MasterChef Canada Season 3: Where Are the Contestants Now?

In the heart of culinary battles, the contestants of CTV’s ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 3, which kicked off on February 14, 2016, showcased their skills, turning pots and pans into weapons of gastronomic glory. The intense competition brought out the best in each participant, as they faced mystery boxes and pressure tests, creating dishes that left a lasting imprint on taste buds. Fast forward to today, and these culinary warriors have scattered across the culinary realm. While some helm renowned kitchens, others have become culinary influencers who share their passion online. All of them contribute uniquely to the vibrant tapestry of the food world.

Mary Berg Now Hosts Her Own TV Show

Mary Berg has transformed her culinary passion into a full-fledged empire. Since her appearance on the show, she has soared to new heights, becoming a household name in the Canadian culinary scene. Her journey post-‘MasterChef’ has been nothing short of spectacular. Immediately following her stint on the show, she wasted no time in making her mark. The culinary maestro has hosted not one but two television cooking shows – ‘Mary’s Kitchen Crush’ in 2019 and ‘Mary Makes It Easy,’ which premiered in 2021. Her daytime talk show, ‘The Good Stuff with Mary Berg,’ debuted in 2023, showcasing her affable personality and culinary expertise.

‘Mary’s Kitchen Crush’ clinched the Canadian Screen Award for Best Lifestyle Series while she took home the accolade for Best Lifestyle Host. Her impact extended beyond television, as she stars in ‘Mary’s Big Kitchen Party.’ Mary even lent her culinary expertise as a consultant for a ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ episode, displaying her versatility. In addition to her TV success, she has ventured into the world of literature, releasing three cookbooks: ‘Kitchen Party’ in 2019, ‘Well Seasoned’ in 2021, and ‘In Mary’s Kitchen’ in 2023. These literary endeavors have not only garnered recognition but also reinforced her position as a culinary authority.

Mary’s influence reaches beyond the screen and page. She co-hosted the CTV show ‘Cross Country Cake Off,’ which premiered in December 2022, showcasing her commitment to exploring the diverse culinary landscape of Canada. Furthermore, she has created a space called ‘Mary Eats,’ where she shares her favorite dining spots in Toronto and worldwide. Maintaining a strong online presence, she operates a dedicated website called A Small Stove, where she regularly updates fans with her latest ventures, recipes, and tips and tricks.

In July 2023, she announced her foray into the podcast realm with ‘Mary’s Reservation for Two,’ promising an intimate culinary experience for her listeners. However, fame often comes with challenges. Mary has encountered the downside of stardom, with bizarre and falsified ads circulating on social media, attempting to tarnish her reputation. Despite this, she continues to reside in Toronto, Ontario, alongside her husband, Aaron Mariash, navigating the culinary world with resilience and grace.

Jeremy Senaris Was Voted One of Canada’s Next Star Chefs

Jeremy Senaris has carved a distinct path in the culinary world since his appearance. His dedication to his craft and culinary innovation has propelled him to new heights. He returned to the ‘MasterChef Canada’ stage in season 7, reaffirming his culinary prowess. Recognized as one of Canada’s Next Star Chefs by The Globe & Mail in 2020, he has continued to shine in the culinary arena. As the head chef of Lasahan, Jeremy is a private chef and has a catering service as well. He infuses creativity into traditional Filipino dishes by showcasing a modern take on culinary traditions. His commitment to giving back is evident through his participation in Fight for Charity 2024, where he fights for noble causes.

In June 2023, he excitedly shared his plans for a food tour, offering followers a chance to join him on a culinary adventure to a destination chosen by popular vote. He embraces the world of social media, engaging in paid partnerships and sharing his culinary creations with a broader audience. His personal life has also seen joyous milestones. In October 2022, he married the mother of his two daughters, Mileena and Mayani, in a celebration that had been postponed due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. His love for cooking extends to his family, creating a warm and vibrant home environment.

Matthew Astorga is a Private Chef

Following the show, Matthew Astorga faced a challenging period, battling a brain injury sustained in an accident. The road to recovery spanned nearly two years, but the setback did not deter him from pursuing his passion for food. Today, Matthew has emerged as a triumphant chef and content creator, showcasing his culinary skills as a private chef. His job takes him on frequent travels, allowing him to explore diverse culinary landscapes and share his experiences with a global audience. In March 2022, Matthew demonstrated his commitment to social causes by organizing a 24-hour livestream to raise one million meals for Ukraine in collaboration with the World Food Programme.

This global effort saw him joined by 24 celebrity guests from around the world, contributing to the World Food Programme’s efforts in Ukraine. Beyond his charitable endeavors, he engages with his audience through social media, sharing favorite recipes, participating in food brand collaborations, and live-streaming his cooking show. His appearance on the first Food Power Mini Doc, titled ‘Food Power TV Episode One: Let’s Save a Bee Farm,’ further illustrates his commitment to the culinary community.

Veronica Cham Has Turned Into a Gourmet Chef Today

Veronica Cham, known for her unique perspective as more of a taster than a cook, has embarked on a culinary journey that aligns with her passion for savoring flavors rather than creating them. Following her elimination, Veronica expressed her desire to become a Michelin inspector, bestowing coveted stars upon the most exceptional dining establishments. True to her words, Veronica’s social media is a visual feast of beautiful food pictures and snapshots of her travels to Michelin-starred restaurants. Her focus remains on the art of tasting, and she has taken a hiatus from the kitchen. In 2019, Veronica tied the knot, marking a personal milestone amid her culinary adventures.

April Lee Baker Has Retired From Professional Cooking

April Lee Baker tried her luck once again after season 3 and contested in season 7 but the journey took an unexpected turn when she had to quit due to back pain. Her resilience and belief in herself, instilled by the show, paved the way for a successful career in catering, private chef roles, and as an executive chef in downtown Calgary. Currently retired, she has ventured into acting and is associated with Faces of Wendy, a Talent Agent. Despite facing personal losses, including her two cats in 2023, April and her husband, Joshua Princess Baker, along with their two boys, are renovating their home, marking a new chapter in their lives.

Shawn Karls is Now an Attending Physician

Shawn Karls has seamlessly blended his culinary passion with a distinguished medical career. As a nuclear medicine specialist, Shawn pursued further studies, including a Cancer Imaging Fellowship at Harvard University. His journey led him to prominent roles at prestigious medical institutions. He currently works as an Attending Physician in Montreal, Quebec. Shawn’s personal life reflects a balance between his professional endeavors and a fulfilling relationship with Marie-Pierre Castonguay.

Terrance “Terry” Adido Has no Further Interest in TV Cookery 

Dr. Terry Adido earned his PhD in 2017 and participated in global initiatives, showcasing a multifaceted career. While his culinary website, Grated Nutmeg, is inactive, Terry remains committed to empowering impoverished communities. His journey reflects a shift from TV cookery to impactful work addressing issues of poverty and malnutrition. He said that he has no further interest in TV Cookery.

Jennifer Baglione Owns Baglione Stagione

Jennifer Baglione has transformed her ‘MasterChef Canada’ experience into entrepreneurial success. As the owner of Baglione Stagione in Toronto, Jennifer got linked with Tre’dish, a platform empowering local food entrepreneurs. Beyond her restaurant, she engages with the community through cooking classes and workshops, further solidifying her impact on the culinary landscape.

Jacqueline Stuerzl is a Professional Artist Today

Jacqueline Clark, now known as Jacqueline Stuerzl, has embarked on a fascinating artistic venture. Initially, she worked part-time at David Jorge’s restaurant in Langley. Her professional path evolved as she took on roles such as an Accounting Clerk at the District of Mission, an accountant for Fraser Valley Regional District and City of Langley, and a stint at Molson Coors Beverage Company until 2023. However, her true passion led her to a new chapter as a Professional Fine Artist. Specializing in whimsical nature-based artwork, particularly focusing on wildlife, she showcased her talent at various exhibitions, including the 2023 Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver and the Ottawa Square Foot Show.

Her dedication to her craft was recognized with the Uniqueness Winner award at the Milan Art Institute Art Club in 2022. Furthermore, she continued her educational journey, completing the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program in 2022. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Jacqueline didn’t shy away from professional growth. Since 2023, she has taken on the role of a Senior Financial Reporting Analyst at Petcurean. Notably, she graduated with distinction from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2019, earning a Bachelor of Technology in Accounting. Adding to her credentials, Jacqueline obtained her Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) designation in 2022. In 2023, Jacqueline tied the knot with Eric Stuerzl, marking a personal milestone.

Michelle Nault is Now a Principal

Michelle Nault, a teacher during her ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 3 journey, has transitioned into the role of a principal. Maintaining a private life, she is happily married and a proud mother of three children.

Julia Maglian Married Her Long Time Partner in 2023

Julia Maglian, earlier known as Julia Mark, faced a formidable opponent off-screen, battling and overcoming breast cancer. Post-recovery, she delved into entrepreneurship by investing in a beauty bar specializing in makeup, microblading, and lash extensions. She pursued her love for competitive cooking shows by participating in ‘Wall of Chefs.’ In 2017, she founded Glam Gourmet, a YouTube channel where she shares food blogs, cooking, and life experiences. She married her long-time boyfriend, Japes, in 2023 and documented their honeymoon, creating a food vlog. Her inspiring journey is encapsulated in the documentary ‘Beyond the Lens.’

Sean Hickey Owns a Food Truck Today

Sean Hickey took the culinary scene by storm, owning and operating the successful food truck, Big Daddy Bacon, in London, Ontario. Additionally, he embraces grandfatherhood.

Vincent “Vince” Spitale is a Home Renovation Specialist Today

Vincent “Vince” Spitale has carved a niche for himself with Eatdrinklaugh, offering catering, private events, room and equipment rentals, cooking classes, and more. His venue, a small but mighty space, hosts private parties and corporate events. Vince, a family man, faced the loss of his mother in 2023 but continues to live happily with his wife and twin daughters. Notably, he appeared on ‘Recipe for Disaster’ with a friend. He also owns Kitchen And Bath Guys, a Home Renovation Specialists company.

David Young Keeps His Life Private

David Young, the New Brunswick carpenter, reflected on his intense ‘MasterChef’ experience, expressing disappointment in his elimination. After the show, he took a hiatus, focusing on self-improvement. Although he disappeared from the limelight, his journey now remains a mystery, and fans wish him the best in his endeavors.

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