Meat the Mushroom After Shark Tank: Delicious Bacon for Vegans

In the era of evolving dietary preferences and a surge in the adoption of veganism, consumers are increasingly seeking plant-based alternatives to traditional meat products. This shift in lifestyle choices has given rise to innovative brands like Meat the Mushroom, a prominent player in the burgeoning market for meat substitutes. As consumers become more conscious of the environmental impact and health implications associated with meat consumption, the demand for flavorful and sustainable alternatives has intensified. Meat the Mushroom, introduced to the world on Season 15, Episode 12 of ‘Shark Tank,’ stands at the forefront of this new wave of products, offering a savory and eco-friendly option for those looking to embrace a plant-centric lifestyle.

Meat The Mushroom: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Meat the Mushroom, established in 2021 by Marvin Montague Jr. and his wife Aleah Rae Montague, is more than just a business venture; it’s a passionate commitment to a plant-based lifestyle. Marvin, having embraced veganism for seven years, underwent a transformative journey toward better health. Battling chronic asthma since childhood, he not only found relief but also managed to reverse an early diagnosis of heart disease through the adoption of a vegan diet. This personal metamorphosis fueled Marvin’s desire to share the profound impact of clean and healthy food on overall well-being with a wider audience.

Meat the Mushroom introduces a game-changer with their Shroomacon, a plant-based bacon crafted from just five wholesome ingredients: mushrooms, olive oil, natural smoke flavor, salt, and black pepper. What distinguishes this product is its commitment to purity, excluding soy, gluten, nitrates, or cholesterol. Unlike many alternatives, Shroomacon is made from sliced mushrooms, avoiding molds and highly processed components. Each unopened packet can be conveniently frozen and stored for up to a year, while the uncooked strips from an opened pack remain fresh in the refrigerator for approximately seven days.

In an interview, Marvin Montague Jr. shared the serendipitous journey that led to the creation of Shroomacons. Inspired by the transformative impact of clean and healthy food on his well-being, Marvin envisioned opening a restaurant. During his quest to develop unique recipes, he was steadfast in ensuring that his meat alternatives would be soy-free. Bacon, being one of the last meat products he gave up, fueled his determination to provide fellow vegans with a high-quality alternative that eschewed the additives prevalent in the market. In his culinary experiments, Marvin turned to mushrooms and unintentionally birthed the innovative Shroomacon, a testament to his commitment to crafting wholesome, soy-free, and delectable vegan bacon.

Meat The Mushroom Update: Where Are They Now?

Aleah Rae Montague expressed her and her husband’s surreal experience of appearing on ‘Shark Tank,’ emphasizing that being fans of the show, the opportunity to participate in the 15th season was a dream come true. The impact of the show on their small business has been profound, elevating the brand’s success. The positive word-of-mouth reviews from notable figures, including best-selling author and Emmy winner Tabitha Brown, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Keri Hilson, and award-winning fashion designer June Ambrose, had already contributed to the product’s popularity.

However, the exposure and validation received from ‘Shark Tank’ have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in propelling Meat the Mushroom to new heights in the plant-based food industry. Meat the Mushroom offers Shroomacons for purchase through its website, where customers can choose from packs of 4 or 8. Each pack contains approximately 8-10 pieces of plant-based bacon. The pricing is set at $48 for a pack of 4 and $88 for a pack of 8. While these vegan bacon strips are also available in various retail stores nationwide, their popularity may lead to stock shortages.

The website advises customers to check with their local retailers and recommends bulk ordering due to the product’s extended shelf life, offering both convenience and accessibility for Shroomacon enthusiasts. As a small but impactful business, Meat The Mushroom takes pride in its customer-centric approach, ensuring prompt responsiveness to customer needs and concerns via email. The company has garnered a strong and positive reputation, evident in the glowing reviews on both its website and social media platforms. Satisfied customers commend Shroomacons for being the first full-flavored vegan bacon they have tasted, emphasizing its exceptional taste and quality.

Moreover, as a black-owned business based in Baltimore, Maryland, Meat The Mushroom represents diversity and entrepreneurial excellence. Supporting this business not only encourages the growth of a unique and innovative product but also contributes to the broader narrative of uplifting black-owned enterprises. With its commitment to delivering quality plant-based alternatives, Meat The Mushroom is poised for substantial success, making it an exciting venture for customers to rally behind and support.

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