Who Is Mel Schilling, The Married At First Sight Expert?

Unlike other reality dating shows, ‘Married At First Sight’ has the participants already paired up by relationship experts, after which they immediately get thrust into a committed relationship where they then must figure out how to adjust to a newly married life with a complete stranger. The couples do have access to the experts to help them with all their troubles and problems, but it is mostly their own connections and behavior that determines how their relationship fares on the series.

The relationship experts analyze and determine every aspect of a participant’s profile before pairing them up with somebody else. While one expert focuses on how an individual’s brain can affect a relationship, the other focuses on their behavior and old habits. One such expert on the show is Mel Schilling.

Who Is Mel Schilling?

Mel Schilling or Melanie Schilling is a 48-year-old Australian human behavior and performance specialist. Not only is she just a romantic relationship expert, but she has also had the opportunity to successfully work with people from all stages of life – from dating to relationships, to parenthood, to career relationships and even with people going through a divorce.

Having more than 20 years of experience in this line of work as a therapist, business consultant, and leadership coach, Mel is extremely passionate about educating, motivating, and inspiring people to be their best possible selves. She believes that a person can only be genuinely happy in life if they are satisfied with their relationships with the people who surround them.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor’s in Psychology degree from the Deakin University along with a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Victoria, Mel has worked as not only a therapist but as a public speaker and motivator as well.

With her thorough education in psychology coupled up with her years of experience, Mel has developed a unique delivery, which, more often than not, includes light-hearted humor full of information, that enables her point to come across in a completely effective way. As an advocate for mental health, Mel also focuses on self-confidence and courage. Because of her success in her line of work and her personality, she has been a part of the Australian edition of ‘Married At First Sight’ for the last five years.

Mel spent ten years in Melbourne as a single woman actively involved in the dating game, so she knows a lot about the dating world from her personal experience as well. This was, of course, before she met the love of her life, Gareth, when she was 40. The two got into a serious relationship quite quickly and went down the IVF road to have their daughter, Maddie, when Mel was 42. The couple got married just last year in a small yet beautiful ceremony in Bali.


Honestly, if you want to be inspired every day and know how to be more confident and build healthy relationships, make sure to follow Mel on her Instagram account.

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