Who is Grace Beedie From Zero Chill?

Grace Beedie is the star of the Netflix show ‘Zero Chill,’ which is a poignantly written coming-of-age drama that follows the life of Kayla Macbentley (Grace Beedie) and her twin brother Mac. While Kayla is a tremendously gifted 15-year-old ice-skater, her brother is an ice-hockey player. Upon receiving a scholarship for his ice-hockey exploits, the family emigrates from Canada to England. Despite being hurt over the fact that her parents left everything behind to support Mac, Kayla strives to achieve her goal of becoming a champion figure skater.

Before mesmerizing the audience with her performance on the Netflix show, Grace displayed her acting prowess in the 2020 romantic comedy ‘Five-Star Christmas‘, wherein she plays the young Amber Ralston. She is also known for appearing as a 17-year old Sarah Alder in the supernatural horror drama ‘Motherland: Fort Salem.’ With a diverse array of roles already under her belt, Grace Beedie’s breakthrough into the acting scene has seen an astronomical rise. It is only a matter of time before she’s the next big thing! For all the fans wondering about her personal life, we’ve got all you need to know about Grace Beedie under one roof.

Grace Beedie’s Age and Early Life

Born on February 28th, 1999, in West Vancouver, Grace Caroline Elizabeth Beedie, was named after Hollywood legend Grace Kelly. Her middle names are the first names of both her grandmothers, who she is very attached to. Grace is massively talented – she fancied herself as a musician early on in her life. She knows to play the drums, piano, guitar, and even the highly complicated alto saxophone. Grace is also, in-fact, an ice-skater in real life, practicing since her early teenage.

That’s not all – she was a prolific swimmer, nicknamed ‘Speedy Beedie’ by all her friends and family, owing to her rapid pace in the water. She also considers running to be one of her favorite hobbies, crediting it for clearing her head and helping her feel meditative and at peace. English is not the only language Grace is familiar or fluent with – she did the very Canadian thing of studying French from Kindergarten to Grade 12. She also invested four years of high school in learning Mandarin.

Grace Beedie’s Interests

Grace likes to travel and experience the tranquility of the mountains. She made a trip to Switzerland in the summer of 2016 and did the fun touristy thing, with the cable cars at La Berneuse, Leysin, nestled in the gorgeous Swiss Alps.

She’s also a cultural enthusiast, invested in the arts and heritage, and has visited the prestigious HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in Los Angeles, California, in the January of 2018. Grace has also been to the world’s largest and most historically affluent art museum, The Louvre Museum in Paris, France, in the same month.

As evidenced in the picture above, the beautiful artist’s sense of style is also reflected in the quality of her social media activity on Instagram. Grace has painstakingly taken pictures upon pictures of everyday life in the various districts of Canada, particularly the state of British Columbia. She has an eye for fun and quirky sightings, along with a witty and strong caption game.

Grace Beedie’s Dating Life

While we don’t have much information on Grace Beedie’s dating life, we assume that she’s either a highly private person or hasn’t found time in the midst of juggling so many aspects of her personal life and career. Along with juggling a burgeoning acting career, Grace has continued her studies through the global pandemic and is currently enrolled as a Psychology Major at the University of Southern California. The actor is also a workaholic–she went to her high school prom without a date and left early because of an audition the next day! So, we frankly won’t be surprised if Grace comes out in the open and confirms her relationship status as single.

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