Megan Waterman’s Family is Keeping the Good Memories Alive Today

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Megan Waterman’s family faced a difficult reality upon learning that she had been identified as one of the four bodies discovered near Gilgo Beach in December 2010. Despite her disappearance in June of that year, the family had not anticipated such a tragic fate for her. In the documentary ‘Truth and Lies: The Hunted’ on ABC, her family recounted details about Megan’s life, the events leading to her disappearance, and the subsequent revelation of her murder.

Who is Megan Waterman’s Family?

Megan Waterman was born to Lorraine Ela and Greg Waterman after the two had separated, resulting in an unstable early life for her. Her mother revealed that, due to alcohol addiction, she missed much of her daughter’s childhood. Megan thus spent a significant portion of these years with her grandmother and her older brother, Greg Jr. Lorraine only achieved sobriety when she turned 15. In 2005, at the age of 17, she became pregnant and chose to move in with her mother. During this period, her sister, Amanda Gove, was also expecting a baby, leading the three of them to live together and create a loving home.

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All of Megan’s family, from her mother to her grandmother to her sister, describe her as a vivacious young girl. They all loved her dearly and had faith that she would do something great with her life. When her daughter was born, they saw her becoming a more responsible and reliable person. They felt that she was doing her best to provide for her family.

Megan named her daughter Lily, and as financial responsibilities increased, her struggles with drinking and drugs escalated. She found herself in the company of a troublesome group of friends. In fact, her mother alleges that it was her then-boyfriend, Akeem Cruz, who forced her into sex work and benefited from being her pimp. Lorraine, along with the rest of Megan’s family, was unaware of the nature of her work. The former only discovered the details after a grocery store clerk informed her about it, having heard a rumor.

Megan had traveled to New York for work over the weekend, leaving her 3-year-old daughter with Lorraine and assuring them she would return on Monday. She called her mother on June 5th, a Saturday, and also spoke to her grandmother around 8:30 p.m. Five hours later, at 1:30 a.m. on June 6, she left her hotel, presumed to meet a client, and was never seen again. The next morning, her boyfriend Akeem called the grandmother, inquiring about his girlfriend’s whereabouts. Concerned, everyone initiated a search for Megan, with non-profits organizing vigils and participating in efforts to locate her, all to no avail. Megan’s body was discovered on December 13, 2010, during an investigation into the disappearance of Shannan Gilbert, revealing that Megan had fallen victim to a serial killer.

Where is Megan Waterman’s Family Now?

The loss of Megan Waterman deeply affected every single one of her family members – her brother, Greg Jr., her sister Amanda Gove, her mother Lorraine Ela, and her grandmother. They hence joined together for her funeral, reminiscing about the cherished memories they shared with her. In 2020, when Megan’s daughter Lily turned 13, she expressed her sadness at not having had the opportunity to know her mother better. Lily revealed that her memories of her were blurry and relied a lot upon what her family had shared with her. Now around 16 years old, Lily is likely preparing to finish school. Raised by Megan’s family, she learned details about her mother’s death when she stumbled upon the internet’s account of the events while still in elementary school.

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Lily, along with Megan’s entire family, has emphasized their displeasure with reducing Megan’s identity solely to her occupation as a sex worker, as she was a multifaceted individual. They contend that the investigation into her disappearance and murder was poorly executed and potentially influenced by societal biases against her profession, leading to unfair treatment. Though with the arrest of Rex Heuermann and the subsequent murder charge in Megan’s case, the family is relieved that the legal process is finally progressing. Actively participating in a support group with other victims’ families, they aim to share Megan’s story and commemorate her more holistically, focusing on the positive aspects of her life. Lily expresses hope for the case to be resolved, bringing accountability to her mother’s alleged killer.

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