.

Laura’s culinary influence extended beyond the restaurant’s kitchen. She worked with San Remo Pasta, endorsing their brands, participating in events, creating recipes, conducting cooking demonstrations, and contributing to Kitchen Garden Programs in local schools. Her multifaceted role showcased her commitment to the culinary industry and community engagement. Diversifying her career, she became the host of ‘My Market Kitchen,’ where she continued to share her culinary expertise with a broader audience. Her dedication to philanthropy became evident as she assumed the role of an Ambassador for the Starlight Foundation Australia, contributing to charitable causes.

In a heartwarming personal development, Laura found love in Max Sharrad, whom she met during her tenure at Restaurant Orana in 2015. Following their wedding in 2018, the couple embarked on a joint culinary venture, opening their restaurant, Nido, in Adelaide in 2019. Amid personal joys and challenges, she shared a poignant moment in 2023, revealing her experience of a miscarriage. In October 2023, she joyfully announced that she was expecting a baby again, due in April 2024. This personal revelation added a layer of warmth to her journey, emphasizing the interconnectedness of her culinary and personal life.

Emelia Jackson is a Cake and Dessert Designer Today

Emelia Jackson, a standout contestant from ‘MasterChef Australia,’ competed again in season 12 and won the show. Her triumphant victory marked the beginning of a multifaceted journey that showcased not only her cooking prowess but also her enduring presence in subsequent seasons. Beyond her initial triumph, she returned to the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen as a guest judge in season 13 and season 15, where she showcased her skills as a guest judge for elimination challenges, solidifying her status as a respected authority in the culinary realm.

In 2022, Emelia released her book, ‘First, Cream the Butter and Sugar.’ This literary venture provided a platform for her to share her culinary wisdom and recipes with a broader audience. Her professional journey included a stint as the Community Manager at Peter Jackson Australia, demonstrating her versatility beyond the kitchen. Her expertise in content development was showcased during her tenure at YourGrocer, a Melbourne-based food tech start-up, in 2016. She also contributed to ‘The Great Food Show,’ Turismo International, Bain & Company, and Twenty Something London.

A notable achievement in Emelia’s repertoire is her role as a columnist for Good Food Australia, where she continues to share her culinary insights with a wider audience. In her entrepreneurial pursuits, she launched Emelia Jackson Cake Designs, adding a creative dimension to her culinary endeavors. On a personal note, her life blossomed with the arrival of her family. In 2021, she and her partner, Craig Gersbach, welcomed their daughter Addie, followed by the birth of their son, Mac, in 2023.

Jamie Fleming Owns a Restaurant and Wine Bar

Jamie Fleming, the owner of Alba Bar & Deli, has carved a niche for himself in the culinary scene. His restaurant, listed among the top in Asia Pacific, stands as a testament to his culinary expertise. Beyond the kitchen, he served as an ambassador for Diageo and co-created the adventurous Jamie & Nick’s Hitch Hikers Guide. Married with two children, Jamie continues to thrive in the culinary world.

Tracy Collins Owns and Runs The Loft

Tracy Collins appeared again in season 12. Her culinary journey extended into the launch of Harvest Kitchen in 2016, which won the Best Regional Restaurant award. Her background in psychology, neuroscience, and yoga adds depth to her endeavors. She manages The Loft at Barossa Valley, offering self-contained accommodation. She shares her expertise through her website, featuring recipes and cooking demonstrations. Tracy is also a mother to a daughter, Finella.

Ben Macdonald Worked at The Grey Lynn 

Ben Macdonald, once, operated Ben’s Kitchen and The Grey Lynn for private functions and catering. He has since retreated from the public eye. Little is known about his current whereabouts, as he remains inactive on social media. Ben, alongside his partner and two daughters, embraces a more private life.

Amy Shields is Embracing Motherhood Today

Recognizing the opportunities that came with increased visibility, Amy Shields embarked on a venture to launch a catering business some months after the show. She has embraced another significant role in her life–that of a nursing student. Balancing these aspirations, she continues to navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood. After the show, she, alongside her husband Craig, expressed their desire to expand their family by planning to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. This decision reflected their commitment to growing their family and navigating the complexities of fertility. Now, she embraces motherhood as a mom of two boys.

Renae Smith Has Found Love Again

Renae Smith ventured into business and financial journalism at MYOB in 2018. As the lead PR and brand consultant for EvokeU in 2023, she has become a thought leader in the PR and SME industries. She also founded The Atticism in 2012. Her culinary exploits include hosting ‘What Chefs Want’ and creating the health-food brand Bake Mixes. According to the reports by Daily Mail UK, she had an abusive first marriage. But she has found love again. She now finds joy in her role as a wife and mother, residing in Greece with her husband, Pawel Wazi Wasik, and a daughter.

Sarah Todd is a Celebrated Chef Today

Sarah Todd, determined and ambitious, returned for season 14, securing the runner-up position in July 2022. Beyond ‘MasterChef,’ Sarah opened her first restaurant, Antares, in Goa, India, followed by The Wine Rack. She featured in multiple shows, including ‘My Restaurant in India’ and ‘The Perfect Serve.’ In 2024, she unveiled The Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen in India and co-founded Hot Toddy Chilli Sauce. As a single mom, Sarah’s journey is marked by culinary success and personal resilience.

Colin Sheppard Still Runs His Winery

Colin Sheppard, the skilled winemaker, continues to excel in the world of wine. He is actively involved in Flaxman Wines, where he not only practices his craft but also takes pride in owning the Boutique Eden Valley Winery and Cellar Door. Colin shares his life with his wife, Fiona, and their loyal furry friend, Gus.

Kira Westwick is a Relationship Coach

Kira Westwick, a multi-talented individual, has ventured into various fields after the show. Not only is she a nutritionist, personal trainer, and Pilates & Yoga instructor, but she has also taken on the Editor & Brand Ambassador role at Clean Eating Magazine. Her expertise extends to being an Online Health and fitness expert for Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program. Presently, she is the CEO and founder of Aktivait, a health and beauty venture. After an unsuccessful marriage with Adam, she has found love again in Danny and shares a beautiful daughter with him.

Tash Shan is a Food Blogger Today

Tash Shan, the culinary artist, has embraced a career in recipe demonstrations, food styling workshops, and food photography. Her blog, A Kitchen Cat, serves as a platform where she shares cooking tips, recipes, and culinary insights. She is also recognized as a food writer with Good Food Australia and the Canberra Times. Currently, she resides in London and shares her life with her partner, Nick.

Byron Finnerty is a Regional Distribution Manager Today

Byron Finnerty pursued his culinary dreams after ‘MasterChef,’ enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu, a prestigious French cooking school. Graduating in 2016, Byron’s culinary journey led him to various roles, including being the Head Chef at Bar Milazzo in Sydney and working at a Michelin Star restaurant in Madrid, Spain. Since 2023, he has been with Made by Fressko as the Regional Distribution Manager. He also has a son, Ander Finnerty Alonso, with his partner, María Alonso.

Sam Gant is Now Studying Architecture

Sam Gant, a dynamic entrepreneur, made significant strides in the food and hospitality industry. For five years, until 2020, she served as the Founder and Managing Director of Gather & Tailor warehouse. She also directed a furniture hire company, Pepper Sprout Hire, and ran a successful catering, styling, and events business called Gathered Catering until 2023. Currently, she focuses on creative direction and sales forecasting as a Business Consultant at Gant Haus. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture at Deakin University, set to graduate in 2024. She is happily married to Celestial Grant, with whom she shares a daughter named Arkie.

Rachael Ciesiolka Owns Rachael’s Seafood Shack and Bistro

Rachael Ciesiolka, owner of Rachael’s Seafood Shack & Bistro, has made her mark in the culinary world. Her appearance in Outback Gourmet in 2018 further solidified her presence in the industry. Despite facing legal troubles in 2017 related to drinking and driving, Rachael has persevered and is happily married.

Steven Peh Now Works at a Credit and Asset Management Firm

Steven Peh has transitioned into the finance sector since his time on the show. After working with White Knight Finance, he assumed the role of Executive General Manager – Head of Residential Credit Operations at La Trobe Financial. His educational journey includes completing a Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Broking Management at Kaplan Professional.

Sean Baxter is a Brand Director Today

Sean Baxter, co-founder and Brand Director at Never Never Distilling Co. has found success in the world of spirits. He previously held positions as a National Ambassador for Diageo Whisky and was also recognized as a National Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker and The Classic Malts. He is now happily married and a proud father of two boys.

Scott Yeoman Runs His Catering Company

Scott Yeoman embarked on a culinary adventure that extended beyond the television screen. Co-launching The Window Cnr Cafe, he ventured into the world of cafes by offering a unique culinary experience. Building on his success, he expanded his horizons with The Rusted Nail, a business specializing in catering, private dining, and event hosting. Beyond the kitchen, he has found love in a relationship with Carly Paterson.

Emily Loo Keeps a Low Profile on The Internet

After the show, Emily Loo embraced the digital space, running a blog where she shared recipes and cooking demos. However, as time passed, she chose to maintain a low profile on the internet, leaving fans curious about her culinary adventures.

Nicole Cleave is Leading a Happy Life in Perth

Nicole Cleave’s life took a familial turn post-‘MasterChef’ season 6. Currently, she resides in Perth with her husband. The couple head a family of five, with three kids bringing joy to their household. Their frequent vacations offer a glimpse into their tight-knit family, showcasing the balance between culinary passion and family life.

Deepali Behar is a Dentist Today

Image Credit: Lakelands Family Dental

Deepali Behar, a multifaceted talent, co-founded Lakelands Family Dental with her husband, Dr. Jordan Behar, which showcases her prowess as a dentist. Beyond dentistry, she is a skilled cake baker. Her family, which comprises two lovely kids, two cheeky dogs, and a cat, paints a picture of a fulfilling life both in and out of the kitchen.

Brendan Langfield is Now a Leader in Simulation and Decision Sciences

Brendan Langfield’s journey has been a fascinating blend of science, art, and personal milestones. Joining GHD in April 2022, he steadily climbed the professional ladder, achieving the position of Team Leader – Simulation & Decision Sciences in 2023. With a background in physics from the Queensland University of Technology and previous roles at Services Australia and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, his diverse experiences shaped his career.

Parallel to his professional success, Brendan is an accomplished artist affiliated with the Aspire Gallery. He got married to Lauren in 2023 and also bought a Mini Cooper in the same year. He is not just a scientist but also a painter, portraying the beauty of both science and art in his life.

Cecilia Vuong Now Teaches Mathematics

Undeterred by her previous stint on ‘MasterChef,’ Cecilia Vuong made a determined comeback in season 8. She has transitioned from the kitchen to the classroom, becoming a mathematics teacher. Embracing the digital age, Cecilia runs a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching mathematics, showcasing her versatility. Still passionate about baking, she continues to create delightful cakes, collaborating with different brands. As a single mother to her daughter, her journey reflects resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to her passions.

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