Are Michael and Meka from Married At First Sight Still Together?

Lifetime’s hit reality series ‘Married At First Sight’ shocked fans with an overdose of drama in season 10. With ten singles featuring from Washington D.C., the hopeless romantics were matched with each other on the basis of compatibility. While the panel of experts managed to play cupid for one successful marriage, the other couples tossed their relationships right into the trash can. Michael and Meka’s married life had followers worried throughout the season. Their inability to rise above trivial issues didn’t only sabotage their relationship but also set a bad example for others.

Michael and Meka: Married At First Sight Journey

A 31-year-old educational director, Michael, was matched with a 25-year-old category analyst, Meka. The duo embraced the experiment and placed their faith in each other. Bonding over the fact that they both had heartbreaking and complicated family backgrounds, the two strangers decided to go ahead with the wedding. They ended up getting married, but their problems had only started.

It hadn’t even been a day since they had exchanged vows when Michael refused to share the honeymoon suite with Meka. She shared with viewers that Michael had said something shocking off-camera. He had told Meka that if they don’t have sex on the first night of the honeymoon, then the marriage won’t last. When she brought up this topic again on-air, Michael denied having said any of that. If rumors are to be believed, Michael tried to quit the show after returning from the honeymoon but couldn’t due to his contract with the network.

Meka was also sick of Michael’s compulsive lying. She felt betrayed that Michael hadn’t been honest about his background. While he claimed to have three separate jobs, some revelations proved that it might not be the case. Meka confessed that the lies didn’t bother her as much as Michael’s reaction to being caught did. He still stood by his story of being a yoga instructor. Meka didn’t believe that he was employed or had a stable income.

The constant fights and arguments took a toll on Meka who had already suffered from lack of self-worth due to past failed relationships. Michael would always give in and try to do whatever Meka wanted. But, their happiness would always be short-lived as some new revelation would come to light. Meka went as far as to say that she couldn’t understand why Michael couldn’t be honest and that he might be in need of professional help. She also called him insensitive and selfish many times.

On the other hand, Michael felt that Meka wasn’t giving him a chance to open up or be vulnerable. He didn’t feel comfortable sharing the truths and realities of his past because Meka wasn’t emotionally supportive. He found her to be cold, distant, unaffectionate, and uncaring. Michael did try to execute grand gestures for Meka, and the duo tried to work things through in their own way, but they didn’t succeed.

Are Michael and Meka Still Together?

No. Michael and Meka couldn’t get past their differences. They declared their wish to part ways on Decision Day. It is said that Michael filed for an annulment soon after the shoot wrapped up, and the marriage hadn’t been consummated either. It doesn’t come as a shock as the two were hardly ever found to be in the same bedroom.

In the latest reunion episode, Michael and Meka got together to reflect on their journey. While Michael said that he has fond memories of his wedding day, Meka wasn’t too inspired. She still felt that Michael didn’t care enough about her, and it seemed as if he didn’t want the marriage to work, judging by his lack of effort. Michael, too, defended himself and confessed that if Meka had just listened and tried to be more understanding, they could have made things work. Lack of healthy communication may have led to their breakup.

In the end, the two apologized to each other. Michael confessed that he could have been a better man, and Meka admitted that she had been too hard on Michael sometimes. Both of them seemed to be pretty happy with their decision, though. The duo has kept all their social media accounts locked since the filming of the show.

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