Where Is Making it Home Filmed?

One of the coziest forms of reality shows involve not people, but houses! Out of different kinds of such productions, home improvement shows are the most popular. They offer viewers a glimpse into what some expert advice can do to a house. Hint: wonders! In fact, home improvement shows have become so popular that a channel is entirely dedicated to it. Yes, we are talking about HGTV. The network presents a diverse array of shows around home improvement and real estate. ‘Making it Home’ is a worthy addition to their retinue.

‘Making it Home’ revolves around home renovation too. However, it offers more practical advice than most house-flipping shows. It offers residents advice on how to renovate their houses themselves. Instead of flipping houses for them, the show provides them with the know-how to make decisions regarding what items to splurge on, and what items to save on. In this manner, ‘Making it Home’ sets itself apart. Hence, it might be the most informational of all home improvement series.

‘Making it Home’ is hosted by the couple, Kourtney and Dave Wilson. The duo is best known for hosting ‘Masters of Flip.’ As the name suggests, the couple is seen flipping houses for profit in ‘Masters of Flip.’ The two met in Nashville and are extremely passionate about music.

Making it Home with Kortney and Dave Filming Locations

‘Making it Home with Kortney and Dave’ is a home renovation show. Hence, it is set in different houses where the renovation is carried out. Like most home improvement series, the houses selected are in close proximity to each other for logistical reasons. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the houses depicted in ‘Making it Home’ are located. Where is the show filmed?

Nashville, Tennessee

According to local sources, filming for ‘Making it Home with Kortney and Dave’ is carried out in Nashville, Tennessee. “We are so in love with this town and passionate about the opportunity we have to transform homes here. What initially drew us to Nashville was the incredible and diverse music scene, since we are musicians, too. Now, we are smitten with the homes and real estate landscape here. Ultimately, renovating a home is like writing a song — there’s a beginning and an end and then you enjoy it,” Kortney told Tenneessean. 

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