Metric Mate Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

One of the most frustrating things to do while you’re getting a good workout is tracking your progress. To save hours of penning or typing out each day’s progress manually, entrepreneurs MT Strickland, Braxton Davis, and Ecleamus Ricks co-founded Metric Mate, a digitally data-driven company that is set to revolutionize the fitness industry. They appeared on ‘Shark Tank‘ season 14 episode 11, hoping to impress the Sharks and take home a great investment.

Metric Mate, AKA Training Accountability Partner or TAP, can turn any gym equipment into a smart one, the sensors of which can track progress in terms of calories burnt, muscular fatigue, rep tempo, force exertion, and others. Intending to improve the fitness regime of gym enthusiasts, the product garnered many eyeballs when it appeared on the show. Naturally, many of you might wish to learn more about the company, along with its current standing in the market.

Metric Mate: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Metric Mate is the brainchild of Braxton Davis, an avid gym-goer who came up with the idea of TAP while working out. He attempted to devise a system to help track his progress seamlessly and save his detailed workout data. Since 2019, Davis, Ecleamus Ricks, and M.T. Strickland, who all met as students, have been working on Metric Mate. Lawyer Braxton Davis attended the Georgia State University College of Law. He is recognized among the 40 under 40 at Georgia Tech and Georgia State. He is an entrepreneur, patent attorney, and adjunct lecturer who also serves as Facebook’s general counsel.

Ecleamus Ricks is a principal consultant with extensive expertise in test automation, NET, C++, agile methodologies, and software requirements. He has held positions at Headspring Systems, a school district, National Instruments, and more. In addition to engineering and manufacturing, MT Strickland has experience in business operations, procurement, marketing, sales, and training. He is a RICE founding stakeholder as well as a part of the Goodie Nation and UBS Fellow program. He is also the co-founder and CEO of another company, Strickly Unlimited.

Metric Mate is a fitness tracking application that, when paired with the TAP sensor technology, analyzes a person’s workout across a wide range of data factors such as calories burnt, fatigue, force, and others. Using the TAP sensor technology, the device can be attached to any equipment, including weights, and the collected data will be transferred to the application. The data can also be shared with anyone, including trainers, professionals, or just a friend.

The Training Accountability Partner is a user-friendly technology with a detachable pin for gym weight equipment and a strap and clip for normal free weights. The sensor simply turns any normal gym equipment into a smart one and allows users to have an optimum experience in the gym using next-gen technology.

Metric Mate is Thriving in the Market Today

Metric Mate can be used in different professional fields, including personal training, physical therapy, and others. The device can help create personalized diet plans within a short span of time as suggested by your nutrition, seeing your reports. By tracking your data for personal use, you can also push your limits and work harder. With the inception of the device and the business plan in 2019, Metric Mate has become very successful in the market with an excellent market size.

However, the only issue with the company is that customers can only pre-book the device, as it is not available across any other e-commerce sectors. Despite having patents, the company is still looking for investments from the Sharks to increase its inventory and promote the products for them to be ultimately sold on other e-commerce sites. Currently, the company is reportedly making under $5 million and is showing promising growth.

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