Mia Blanchard: Gypsy’s Half-Sister is a Student at University of Louisiana Today

Image Credit: Mia Blanchard/Instagram

The connection between siblings is unparalleled, constituting one of the most liberating, affectionate, and robust relationships one can experience. It’s a bond marked by unconditional support. When Mia Blanchard delved into the experiences of her half-sister Gypsy Rose Blanchard, she perceived Gypsy’s tribulations as her own. During her appearance on ‘The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard,’ Mia expressed the profound significance of Gypsy in her life and illuminated the current state of their relationship.

Mia Blanchard Advocated for Gypsy’s Early Release

Mia Blanchard came into the world on June 26, 2001, a full decade after Gypsy’s birth. During Mia’s early years, she had limited opportunities to form a connection and engage with her half-sister. Mia resided with her father, Rod Blanchard, and mother, Kristy Blanchard, while Gypsy lived with her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Mia grew up alongside her older brother, Dylan. It wasn’t until 2016, when Gypsy was convicted and sentenced to prison for the second-degree murder of her mother, that Mia became more intimately acquainted with her half-sister’s circumstances.

Gypsy had endured pervasive physical, medical, and emotional abuse from Dee Dee throughout her entire life, leading her to believe that this drastic step was her only means of reclaiming freedom. She received a 10-year prison sentence, and as Mia delved deeper into her sister’s story, her empathy for Gypsy’s experiences grew. Mia believed that Gypsy didn’t need a prison sentence; instead, she required medical care and the support of therapists to facilitate her healing.

Alongside her family, Mia actively advocated for Gypsy’s freedom and developed a close bond with her, viewing Gypsy as akin to a sister of her own. Mia felt that she had gotten to grow up in a secure and loving environment, something that every child deserves, and Gypsy was robbed of that childhood and that life. Mia felt sorry for Gypsy and wanted the rest of her life to be as beautiful as possible. Upon learning about Gypsy’s desire to marry Ryan Anderson, Mia was the initial family member to voice her concerns, demonstrating her love and protective instincts for her sister.

Ryan took the initiative to meet with Mia and reassured her that he was prepared to confront the challenges that marriage would entail, expressing his commitment to stand by Gypsy’s side. Recognizing Ryan as a trustworthy individual, Mia sensed that her sister would find happiness with him. Ultimately, Mia gave her approval, highlighting the sisters’ mutual commitment to looking out for each other.

Where is Mia Blanchard Now?

Following Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s release from prison on December 28, 2023, she reunited with her father, stepmother, and Mia Blanchard. Thrilled to have her sister back in her life, Mia eagerly looked forward to spending quality time together. The entire family, including Mia, organized a warm welcome home party for Gypsy. The celebration included cake, champagne, and delectable food, marking the joyous occasion of Gypsy’s return. They continued the festivities by ringing in the New Year together as a united family.

Mia is presently enrolled as a nursing student at the University of Louisiana, achieving a significant milestone by receiving her white coat in 2022. Actively involved in the Delta Pi sorority, Mia is passionate about football, cherishes family bonds, and enjoys indulging in good food. She also has a special someone in her life, who goes by the name André Pittman. Mia takes pride in witnessing the remarkable progress Gypsy has made and the person she has become, resilient in the face of her challenging past. Mia firmly believes that Gypsy will continue to achieve significant milestones in life, attributing it all to Gypsy’s efforts and strength.

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