Mia Tomlinson Plays Anne Bonny in Lost Pirate Kingdom. Here’s Everything We Know About Her.

Mia Tomlinson is a young and talented actress who is creating a lot of buzz owing to her performance in Netflix’s ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom.’ Having played significant roles in only two series so far, the other one being ‘The Beast Must Die,’ Mia has already caught the attention of critics and garnered a significant fan following for her role as a pirate in the Netflix docu-series about the most notorious pirates that ever existed. New to the realm of celebrityhood but a veteran of the visual arts, Mia Tomlinson and her impressive work has fans curious about just what she is all about. We decided to dig around a little, and here’s what we found!

Mia Tomlinson’s Early Life and Family

Mia was born in 1995 and brought up in London. Her father, Marcus Tomlinson is a well-known photographer and filmmaker. Mia also has a younger brother, Ray, and a sister named Sadie. Her social media mentions her family often, including childhood photos of Mia, and it looks like she is very close to all of them.

Mia’s father, Marcus Tomlinson, is widely known for his creative and commercial films for brands like Porsche, Hermes, and Samsung and his award-winning editorials for Paris Vogue and others. He was also a pioneer of digital filmography in the 1990s, which was the time of VHS and Betamax tapes. As the daughter of such a prolific visual artist, it seems as no surprise that Mia was drawn to acting herself. After finishing high school, Mia attended The Unseen Drama Acting School in London.

Just like their father, Mia’s sister Sadie also has a natural eye for photography. Mia often takes to her Instagram to share pictures captured by Sadie to express her admiration towards her sister and boast about Sadie’s ability to compose unique and artistic shots, even out of mundane situations. Here’s a picture of Mia chilling with her sister who is “too cool for camera.”


Mia has Irish heritage and regularly refers to Irish treats like Irish coffee and her love for them. The character she plays on ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ also happens to be Irish.

Mia Tomlinson’s Professional Life

Mia’s first major acting role came when she bagged the leading role of Irish pirate Anne Bonny in Netflix’s ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom.’ The docu-series shows dramatized versions as well as expert interviews about the exploits of real-life pirates like Blackbeard, Henry Vane, and Henry Jennings. Mia features in all six episodes of the show and has a major role in the final episode.

Soon after ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom,’ Mia was offered the role of Lena in the crime drama series ‘The Beast Must Die.’ The show follows the story of Frances Cairnes as she attempts to avenge the death of her son by tricking the man she believes is responsible for his death. Just like in the pirate-based docu-series, Mia has a significant role in ‘The Beast Must Die.’ Despite now being a relatively well-known actress with a Netflix show to her name, Mia’s roots (from her father) as a visual artist are apparent by her home productions that she posts online on Vimeo.

One of Mia’s first projects is actually in collaboration with her father. The father-daughter duo served as the co-director of the short film ‘Je Vis, Je Meurs’ (I Live, I Die). Mia was inspired by a French poem, which is narrated in the film. Apart from being the co-director, Mia features in the film and is also credited as the editor. The film was made during the lockdown following the Covid-19 pandemic, while the two were in quarantine.

Mia has also featured in music videos of musicians Emily Burns and Rhys Lewis in the past, and even today, the rising star continues to dabble in independent and experimental videos. Her future as a successful character actor looks very promising indeed!

Mia Tomlinson’s Dating Life

Very little is known about Mia Tomlinson’s personal life and romantic relationships. Despite the fact that her social media accounts share plenty of her social and family life, the presence of a romantic partner seems conspicuously missing. There are, however, mentions and posts of the young actress with English actor Nico Mirallegro. For now, however, it looks like Mia lives with her flatmates in East London and enjoys hanging out with her friends and siblings, Ray and Sadie.

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