Mella Pet Care on Shark Tank: A Tech-Driven Approach to Pet Health Management

The pet healthcare industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with an increasing focus on providing advanced and personalized care for our furry companions. Pet owners are more invested than ever in ensuring the well-being of their pets, leading to the development of innovative solutions and technologies in the veterinary field. One common aspect of pet health monitoring is temperature measurement, often the first step in assessing a pet’s condition.

Mella Pet Care is a groundbreaking solution featured on the 17th episode of the 15th season of ‘Shark Tank.’ Mella Pet Care offers an innovative approach to temperature measurement for pets, addressing the discomfort associated with traditional methods. This promising solution aims to make the healthcare experience more pleasant for both pets and their caring owners.

Mella Pet Care: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Mella Pet Care’s entrepreneurial trio, consisting of Anya Babbitt, Yale Zhang, and Ben Seidman, brought a wealth of experience to the table, each having worked extensively with various startups in different capacities. Their journey together began in 2015 when they initially developed a product catering to infants and children, namely the pulse oximeter, an infrared thermometer.

The inception of Mella Pet Care was deeply rooted in the personal experience of Anya Babbitt, the founder, whose Shih Tzu mix, Mella, fell ill with kennel cough. Faced with the challenge of discerning the dog’s health condition, Anya recognized the importance of monitoring her pet’s temperature. However, the conventional method of vet visits for temperature checks was cumbersome and stressful for both Mella and herself.

Motivated by the challenging experience with Mella, Babbitt teamed up with Zhang and Seidman to develop a revolutionary non-invasive pet thermometer. Mella Pet Care’s innovative thermometers employ advanced sensor technology and machine learning algorithms to measure temperatures from the axillary region. Unlike traditional thermometers, its solution utilizes three temperature sensors, with the AI-driven program ensuring accurate temperature readings. The initial dataset sourced from Banfield Pet Hospital laid the foundation for the product, while clinical trials at veterinary hospitals and educational institutions played a crucial role in refining and validating the effectiveness of the technology.

The Mella Home Thermometer offers a user-friendly experience for pet parents. By placing the thermometer under the pet’s foreleg, temperature readings can be easily obtained. The results are conveniently accessible through a dedicated app, allowing pet owners to share vital information promptly with their veterinarians. In addition, the Mella Pro Thermometer caters to veterinary professionals, enabling the measurement of axillary temperatures. The recorded data can seamlessly integrate with the practice management system through the app, streamlining the workflow for comprehensive pet care.

Mella Pet Care Update: Where Are They Now?

Mella Pet Care, with its groundbreaking innovations in pet health technology, has garnered numerous awards and media recognition. However, their visibility received a substantial boost after their appearance on ‘Shark Tank.’ This platform provided them with an opportunity to showcase their innovative products to a wider audience and gain support from potential investors. In addition to its revolutionary thermometer, Mella Pet Care has expanded its product line to include the Biggie Body Condition device. This innovative tool not only calculates the pet’s weight but also provides essential metrics such as body fat percentage and body condition score. Designed for use both at home and in veterinary offices, the Biggie Body Condition device is priced at $349.

Mella Pet Care continues to offer its Home Thermometer at an affordable price of $59. For veterinary professionals, the Mella Pro Thermometer, available at $159, offers advanced features and can also be integrated with the QSM diagnostics platform. The company ensures a comprehensive approach to pet health with accessory products such as the ear sensor and rectal sensor, available for purchase at an affordable price of $20 each. Mella Pet Care has made its innovative pet care products easily accessible to consumers by offering them not only on its official website but also through popular online marketplaces.

Pet owners can conveniently find these products on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms like Vetcove, Chewy, and PetStock. Mella Pet Care is gearing up for an exciting future with the imminent launch of two innovative products. The Mabel Pet Bowl Scale is designed to provide pet owners with a convenient way to measure their pets’ food accurately. Additionally, the Charlie Ship Reader serves as a universal chip reader, simplifying the process of pet identification. These upcoming additions to their product lineup showcase Mella Pet Care’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the lives of both pets and their owners. With a vision for continued growth and innovation, the company remains poised for a promising future in the ever-evolving pet care industry.

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