Mia and Tristan: Is The Couple From MAFS Still Together?

In the riveting world of ‘Married at First Sight’ season 7, the fates of many individuals, including Mia Bally, an airline recruiter, and Tristan Thompson, a former basketball player, hung in the balance of an unconventional experiment. Matched by the ‘MAFS experts,’ Mia and Tristan embarked on a journey that was anything but ordinary. As the chapter of season 7 closed in 2018, fans yearned for updates on this rollercoaster pair, hoping for a resolution that mirrored the fairy tales or, at the very least, provided closure.

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson Had a Tumultuous Relationship

From the outset, Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson appeared to be the embodiment of a perfect match – both entrepreneurial spirits with a shared faith promised the viewers a glimpse into a harmonious union. However, the reality TV gods had a twist waiting in the wings that would send shockwaves through their budding relationship. The turbulence began before they even had the chance to soar to new heights on their honeymoon. Mia’s past came knocking in the form of legal troubles, as she found herself entangled in charges of credit card fraud and stalking.

The storm hit hard, preventing Mia from boarding the plane to their romantic getaway. A detour to the police station followed, but Mia emerged with her charges dropped, claiming it was a case of mistaken identity orchestrated by someone else in her name. Viewers witnessed that Tristan, the unsuspecting groom, was caught off guard by this revelation. The foundation of trust, a cornerstone of any marriage, seemed to crumble under the weight of the unexpected legal woes. After this revelation, questions lingered about the authenticity of their connection.

As the season unfolded, Mia and Tristan faced more hurdles. Accusations surfaced that Mia was still active on dating apps, a claim she vehemently denied. The cloud of suspicion cast a shadow over their relationship, creating fissures that threatened the very fabric of their marriage. Disagreements over financial matters added fuel to the flames of their tumultuous journey. Despite the tempestuous seas they navigated, Mia and Tristan made the unexpected decision on Decision Day to press forward with their marriage.

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson Have Separated

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson’s tumultuous journey unfolded in the aftermath of their short-lived marriage. Season 7 saw the promising pair hit rock bottom, with Mia filing for divorce while the show was still on the air, sending shockwaves through the ‘MAFS’ fanbase. The legal rollercoaster began in September 2018 when Mia filed for divorce in Dallas County, Texas, just a few months after the cameras stopped rolling on the filming of the show. The divorce was finalized later that year, leaving viewers with more questions than answers about the fate of Mia and Tristan’s union. In the aftermath of their divorce, Mia found herself navigating a storm of accusations and controversies.

Believing she was framed on the show, Mia claimed her ex-boyfriend, Jared Evans, had been allegedly abusive before her appearance on ‘MAFS’ and attempted to tarnish her name with false allegations. The intricacies of her personal life spilled onto social media, with Mia addressing Tristan’s comments about needing a strong woman, asserting her strength, and dismissing demoralizing behavior from men. In March 2020, Mia seized an opportunity to reveal her truth when her ex, Jared Evans, was reportedly arrested on charges of domestic abuse and child endangerment in an unrelated incident. Mia disclosed years of physical and mental abuse, finding the courage to break free from the toxic relationship.

She connected these revelations to Jared’s explosive false allegations against her when he learned she would be on ‘MAFS,’ shedding light on the control and abuse tactics employed by her ex-boyfriend. As the dust settled on season 7, Mia and Tristan’s diverging paths reflected the resilience of the human spirit. Since her time on the show, Mia has been on a journey of healing, attending therapy, and working on self-improvement. Reportedly, Mia shared a photo in May 2021, flaunting an engagement ring with a caption that simply read, “Happy girl.” Since then she is seemingly off from all kinds of social media.

She now maintains a low profile while reportedly, actively engaging with the charity Genesis Women’s Shelter, emerging as a vocal advocate for women’s rights. On the other side of the spectrum, Tristan found solace and love after the storm of his failed marriage with Mia. Meeting Rachel Ashley in 2018, the couple’s connection blossomed, leading to an engagement in 2019. Despite the challenges imposed by the restrictions of COVID-19, Tristan and Rachel tied the knot in July 2020. Their beautiful white wedding was featured in Southern Bride magazine. The joyous union did not end there for Tristan and Rachel.

In March 2021, they welcomed their baby boy, Phoenix, cementing the foundation of the family Tristan had always envisioned. Tristan’s life has taken a positive turn as he has become a business owner. He now proudly owns the Tutoring Club of Allen and the Tutoring Club of Cypress. The couple also shared their insights into the education field on ‘Breaking The Silence Talk Show,’ showcasing a united front in both their personal and professional lives.

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