Where is Megan Leavey Now? Is She Married?

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s biological drama film ‘Megan Leavey’ chronicles the career of US Marine veteran Megan Leavey, who was a part of the force deployed in Iraq with her military working dog Rex. Megan and Rex were injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) while they were serving in the city of Ramadi. The injuries paved the way for their return to the United States and their eventual separation following her honorable discharge from the army. She then fought to reunite with Rex by adopting him. More than a decade later, Megan remains an inspirational figure who propagates the strength of love!

Megan’s Life as a Marine Corp

Megan Leavey was born on October 28, 1983, in Valley Cottage, New York. After graduating from Nyack High School, Megan attended the State University of New York at Cortland but the 9/11 attacks became a turning point in her life. Even though she tried to get back on track by joining St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, it didn’t take long for her to realize that she wanted something else in life. The realization led her to the military recruiting station in Nanuet. “I just made my mind up: If I’m going to do this, let me really just go all in. I hear the Marines is the hardest branch, so if I’m going in, I’m gonna go for it all the way,” the veteran told The Journal News.

Megan was able to survive the boot camp set up on Parris Island, which led her to the Military Police School in Texas. After joining the K-9 program, she united with Sgt. Rex, the German shepherd with whom she shared her military career. Their first mission overseas began in May 2005 as they landed in Fallujah, Iraq, in May 2005. As a military police dog handler, she had to lead Rex in front of a patrol or convoy for him to sniff and find hidden explosives. The mission lasted six months and they returned to Camp Pendleton in California once it was completed. The next year, they were deployed in Ramadi.

Around four months into their second mission, Megan and Rex were injured by an improvised explosive device. Megan dealt with a brain injury, hearing loss, and PTSD, while Rex suffered from a shoulder injury and neurological concerns. Their rehabilitation lasted around a year and at the end of the same, she was honorably discharged, without Rex.

Adopting Rex

Four years after Megan’s discharge, she learned about Rex’s failing health, which stopped him from serving the force. When she realized that euthanasia was on the horizon for her beloved companion, Megan set out to adopt him. Jerry Donnellan of Rockland County Veterans Service Agency became her guiding light. With the help of Donnellan, Megan attracted the attention of the media and caused a stir to open the eyes of the people in charge. “I love the Marine Corps. I don’t want to cause a big thing, I just want to adopt my dog. He’s not well and I feel like he deserves that care,” she added to The Journal News.

Megan’s efforts were aided by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York. His team circulated a petition that supported Megan’s adoption of Rex. They were able to collect over 20,000 signatures that put, as per Schumer, “pressure on the federal government and the military to expedite the adoption,” according to The Journal News. The Yankees President Randy Levine was also on Megan’s side to lobby for the adoption. In 2012, Megan adopted Rex. Her companion, after spending eight months with her, died on December 22, 2012, due to old age. “We were together all the time. Whenever I was going through hard times, he was the one constant in my life who was there,” Megan told People about her time with Rex.

Megan Leavey is Now a Veterinary Technician

After getting honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Megan teamed up with another dog, Patriot, to work for MSA Security, based in New York. She worked as an explosive detection canine handler for over six years at the firm. After leaving the company in August 2014, she joined Old Tappan Veterinary in Norwood, New Jersey, as a veterinary technician. She continues to work in the same veterinary hospital as the head veterinary tech. Her duties at the place include assisting doctors during surgeries and dental procedures, giving vaccines and drawing blood, keeping track of the lab work, and the general care of the animals.

Even though Megan is settled in her new job, she emphasizes that she is a Marine Corp forever. “I love the Marine Corps. I have made life-long friends there. I found my niche there. Playing all day with dogs is not a bad job to have… and the camaraderie of my Marine buddies will be with me for the rest of my life. I am proud to call myself a Marine,” she told the National Purple Heart Honor Mission after getting recognized with the Genesis Legacy Medal. Megan is also a professional speaker who has delivered talks about her experiences as a Marine in several venues such as East Carolina University.

Megan is also an ambassador of dog food brands such as Royal Canin and Eukanuba. She has been attending events organized by the two companies since November 2017. The veteran was involved in the production of Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s film based on her life. She even appears in the movie as a drill instructor. “I hope people take away the message, don’t give up on something that you love. If you have a certain feeling stick with it,” Megan added to People about the message of the biographical drama. As a companion piece to the movie, Megan’s memoir is also in the works, co-written by Mindy Franklin Levine, the wife of Randy Levine.

Megan is happily married. Even though she has chosen to keep her family away from the spotlight, the veteran occasionally offers glimpses of her life with her husband and daughter. She is waiting to share her experiences with her child when the latter grows up. “So proud I can explain this to my daughter one day,” she posted on Facebook last month with a featurette about the biographical movie.

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