Masters of the Air: What Happened to Gale “Buck” Cleven’s Girlfriend Marge?

Apple TV+’s ‘Masters of the Air’ follows the story of the “Bloody Hundredth,” a bomb squad in the US Air Force that earned legendary status in history for its work in the Second World War. The war drama explores several sides of the picture, not only taking the audience into the heat of the battle but also giving us insight into the characters and their personal lives. One of the main characters in the show is Major Gale “Buck” Clevens, a quiet and reserved type who is respected by everyone on his team. Before he heads to England, he spends some time with his girlfriend, Marge. What happened to her in real life?

Marge and Gale Clevens Story Came to a Tragic End

Born Marjorie Ruth Spencer, Marge met Gale Clevens when they were quite young. They had been in love even then, when the war hadn’t yet changed the world, and they were still children in Wyoming. Sometime later, their paths diverged, and they met each other again a few years later in Texas. At that time, Marge had enrolled in Texas Tech University while Clevens was in the middle of his cadet training.

When America entered the Second World War, Clevens left for England, leaving Marge at home but always keeping her in his mind. After the many trials and tribulations of the war, in which Clevens was caught as a prisoner-of-war by the Nazis and spent some time in the POW prison camps, he returned home safe and sound. On July 3, 1945, he married Marge in Lovington, New Mexico. His best friend, John “Bucky” Egan, was the best man.

While Marge and Cleven were deeply in love, they didn’t get their happily ever after, and their perfect love story came to an end about eight years later, in 1953, when Marge died. She was in her early 30s, and the cause of her sudden death is said to have been caused by a brain aneurysm. She’d been visiting her parents at the time, after which she was to go to Morton Air Force Base in California to be with her husband.

It is not confirmed whether they had any children by this point. Her death is said to have broken Cleven’s heart as he called her the love of his life. He eventually remarried and had a family of his own, but he is said to have loved Marge till his last days. Even after all these years, he still had a picture of her, showing that he never forgot her. While Marge had a short life, she impacted a lot of lives around her and was loved by everyone. She is laid to rest at Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park in Fort Worth, Texas.

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