MasterChef Canada Season 7: Where Are the Contestants Now?

In season 7 of CTV’s ‘MasterChef Canada: Back to Win,’ which premiered on February 14, 2021, contestants from diverse backgrounds and culinary expertise returned to compete for the prestigious title. These talented individuals, hailing from various provinces and territories across Canada, brought a wealth of experience and passion into the kitchen. Viewers witnessed a dynamic mix of cooking styles and flavors as they faced new challenges and showcased their culinary skills. Whether from bustling urban centers or picturesque rural landscapes, the contestants’ journeys unfolded against the backdrop of their unique personal stories, creating an engaging and competitive culinary spectacle for audiences nationwide.

Christopher Siu Has Successfully Opened Four Eateries

After his initial appearance in season 2, Christopher Siu returned to compete in season 7, emerging as the victorious chef. Following his debut, he resumed his studies at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, completing rotations and earning his degree. Post-academic endeavors, he became a community pharmacist in Oshawa, Ontario, before venturing into entrepreneurship. He successfully established DaanGo Cake Lab, a thriving pastry shop with four locations, showcasing his culinary prowess. Noteworthy achievements adorn Siu’s journey, including winning the 2019 Toronto Kam Cha competition and securing the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs’ Young Entrepreneur Award in 2020.

His commitment to innovation extends beyond the kitchen, as Siu explores the fusion of AI with flavors, designs, and recipes. In 2021, he tied the knot with his wife, Angela Siu, marking a significant milestone in his life. The couple, who are avid travelers, share a love for exploring new destinations. The same year, they took the plunge into homeownership, moving into a new house together. His story exemplifies a culinary triumph and a multifaceted journey into entrepreneurship and innovation, both in and out of the kitchen.

Andrew “Andy” Hay Owns a Content Studio

Andrew “Andy” Hay, now the Principal at the East Coast Kitchen, leads a content studio solely dedicated to crafting captivating food content. This studio, named The East Coast Kitchen, focuses entirely on making food products the star refreshingly and excitingly. From live virtual cook-alongs and recipes to blogs, photography, video creation, social media content, appearances, and brand partnerships, the East Coast Kitchen covers all aspects of engaging culinary content.

Not only has Andy cooked meals for former Prime Ministers, G7 politicians, pro athletes, and international executives, but he has also ventured into exciting collaborations and aid partnerships. He has also launched a new venture called The Home Cooks Club, serving as a platform for food enthusiasts. In this club, he shares recipes and cooking insights. His culinary expertise has also graced the screen on ‘The Good Stuff with Mary Berg.’ He is a loving husband and a doting father to two daughters.

Dorothea “Thea” VanHerwaarden Graced the Screens on Various Canadian Networks

Dorothea “Thea” VanHerwaarden’s culinary journey continued beyond ‘MasterChef Canada,’ flourishing into a diverse career. Returning to the ‘MasterChef’ stage in season 7, she secured the runner-up title, showcasing her culinary finesse once again. Post show,’ Thea ventured into entrepreneurship. She founded her company, Theasty, specializing in recipe development, food photography, private dinners, and culinary classes. This venture established her as a culinary force resonating with gastronomic fans nationwide. Beyond the kitchen, Thea proved her managerial skills as the Manager of a Private Client Group at Shaw Sabey & Associates until 2020. In a significant career shift, she joined Axis Insurance in the same year, currently holding the position of Insurance Expert and Senior Vice President.

The year 2023 marked another achievement as she joined Wharton Executive Education CAPI, alongside co-chairing the Arthritis Society Canada. Notable in the insurance industry, Thea received the esteemed PL Broker of the Year award in 2018 from IBABC. Recognition continued in 2021 as she became a Young Achiever of the Year Finalist by Insurance Business Magazine. She also graced the screens on various Canadian networks. Amidst her thriving career, she made time to share her culinary wisdom on platforms like ‘Bachelor On a Budget’ and ‘CTV Morning Live’ and gained recognition for her famous steak tacos. Her expertise extended to cooking demonstrations and culinary consultations, solidifying her position in the culinary landscape. Marital bliss entered her life in 2019 when she married John Colin Dowling.

April Lee Baker Has Turned to Acting

In the culinary saga of April Lee Baker, ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 7 brought unexpected challenges, forcing her to exit due to back pain. Undeterred, April’s resilience, fostered by the show, led to a flourishing career in catering and executive chef roles in downtown Calgary. Now retired, she’s embraced acting and collaborates with Faces of Wendy, a Talent Agent. Personal setbacks, like losing her two cats in 2023, didn’t deter April and her husband, Joshua Princess Baker. They’re currently renovating their home, marking a fresh chapter with their two boys.

Andrew Al-Khouri Runs a Restaurant With Zero-Waste Ethos

Andrew Al-Khouri, the determined ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 7 contender, embarked on a different journey. In 2017, he established a culinary haven named aFrite Restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he showcased his skills by blending Mediterranean and Syrian fusion with a zero-waste ethos. aFrite pays homage to Andrew’s mother and stands as proof of his culinary expertise and allegiance to sustainability. The resilient chef’s dedication to his craft shines through, creating a unique dining experience for patrons in Halifax.

Mai Nguyen Hosts Dumpling Pop-Up Shops

Starting her culinary journey in Edmonton, Mai Nguyen worked the line at two prominent restaurants, Prairie Noodle Shop and Biera. As the chef and owner of Gourmai, she specializes in crafting a variety of dumplings and catering private dinners and events. Beyond her restaurant endeavors, Mai showcased her skills on the first season of ‘The Traitors Canada’ in 2023. In 2019, Mai joined Get Cooking’s culinary team, passionately extending her expertise to teaching.

She also hosts dumpling pop-up shops, creating engaging experiences for enthusiasts. Although her blog is no longer active, Mai’s impact on the culinary scene continues to expand, particularly through her mastery of dumplings. Her journey illustrates a progression from the kitchens of Edmonton to becoming a notable figure in the world of dumplings and culinary education.

Marissa Leon-John Has Her Own Line of Spices

Marissa Leon-John, owner of Elle Jya’s and a private chef, is a culinary entrepreneur with a diverse range of offerings. Engaging in recipe development, team-building cooking classes, speaking engagements, social media campaigns, and product demonstrations, her influence extends beyond the kitchen. Her venture, Fairy Dust Spices, showcases her own line of spices. Corporate collaborations are facilitated through Quell Now, expanding her reach in the culinary world. She also has a beautiful soulmate in her soul who supports her in all ways.

Barrie McConachie Founded Two Culinary Companies

Barrie McConachie, known for his bold and unfiltered opinions, is an active presence on Twitter, engaging in discussions that reflect his passion for various subjects. Since 2021, he has held the position of Human Resources Investigator at the Interior Health Authority. Until 2019, he contributed to Global Employment Compliance at Hootsuite Media Inc., showcasing his adaptability.

In 2019, a significant career move saw him join the BC Liquor Distribution Branch as an Employee Relations Specialist. Barrie has also founded two culinary companies, The Bear Cooks and Date Plates, demonstrating his diverse culinary talents. As a private chef, he lends his expertise to dinner parties, corporate events, menu planning, and team-building experiences. He is happily married to Jennifer Rikely, and they have a lovely dog, Harvey.

Jennifer “Jen” Jenkins is a Lifestyle Coach Today

Jennifer “Jen” Jenkins, a lifestyle coach, mother of two, and homemaker, embraces the role of a major organizer in her household. Despite the challenges, including the passing of her grandma in 2022, her life revolves around her kids. Venturing into fitness, she has also developed her fitness application, aligning with her newfound passion.

Dora Cote Continues to be a Plumber

Dora Cote, a plumber and private chef, faced health challenges in 2021 when a parathyroid gland grew into a ball-sized tumor. After successful surgery, she recovered and continued pursuing her goals. In 2022, she shared her journey of obtaining a first-class gas ticket in Nova Scotia, breaking barriers as the first woman to be trained as a Tech 1 Gas Fitter in the province. Her resilience shines through her dual roles in the trades and culinary arts.

Jeremy Senaris Went on a Food Tour in 2023

Jeremy Senaris, head chef of Lasahan, was recognized as one of Canada’s Next Star Chefs by The Globe & Mail in 2020. In 2023, infusing creativity into traditional Filipino dishes, he showcased a modern take on culinary traditions by offering his followers a chance to join him on a culinary adventure to a destination through a Food Tour. His commitment to giving back is evident through his participation in Fight for Charity 2024. He also celebrated joyous milestones in his personal life, marrying the mother of his two daughters, Mileena and Mayani, in October 2022.

Andre Bhagwandat is a Bakery Owner Today

Andre Bhagwandat, a private chef, added a new dimension to his culinary journey by opening The Bhagy’s Bakehouse in February 2023. Starting with pop-up shops, he now boasts a standalone bakery. In 2022, he embarked on a structured gym fitness program, prioritizing his health. Andre and his partner, Amy, welcomed their first child, Zay, in 2021 and joyfully announced in December 2023 that they are expecting another child.

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