Are Melinda and Layton From MAFS Australia Still Together?

In Nine Network’s Australian television reality series, ‘Married at First Sight,’ strangers are paired as couples for a social experiment to test their compatibility. In season 10, Queensland’s Melinda Willis, the 32-year-old CEO and founder of Feather Sisters, was paired with New South Wales’ 35-year-old Layton Mills, the founder and CEO of CannPal Animal Therapeutics.

Both alphas in their own rights, Melinda and Layton, wanted someone who would understand their work ethics, determination, and drive to excel professionally. The experts knew they were bound to click, and click they did. However, the ultra-ambitious duo also had their fair share of personality and priority clashes. With the season having wrapped up some time ago, were Melinda and Layton, despite their super busy lives and hectic work schedules, able to hold onto their relationship?

Melinda And Layton Had a Hard Time Trying To Bond

Both Melinda and Layton, whose worlds revolved around their work, wrapped up some last-minute business before finally moving onto their wedding area, which was on board a gorgeous yacht. Layton almost instantly earned himself brownie points with the bride’s friends and family when he complimented Melinda’s mother, even before he’d met his bride-to-be. But it was not the same for Melinda, who wasn’t as impressed by him at first sight. Misjudging him for being egoistic, fake, and too smooth, she didn’t reciprocate much to his attempts to accommodate her. However, hearing Layton’s heartfelt speech, she accepted the fact that she had concluded too soon. It was during their honeymoon that the couple started to take baby steps to mend their connection.

However, the real struggle for Melinda and Layton came during the Partner Swap Challenge. Both had contrasting views of the task, and while Melinda didn’t mind giving the task a shot, Layton was livid. This eventually led to cracks and misunderstandings between the pair, leading Layton to move into his own apartment after completing the task. The pair had a massive outburst but realized where their differences were stemming from. Despite moving into the couple’s apartment the next day, things weren’t quite normal for them yet, and the topic was once again brought up during the sixth Dinner Party.

The conversation got so heated among them that Melinda eventually left the dinner after Layton questioned her morals for choosing to do the task. The conflict eventually led a visibly hurt Melinda to confess to the experts that she was questioning her decision. But despite it all, neither was willing to walk out of the relationship at the Final Commitment Ceremony. As the couple continued to spiral downward, at the Final Dinner Party, an emotional Melinda eventually confessed her love to him. Having spent weeks trying to get Layton to share his feelings and being met with nothing, it seemed like she was giving up.

However, at the Final Vows, Layton eventually won the battle of head and heart. Mustering all the courage, he said, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, and I am falling in love with you.” A thrilled Melinda, echoing his sentiments, said, “Layton, in case you’re still confused with how I feel about you, let me make it clear I love you, and I want us to be together.” And just like that, the couple ended up with an unlikely perfect ending, ready to face their future together.

Melinda and Layton Decided To Move On, Separately

Melinda and Layton, the couple who fought against all odds to be with each other, eventually called it quits in October 2023. A few weeks after celebrating their first anniversary, the former pair announced their decision to “take some time apart.” The split, came as a shock to their fans, especially since it wasn’t long ago that Layton had relocated from Sydney to be closer to Melinda in Brisbane. Rumors suggest it may have been the distance and their hectic work schedules that eventually drew the pair apart.

After calling time on their relationship, Melinda has since then chosen to put her entire focus on her health and beauty business and her parlor, Melly’s Beauty Parlor, which she started in July 2023. She was spotted at the ‘B*tchCon’ in Sydney in October 2023, along with fellow ‘MAFS’ brides Tahnee Cook and Alyssa Barmonde. The gorgeous, no-nonsense diva is quite active on social media but refrains from sharing any updates on her personal life.

Layton has been focusing on his business and Nature’s Charm, a vegan women-owned business he’s tied up with. He has also been spending quite a bit of time perfecting his art with close friends and his adorable pet, Maltese Shitzhu Franko. While he does have a social media presence, like Melinda, Layton prefers to keep his personal life guarded and away from the public eye.

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