Where Are Meka and Michael From Married at First Sight Now?

What is it like to fall in love with a complete stranger? More so, how would it be like to marry someone you have just met, right then and there? If these scenarios are tough to imagine, Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ holds the answers. The reality TV show puts together hopeless romantics for whom marriage is the answer to that internal quest to find love.

The experimental format, though complex and unconventional, has produced some positive results. All that said, though marriage is on the cards, love might not be. The viewers are hooked the moment they say, ‘I do.’ If you have been following up with the couples of season 10, then you might want to read ahead.

Meka and Michael: Married At First Sight Journey

Meka comes from Baltimore. Being the oldest among her siblings, she was raised by her mother alone. After having struggled with self-worth in past relationships, Meka took a leap of faith by agreeing to be a part of ‘Married at First Sight.’ Michael lost his mother early in his childhood. Since then, he has been living with his aunt and cousin in Washington, DC. Michael, too, stepped into the show to find the partner of his dreams.


Meka and Michael, however, were off to a rocky start right from the day of their wedding. The two seemed to disconnect right off the bat in coming to a consensus regarding the timelines they have in mind for starting a family. The height of the problems probably emerged when Meka called Michael insensitive at every juncture for his actions. For many who viewed the show, it definitely didn’t seem like they were going to make it. It is true that they could verbally commit about taking certain initiatives, but for the most part, they were unable to come together and sort out their differences.

Are Meka and Michael Still Together?

The two keep their Instagram pages private. This could be a necessary mandate until the final episode airs. In any case, if the past couple of episodes have been any kind of an indicator, it is that Meka does not trust Michael as she believes that he repeatedly lies. This is something the two have talked over multiple times to no effect. If one were to count the number of times Meka has smiled post her marriage, that gives us an answer.


Michael, on his end, talks about how Meka is always at him, pointing out mistakes without giving him a chance to be vulnerable. However, when Meka came forward to speak on Lifetime’s ‘Unfiltered,’ she opened up about how it isn’t his job or his salary; that is the problem, but the fact that he repeatedly keeps lying about it. She doesn’t seem as bothered about the issues as much as she was bothered by how he reacts to it.

In the midst of optimism and truth, considering how their journey has been going so far, it can best be surmised that it doesn’t look like they are together anymore. The cyclic loop they have caught themselves in might have been the end of their brief marriage.

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