Max and Karolina: Is the Love Never Lies Poland S2 Couple Still Together?

In Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland,’ couples come together to test the foundations of their relationships to the extreme in order to see just how strong the loyalty and honesty between them is. For some, the challenge is far from easy, especially in light of all the secrets that are revealed and the temptations that are unveiled. Consider season 2’s Maksymilian “Max” Karpiński and Karolina, who went on to become fan favorites thanks to the ups and downs they faced during their time on the show. Now, the world wants to know whether the two are still with each other or if the show ultimately led them to part ways.

Max and Karolina’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

For Max Karpiński and Karolina, the Netflix show provided a way for them to put their doubts and insecurities to rest. Max especially had doubts about Karolina’s loyalty to him, and he was determined to salvage the situation. However, things began on a shaky note when the EyeDetect test revealed that Karolina had actually hung out with a coworker without Max’s knowledge. The person was actually none other than Krzysztof, whom Max was far from fond of.

As Max shared, Krzysztof was apparently in the habit of flirting with Karolina in front of him despite knowing that she had committed. Hence, he could not understand why Karolina had been with him. However, she insisted that she had simply run into Krzysztof in a public place, and the two had decided to have coffee, denying that the meeting was pre-planned. Though slightly mollified, Max still felt that he should have been told about the meeting beforehand.

Not much later, Max and Karolina were separated, and Krzysztof was brought into the villa to cultivate a connection with his co-worker. Krzysztof commented that he had been interested in Karolina for a long time and was thankful for the choices. However, the longer he stayed, he realized that things might not be what they had seemed like. Karolina ended up confessing to everyone that the coffee meeting between her and Krzysztof had indeed been pre-planned. Krzysztof further added that he had inquired about Max before the date but was told that Max was aware of the situation.

When this news traveled to Max, he could not help but feel betrayed. However, Karolina insisted that the reason she had done so was to make Max jealous. She commented that her partner had stopped being verbally affectionate with her, and she wanted to make him jealous to see just where his heart was. She was further upset to see Max treat Monika with love and care and was especially upset when Max brought Monika breakfast, wondering why he never attempted to do such things for her.

Max and Karolina are in a Live-in Relationship

Following their reunion, Max Karpiński and Karolina did seem open to continuing their romance. Krzysztof himself had backed away from pursuing Karolina in the show itself when he realized that his perception that she might be single and available was a flawed one. The path to reconciliation was undoubtedly not easy for Max and Karolina. However, they continued to work on it, determined to ensure their desires and needs were met.

In fact, Max and Karolian now live together and have made significant changes in their lives. Karolina has sworn away from employing any tactics to make her partner jealous, while Max has started to showcase his affection for her via meaningful gestures. From cooking breakfast for Karolina to bringing her flowers, Max remains determined to cherish Karolina and ensure that she never feels the need to look for care and validation from someone else.

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