Are Melanie and Devar From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Still Together?

Reality TV has seen its share of wedding shows. Whether it is about strangers meeting and falling in love through a social experiment, or about an eligible bachelor/bachelorette picking their partner from a string of candidates, whatever it may be, TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ has a separate fan following. After all, what is more exciting than love that knows no bounds, literally!

A new life, cultural changes, extreme sacrifices, and leaving one’s country to be with their partner forever; we have seen a lot of couples going through this process on this hit reality show. And one of our favourites has been Melanie and Devar, who appeared on season 3 in 2015.

Melanie and Devar: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Melanie, who was 33 years old back then, had come out of a five-year-long marriage. Hailing from Pennsylvania, she is a registered nurse and has a young son with her ex-husband. After her divorce, she took a vacation to Jamaica, where she met Devar. Devar was a 28-year-old lifeguard at the resort she was staying in. During her vacation, Melanie and Devar spent a lot of time together and fell in love. Before she left, Devar proposed to her and they got engaged.

Even though their love was true, the real story had just started! Soon after, Devar got his K-1 visa and moved to the USA. What lay ahead was an obstacle course with difficult challenges. Melanie’s family was not exactly supportive of this relationship. While her parents had a hard time accepting the inter-racial couple, Melanie’s sister had her doubts about Devar’s true intentions.

Things got worse when Devar confessed that he would like to send the better part of his earned income back to Jamaica to his family. Melanie and Devar got into various arguments about this, but later, Melanie realized his responsibility towards his family and accepted the decision. Although, she did mention that she might draft a prenuptial agreement.

They also went to visit Devar’s mother, who already lived in the states in Maryland and won her approval. Their relationship did hit a rough patch, but they came out stronger than ever! Their victory was highlighted on their wedding day and they successfully got married within 90 days.

Are Melanie and Devar Still Together?

YES! Melanie and Devar are happily married and they even welcomed their baby daughter, Avah, in November 2017. Avah has been lovingly nicknamed ‘The Boss’ by Devar and Melanie’s family and he constantly posts her pictures on his Instagram account. A few months back, little Avah had met with an accident and broken her arm. She was rushed to the ER, but Devar assured his fans that there was nothing to worry about and that the baby girl had recovered quickly. Fans had flooded his account with prayers and well wishes.

Devar has also become a trained underwater welder and Melanie too has got a promotion at work. With Devar studying and spending most of his time on his New Jersey campus, and Melanie travelling for work, they hardly got any time to spend together except for weekends. Naturally, rumours about their separation and an impending divorce started going around on social media, and Devar was quick to shut them down by posting a family picture on Instagram and showing his fans how happy the family was together.

Also, sources have revealed that Devar and Melanie might be planning for another baby soon. Devar has already proven his ‘family man’ role by taking on Avah’s responsibility and going out of his way to form a bond with Melanie’s son. He especially learned all about baseball so that he could spend some time playing with his stepson.

Devar and Melanie are always seen taking Avah to new places for outings and meals. They post pictures about their relaxing family time in places like Florida and New York. Devar wrote online that Avah loved to go kayaking with him and she loved to spend some time in the pool!

Devar and Melanie also keep fans posted about their date nights and family celebrations!

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